Dating Avantika

If sources are to be believed, Arahaan is often seen hanging around with Avantika and he even drops her home after pack up. Despite repeated attempts, Arhaan and Avantika remained unavailable for comment. Lead actress Pooja Gor though rubbishes this story. 'Arhaan, Avantika and I are the best of friends. I know both of them very well. Imran had been dating Avantika since he was 19, and never shied away from professing his love to Avantika in public. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl, in 2014, and named her Imara. Her body type is hourglass slim and weight is around 60 kg. In addition, actress Avantika Dasani’s figure measurement is about 33-23-34 inches approximately. She has no tattoo on her body. Avantika Dasani Boyfriend. According to reports, Avantika is dating Armaan Malik. Avantika’s boyfriend Armaan malik is a very popular singer in Bollywood ... Avantika Mohan’s Boyfriend. Avantika Mohan is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Avantika had at least 1 relationship in the past. Avantika Mohan has not been previously engaged. She was born and raised in Dubai but her parents are from the Indian city of Calicut. According to our records, she has no children. Avantika Hundal Wiki / Biography . Avantika Hundal is an Indian Actress who is active on Hindi Television and Punjabi Films. She was born on 25 th October 1992 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.. Avantika Hundal age is 26 years. That the little Anandi aka Avika Gor of Balika Vadhu has transformed into a beautiful little teenager, is a fact that everyone knows, especially after her much-talked-about appearance at the Cannes Film Festival this May.. But the surprising news is that Avika is now in a relationship as well and is dating one of her co-stars, who is 18 years older to her. After dating for five years, Avantika and Ranbir broke-up. Later, she found love in Imran Khan and after dating for eight years, the couple tied the knot in 2011. Avantika and Imran were blessed ... Who is Avantika Khan dating in 2020 and who has Avantika dated? Let's take a look at Avantika Khan's current relationship, dating history, rumored hookups and past exes. Renowned fashion designer, Nandita Mahtani had an on-off relationship with Dino Morea and she was allegedly dating Ranbir Kapoor. She was the first wife of Sanjay Kapoor. Avantika worked as a child actor in a popular teen series Just Mohabbat. Ranbir was spotted many times on the sets of this serial with Avantika. Both spent a lot of time together. According to reports, after dating for five years, they broke up and Avantika started seeing Imran and tied the knot in 2011. They now have a daughter together.

[Spoilers C2E97] A summary of the unfilmed live Q&A before E97

2020.02.29 04:11 FlandoMaltrizian [Spoilers C2E97] A summary of the unfilmed live Q&A before E97

The rules of the Q&A were that we had to direct our questions at only a single cast member, though others could chime in, which seems to be a format they’re starting to lean towards. These are summaries of the questions asked and the salient points of the answers.
The players started by asking us in the audience how many people had started playing DnD because of Critical Role (lots of hands). They then asked if anyone had come from other countries. Lots of Canadians (not impressed) and someone from South Korea (very impressed). Sam is wearing a shirt with Matt’s face on it, possibly from Hot Pepper Gaming, though I didn’t get a good look.
(? For Matt) Who’s on the Tal’dorei Council? That’s another C1 character dead. I (Matt) appreciate taking the shot when you have the opening though.
(Marisha) What class would beau teach when M9 starts their own anti-Cerberus Academy? Probably a gym class, with maybe a light literature elective on the side. Fjord teaches sailing.
(Liam) Given your history with acting, how do you bring that experience into the game? It’s not a history, I’ll get that Academy Award one day. DnD is like an informal acting gym, it lets you practice. The trick to acting is never stop doing it.
(Taliesin) We learned last week that Caduceus does not wear any underwear. Was this original to his backstory, or did this emerge as you played and discovered the character? A lot of the inspirations for Caduceus’s style and art go commando, so it actually has some basis in the original character concept. (also, I asked this question, and the cast recognized me as Flando, and it was… a big deal for me)
(Ashley) If Yasha could have Jester or Caduceus resurrect her wife, would she? She probably thinks about it constantly. She’s not sure. They’d need the full body, so it’d be a pretty messed up fetch quest.
(Laura) What character class would Ronin be? He sings a bunch so bard. He also rages, so maybe barbarian? They spend a lot of time teaching him dumb tricks though, so probably bard.
(Travis) Have you thought of designing a sport for Exandria? No, but I really want to now that it’s brought up. A cross between football, quidditch, and squash. Matt says there’s a nearby city that’s fixated on competition, so he’d be willing to work on something.
(Sam) In C1, if they hadn’t discovered Scanlan was the Meatman, would he not have gotten involved with fighting Vecna? Maybe. I specifically told Jon Heder’s character not to bring him up, and if he hadn’t maybe they wouldn’t have caught on. Taryon would do poorly against Vecna. He’d probably just run away. We should probably brief guests better though. Marisha has legitimately considered making a Captain America PSA style video entitled “So…You’re Going To Be On Critical Role”
(Matt) Where do you get your inspiration? Put yourself outside your comfort zone, out of the genres or creators you typically like. When you’re stuck, take a walk and disengage. Sam says Matt wrote all of C1 listening to the music of Sugar Ray (false). Marisha starts singing a Sugar Ray song, and some of the audience joins in.
(Marisha) How does Beau feel about Jester knowing that she created a god? She had always kind of suspected. This just makes her hotter.
(Liam) If you could be friends with any NPC in C2, who would it be? Essik (weird in hindsight) or Twig, for exact opposite reasons.
(Taliesin) What went through your mind as Mollymauk was making his final decisions? I did the odds, and things just didn’t work out in my favor, and all this interesting backstory just melted in front of me. Caduceus is great though, and maybe some of Molly’s friends can come back.
(Ashley) On Brian’s favorite show, Blindspot, Ashley’s character Patterson had a CR mug. Would Patterson be happy Ashley is back on Critical Role? I always thought of that as a fun reference for fans, not a character thing. I don’t know if Patterson would be into Critical Role. I’m happy I’m back, and that’s what matters.
(Laura) If Artagan goes evil, would Jester follow him? It depends on the pitch. Travis points out that Artagan’s reasons will definitely not make any sense. Guess we’ll have to find out in a few episodes. (Travis) If you had to make a character right now, what would you make? Halfling…Sorcerer. No lycanthrope. Wait, a halfling lycanthrope!
(Sam) How would you want Nott to be more like Sam, and Sam more like Nott? Nott could be not an alcoholic, more confident and self-reliant and able to push through anxiety. Sam’s already pretty perfect, but I don’t have tits. Sam with breasts would be truly perfect.
(Matt) What was your first DnD character like? His name was Trent, and I tried to make him a militant wizard, a wizard who fought on the front line. He lasted 2 sessions, because in the first session I ran away.
(Marisha) What has been your favorite Beau moment (Beaument)? Any time she got laid. Also, when she used patience and prudence to beat Avantika, which was character growth with a side of vengeance.
(Liam) Nott and Caduceus have mentioned leaving because they finished their quests. Would Caleb leave? Under the right circumstances, but that bait hasn’t been presented.
(Taliesin) How do you handle anxiety? I don’t know. C2E2 and things like it make it especially hard. Breathing exercises help. Blowing bubbles is good if you can get the good brand of bubble soap, because you’re forced to slow your breathing to do it properly. (Unfortunately, we never got to know what the good brands were)
(Ashley) How do you come up with good rapport so easily? Matt gives us time at the table to think about what we want to say. It doesn’t have to be great, sometimes it is great, but it’s best not to worry about it always being amazing. Ask genuine questions, put the ball back in the other person’s court. Listen and respond to what you hear.
(Laura) How do you think Jester and Vex would get along? First at odds, but they’d come to an understanding. Kind of like a Who Framed Roger Rabbit dynamic.
(Travis) If Fjord took Jester on a date, what would he do with her? (phrasing) He’d take her for a candlelight picnic under the Xhorhaus tree, then use Control Water to make the hot tub bubbly and warm.
(Sam) As the best role player, how do you keep things fresh? Over time, you just think like the character and the dialogue is natural. Matt gives you time to think and introduces new elements and you just use them as your character. Ultimately, I just want to entertain my friends. It’s also important to remember that they’re people, so they change, and they are inconsistent. That’s okay. We’re all just characters with badly written backstories.
That’s the end.
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2020.02.17 13:52 Rhyzler [Spoilers C2E95] & Various Other Points In C2. The Mighty Nein & How They Reflect The 7 Deadly Sins

As part of an art project I've been thinking about I was thinking of doing Vox Machina but I was unable to place Keyleth and Pike as any of the 7. I then had the realisation that despite being objectively better people than Vox Machina, The Might Nein can each be compared to one of the 7 Deadly Sins. This is by no means meant to be a criticism of the players or their characters, just an unnecessarily in depth observation. Hi I'm Rhyzler and welcome to my TED Talk.
WARNING!!! This Post Contains Spoilers from all sorts of places in C2 that I don't have the time to appropriately tag (I am a forgetful person). If you aren't up to date on C2, I strongly advise caution. You have been warned!!!

Jester - Jester is probably the easiest to pick of the M9 with her sin being Lust. While this can easily be taken as a joke (Tusk Love etc), Jester's actions are often influenced by her feelings for other members of the party. The best example of this is probably her favouring of Fjord when it comes to healing. Jester has often been visibly cut when people make jokes about her preferring to cast spells that remove hit points rather than restore them. However, when its Fjord that makes them, she always makes a particular effort to prove him wrong as soon as the opportunity rises. She will frequently flirt with Fjord when healing him, and make a point of not healing him or waiting to heal him last if he rebuffs her affections. While this behaviour has reduced in more recent episodes, lust is an innate part of Jester's personality. How could it not be when her mother is - as Grog would put it - someone who gives 'lady favours;'.
Caleb - Caleb is also an easy pick, his sin being Greed. Caleb has made it abundantly clear what his ultimate goal is. He wants to amass enough power to be able to alter time and go back to stop himself from murdering his parents (most likely by any means necessary) and he is willing to put both himself and his friends at risk for the pursuit of this power (the spell scrolls from the dignitary in Zadash, the library in the Happy Fun Ball, etc). This goal is blinding him from rational acceptance regarding this event and other big mistakes in his life. Caleb refuses to forgive himself for what he did or even accept what happened in a rational manner because he believes that if he becomes powerful enough, he will be able to undo any mistake he has ever made. This makes the consequences of his previous actions mute in his mind, as power is the solution to all of his problems. If he has a problem or does something wrong, as long as he has enough power to make that problem go away or undo it, he doesn't have to worry about the consequences of his actions. At this stage in the campaign, Caleb does not yet possess this sort of power and so he will still rationalise his actions and their effects. However, I fear that if Caleb acquires the power he seeks, he will become totally blinded by it, believing that he will no longer have to worry about consequences if he thinks he can cheat the universe.
Nott - Nott is probably my most literal connection with her sin being Gluttony. Nott is an alcoholic (or at least has strong alcoholic tendencies). She uses alcohol to calm herself, pump herself up, keep her mind steady and intentionally make it shaky. Alcohol is a key factor in a great deal of the choices she makes (whether intentional or not) and its been proven now that Nott is so dependent on the substance that she cannot function normally without it, yet she still lacks the self control to function entirely normally while under its influence. We still don't clearly understand the reason for Nott's alcoholism (as can be true for many real people), we can only hope that with her flask now under Yasha's care, she can either beat the habit or learn to control it in her favour.
Beau - it should be clear to everyone at this point that Beau's biggest flaw is her Pride. Beau will not take shit from anyone she doesn't see as her equal (and even that is sometimes up for debate). She hates authority figures because she can't stand being told what to do and she treats people she believes to be beneath her with minimal (if any) respect. This is clearly a trait she has inherited from her father and is almost certainly a large factor in why their relationship is so poor. There is no way for two prideful people to reach any form of settlement in an argument or discussion without one of the two feeling like they lost, thus hurting their pride. This was why Beau's bargain with Isharnai was so fascinating to me. In essence Beau offered to give up everything she had to Isharnai in exchange for breaking Nott's curse, but her reason was what spiked my attention "I'm gonna be a loner. I'm used to it. I'm comfortable there." Beau completely believes that one day she is going to lose everything she has gained with the Mighty Nein, but if she instead chooses to give it all away, rather than lose it, that loss happens on her terms, leaving her pride intact. As selfless as the act may be, there is an underlying selfishness to it. Beau's ability to control the world around her is directly connected to her pride, and she is willing to sacrifice everything she loves, as long as she is in control of that sacrifice, because even then, when she has nothing else, she will still have her pride.
Yasha - while it might easy to just say Yasha is linked to Wrath because she's a barbarian, there's a little more to it than that. Grog's rage was something he saw as a tool that he used to help his friends. It was as one of his features was titled 'Mindless'. Apart from the time with his Uncle Kevdak, it was never personal, you just happened to get it the way of Grog's axe swing. However, in Yasha's case (as was particularly pertinent in the fight with Obann) it's always personal with Yasha. Her rage is deep and personal and brutally murdering monsters and men alike is the only way she knows how to express that rage. The sad truth of this observation is that this is something that has been forced upon Yasha. Its a flaw in her character that hasn't been there from the beginning. Whatever happened between her, Zuala and her tribe, and her enslavement under Obann have tainted her very soul with a guilt she does not know how to deal with in any other way outside of bloodshed. The victory in Obann's death (the first time) is hollow because Yasha knows revenge cannot undo the suffering she has felt, and instead she will be forced to bear it and spread that suffering with her wrath.
Caduceus - Cad's sin is Sloth. My logic behind this is his passive nature. Cad isn't particularly active in terms of planning (and he certainly isn't proactive), he will quite happily sit and watch the other members of the M9 plan out their course of action while he sips on his dead people tea. By the rules of his class features, Cad is reactive in nature (using a reaction to cancel a critical hit, etc). For a time this hasn't seemed to be an issue for Cad, his cautious approach to combat allows him to often have total control over the battlefield with people only hurting and getting hurt by his say so. However, as was revealed at the end of E95, this passivity has been Caduceus' downfall. He has taken so long to decide to be active in his quest from the Wildmother that his entire family has been turned to stone and abandoned for several years, all because Cad is too happy to be a follower, rather than a leader. How this realisation will effect him is unknown, we'll have to wait for E96 to find out.
Fjord - Finally, Fjord is Envy. This all boils down to the fact, that Fjord is jealous of his friend's power and because of that, is totally unwilling to let his own power go. He wanted to be more powerful so he pursued his pact with Uk'otoa(Uk'otoa) and when Avantika got to that first seal before him and he saw the extra power she gained, he insisted on going to find the second seal even with the knowledge that the monster he was appeasing was not a good entity. It then seemed though, that Fjord had a change of heart when he cast the falchion into the forges of the volcano and gave up his power. However, this change of heart did not last long. Fjord quickly realised how much he hated being less powerful than his friends, so he led them all to risk their lives toying with an Ancient White Dragon so that he could get a new sword and forge a new pact, that allowed him to keep his power. While its clear that Fjord is willing to fight for and protect his friends, I wonder what would happen if he was forced to choose between his powers and the M9.

This concludes my disgustingly long rambling about how the Mighty Nine each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
TL;DR Jester = Lust, Caleb = Greed, Nott = Gluttony, Beau = Pride, Yasha = Wrath, Caduceus = Sloth and Fjord = Envy.
Thank you for listening to my TEDTalk. Please discuss your opinions in the comments!!
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2019.12.12 03:38 BeJondBelief [Spoilers C2E87] A Recap of Events from the perspective of Beauregard Lionett

After last week's episode, I found myself wondering what I might have said if I was RPing as Beau in front of King Bertrand Dwendal. Did she leave out important details? Was it not convincing enough? So, I wrote it out. The entire report that I imagine a well-organized Expositor might deliver to her liege after such a prolonged ordeal. And here it is.
We the Mighty Nein first travelled a while through the Empire. We were in Alfield when the Gnolls attacked in force, and were tasked by Watchmaster Bryce to pursue them. Turns out, they were under the cult leadership of a human wizard down in some abandoned mines, doing weird rituals with human hearts and feeding, worshipping, whatever a Manticore and her newborn pup.
In Zadash we took a contract to find and kill a giant otherworldly spider that turned invisible at will, super creepy. We were present there too when the declaration of war was made and we witnessed from a distance the attack by Kryn operatives on the Zauber Spire. We later learned during our time in Xorhas that this was when the Dynasty managed to reclaim one of their missing artifacts, a Beacon which is central to their culture and religion. As some here can attest, your grace, we also entered the victory pits at the harvest close festival and were one of two troupes of fighters to claim championship, bolstering our reputation.
We traveled some more, but unfortunately lost one of our number to an ambush by slavers. Those of us not captured managed to get Caduceus' aid in freeing the others and killing all of the slavers. We then left the Empire and spent some time on the Menagerie Coast as well, chasing some enemies from Fjord's past who turned out to be cultists in the service of an entity known as Uk'otoa, a sea serpent monstrosity from the age of Arcanum. You'll notice already a pattern of our ending up in conflict with cultists of some kind or another. Anyways, we also stopped that plot from being furthered and killed the pirate captain Avantika. We also met a certain mage in Nicodranas, an associate of Arcanist Allura here.
After these events is when we learned of the Kryn attack on Felderwin, so we made our way there because it is Nott's hometown and the place where her husband was still working as an alchemist. We discovered upon arrival at Felderwin firstly that Yeza had been abducted by the Kryn and secondly that Yeza had been working with members of the Cerberus Assembly on some attempt to create an alchemical distillation of the energies emitted by an unknown artifact. We later pieced together that this was another of these Beacons which the Kryn people worship.
So, we set out across the border into Xorhas in pursuit of the invaders who'd taken Yeza to the dungeons under Ghor Dranas. Our first order of business was to reach the city of Asarius and get a feel for the Xorhassians, to learn of their culture and glean what we could about the hierarchies at play in that strange land. Luckily, as a motley band of sellswords, we can go just about anywhere "in search of work" without raising much suspicion. First, we discovered a disturbance had occurred at a local livery, the owner hired us to root out whatever was killing his stock. In an underground breeding area, we discovered fiendish creatures emerging from a portal between our plane and the Abyss. We killed the beasts, closed the rift, discovered the Abyssal Anchor which had opened the gateway. We sent Jester and Nott to take audience with the city's leader Lady Olios, who then hired us to investigate the source of the seemingly increasing fiendish influence around the city. She also tasked us with rooting out an Empire spy in their midst, which quite fortuitously was my personal mentor, Expositor Dairon, whom we managed to warn against being discovered although the Xorhassians had evidence of her transmitting information back to the Empire.
So eventually, after chasing a pair of Sucubus and Incubus which were sowing chaos in the city, we did discover a cave system underground entered through a well in a town square. Inside, the fiends were being served by a handful of small lesser demons and attempting to etch runes into the walls to cement a very much more permanent doorway between the planes. We fought and killed them all, even a much larger fiend who emerged from the rift already present. We destroyed a second one of the Abyssal Anchors, and so put an end to the threat against Asarius.
For this aid, the Lady Olios offered us a boon, and instead of taking gold for our services we accepted her offer to get us an audience with the Brightqueen herself and all of her entourage. We were magically transported to Rosohna, to the Lucid Bastion itself, and ushered into the throne room there. We beseeched the brightqueen for the release of Yeza, Nott's husband, from imprisonment. The Kryn did this in payment for the work we'd done in Asarius, and they offered us lodging in Rosohna and the possibility of more work, more opportunity for us to prove ourselves worthy allies. We took this offer, and I did manage to bring Expositor Dairon into our new lodgings in disguise so that she might also continue her more covert operations. Our next dealing with the Dynasty was being tasked with travelling to a mining camp recently overrun by giants. We arrived at this place, Caduceus parlayed with the giants for us and we learned that these hill giants were squatting at this mine because they had been chased out of their home by the appearance of, get this, more bloody demons. So, we had the giants' shaman leader take us to their home. We found another Abyssal Anchor, closed another rift between the planes, killed a handful more dangerous flying fiends. The giants left the mine to return home, we returned to Rosohna to report these findings and collect payment in gold and in reputation.
So, this third Abyssal Anchor we had found in the giants' home, we discovered a scrap of cloth attached to the device. Assuming this might belong to the one who'd made it, Jester used the bit of cloth to Scry. What she saw was a man, finely dressed, poring over a tome, titled The King That Crawls. This man also during the scry picked up a sending stone to speak to someone. Jester managed to overhear this man making plans of a meeting to occur at a later date within the city of Rosohna. Well, this was rather alarming and when we reported this to our Dynasty contacts, they gave us the go-ahead to try and capture whomever showed up for this meeting. So, we did interrupt this gathering of unknown persons supposedly tied to the creation of these Anchors opening rifts to the Abyss. We witnessed a courier of sorts handing over a package to an elven gentleman with bodyguards, but when we attempted to apprehend them the man slipped away while we fought his guards.
We did manage to track this man, through Jester's use of Scrying and Sending, as he left the city headed towards Bazzoxan, and thence to where he was using this key of sorts he had acquired to enter an ancient tomb. We chased him down into the depths, past numerous traps and seals set in ancient times by some celestial forces, and finally to a chamber where this man revealed his true fiendish winged form and we only arrived just in time to witness this entity completing an incantation which split open a huge sarcophagus wrapped in chains. Out of this tomb rose a new and formidable hulking creature covered in gibbering mouths. We fought this new entity and the fiend who'd freed him, but we were forced to flee and attempt to seal the doors behind us which had long kept this Laughing Hand imprisoned. Unfortunately, we also left Yasha behind, and her will was subjugated by the fiend we had been chasing, forced to follow his commands and fight for him.
We reported back to the Xohassians about this new threat and they set about looking into its origins also. Jester kept up her Scrying on Yasha now so we could follow some of their movements and machinations, but this Obann had the ability to magically teleport and so we have been hard pressed to anticipate where we might have a chance to confront him and his entourage and stop his machinations. After Jester witnessed in a Scry that Obann had made an assault on the Cobalt Reserve in Zadash, we travelled back there and found out that Obann was going to attempt to collect the disparate pieces of yet another powerful entity destroyed in ages past, the Cadogeist, whose heart and head were placed protectively in separate locations to prevent her from ever being reincorporated. We then raced to intercept them in the Lotusden Greenwood, where this entity's heart was hidden inside the Mouldered Grove. Unfortunately, we also failed this time, for though we skirted the Laughing Hand and met Obann at the Wraithroot Tree, he pulled the Cadogeist's heart out and simply teleported both himself and Yasha away.
After this, we did discover through further research about the Laughing Hand that his seeming immortality and ability to shrug off almost any assault was tied to an ancient artifact of some kind, a Heart crafted by a betrayer god, or a curse of some kind, still not 100% on its origins. We managed to put together through some serious stroke of luck that our mage friend in Nicodranas, Allura here knows him, was in possession of this other old artifact containing an extradimensional space where some poweful mage in ancient times did all of his experimenting. The Permaheart, as we learned, was inside this maze-like laboratory where this ancient mage had been studying it. We met Allura there in our mutual friend's home in Nicodranas. We used another divination magic on Yasha, this one revealing to us the actual identity of Yasha's capturer. The Chained Oblivion. So, we delved into this extradimensional laboratory, found and destroyed the Permaheart, thereby significantly weakening the Laughing Hand and stripping Obann of some amount of strength.
It was just yesterday inside the Invulnerable Vagrant in Zadash, the establishment of enchanter Pumat Sol, that we were all attacked quite suddenly by this Cadogeist entity, who phases through walls and the floor to backstab her victims. Pumat Sol and ourselves fought her off and she disappeared. Gathering that she'd been sent by Obann to harass us, we did another Scry and Jester saw them, Obann, the Laughing Hand and Yasha, entering through the gates of Rexxentrum. Well, we all made our way to the Cobalt Soul and teleported straight to the Rexxentrum branch, of course. We met Archivist Kathedoc there and learned of the Kryn assault on the city. Jester then did a Scry on the man we knew was also tied to the cult here, and witnessed him inside the Chantry of the Dawn making preparations for the arrival of Obann and his entourage. Then the Kryn assault on the city was happening, and we were racing to the Chantry of the Dawn to stop Obann from completing whatever new horror we knew would come about if we couldn't stop him. Pumat Sol joined us in this fight also and we had requested aid from the Cobalt Soul. We arrived at the Chantry, fought a number of cultists in the main cathedral space helmed by a Cardinal Respa whom Jester had seen conspiring in her scry with the man responsible for the Abyssal Anchors. A little while into this battle, Obann emerged from a chamber beyond with the Laughing Hand, Cadogeist and Yasha in tow. Caduceus here managed to pull off a Dispel on the rune which Yasha had been carrying on the back of her neck, which was preventing her from disobeying Obann. Caleb managed to burn the Laughing Hand to a crisp since this entity we'd once fled combat with no longer had his connection to the Permaheart to empower him. Yasha immediately turned on Obann and joined us in the fight, so Obann and the Cadogeist disappeared back into the quarters beyond the main chamber. We had to leave Pumat fending off some fiends which were then emerging from an unseen rift to the Abyss. We pursued Obann beyond the living quarters for Pelor's followers, discovering that many of these persons had died in their beds when these cultists of the Chained Oblivion took over the Chantry. Inside a crypt where Pelor's priests lay their departed to rest, we discovered a hidden door which opened up to another staircase descending even further beneath the Chantry. At the bottom, we reengaged Obann and the Cadogeist in battle, and Obann tried his damnest to fulfill his purpose in that place, which was to complete a sacrificial ritual surrounding this obelisk of stone topped by a huge gem and with golden chains emanating from it. We both managed to prevent the completion of this ritual and killed Obann the fiend, but when Yasha struck down this creature who'd enslaved her, Obann's body melted. We heard a rumbling voice in Abyssal fill the chamber and then Obann's remains bubbled and a new horrible Thing rose up and attacked us again. Yasha says that the voice was the Chained Oblivion itself saying "you have failed and so shall be punished" because she's the one here who understands Abyssal. Anyways, this thing was a mass of teeth and eyes and whipping tentacles, and I think it damn near killed us all except that now the Cadogeist had also been freed from Obann's control and she joined us in tearing apart this new monstrosity. Then the Cadogeist disappeared through a wall the way she does, and I guess we managed it after all. We don't know if Obann was the only one working towards this end, the unshackling of the bonds that Pelor and Ioun placed upon the Chained Oblivion during the Calamity. We stopped that here, at least. Barely. And so that's what we know of this threat, and the extent of our dealings with the Xorhassians in the pursuit of it. If they withdrew their forces on Allura's word, it is because they already knew all about the Laughing Hand and the Cadogeist and the havok that Obann has been leaving in his wake. The Kryn are no fonder of the Chained Oblivion than anyone else, if they withdrew just to prevent being accidental enablers of this plot.
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2017.11.22 02:49 swachhbharat RT @ICleanBhopal: Cleaning, Beautification, Designing of Public Park with Avantika Women’s Club ►Task no. 192 ►Dated: 12 Nov 2017 ►Spot: Avantika Park, 11 no stop #mere10guz #bhopalNo1 #Swacchbharat

RT @ICleanBhopal: Cleaning, Beautification, Designing of Public Park with Avantika Women’s Club ►Task no. 192 ►Dated: 12 Nov 2017 ►Spot: Avantika Park, 11 no stop #mere10guz #bhopalNo1 #Swacchbharat submitted by swachhbharat to cleanindia [link] [comments]

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#Avantika #successful #learns. Avantika Marathi Serial Full Episode - 95 Sunil Barve , Dr. Girish Oak Zee Marathi ... Dating Over 40 Is Like Thrift Store Shopping. Joe DeVito - Full Special ... the weekly recap, menial tasks: julia rose, lunch break with a cameo from brother jakey, and the saga of the dan-cellation of heybigmike from the ignite part... For more videos visit To Feel ZEE5 in Your Language (Apni Bhasha Mein Feel Hai), To DOWNLOAD the app click below links - ... Just Grog being Grog. Grog gets annoyed with the non-answers he is being given. Watch more at Avantika Marathi Serial Full Episode - 266 Sunil Barve , Dr. Girish Oak Zee Marathi 👉🏻 SUBSCRIBE to Zee Music Company - Watch 'Panchhi Boley' song from Baahubali - The Beginning starring Prabhas & Tamannaah. Song: Panc... 9 BOLLYWOOD KHANS AND THEIR HINDU WIFE 1. Shah Rukh Khan married Gauri Chibber, a Punjabi Hindu, in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony on 25 October 1991, ... This love story is getting cuter by the day. Imran Khan and fiancee Avantika Mallik are now living together in Avantika's house. Imran has moved out of his bungalow, since it is currently being ... 394 videos Play all Avantika: Season 1 Zee Marathi Bho Shambho Shiva Shambho Swayambho - Shiva, the Adhi Yogi - Duration: 5:26. mndheenathayalan Recommended for you Imran Khan and Avantika Malik :- Imran married his long time girl friend Avantika, after dating 10 years. They got married in 2011 and are proud parents of a girl. 4. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena ...