Ashley mike

Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group has acquired the gym and fitness chain DW Sports in a deal potentially worth up to £44m, but only half of the company’s jobs have been saved.. DW Group, founded by ... Mike Ashley has engaged top sports QC Nick De Marco in a bid to force through the Saudi-backed takeover. The Toon chief is desperate to bank £305m by selling the club to the Saudi Public ... Mike Ashley witnesses a very different performance. What a difference eight days makes. Mike Ashley watched Newcastle record a rare opening day win at the London Stadium last week but the Magpies ... Mike Ashley and Newcastle United have instructed leading lawyers in an ongoing battle with the Premier League after they claimed the sale of the club to a Saudi-led consortium was unfairly blocked. Billionaire businessman Mike Ashley has bought the gym and fitness business from his rival and long-time critic Dave Whelan after they fell into administration. Mr Ashley's Frasers Group said it ... Mike Ashley leaves the AGM of his company Sports Direct International. PA Images via Getty Images. Sports Direct billionaire Mike Ashley has performed a dramatic u-turn after attempts late last ... Mark Douglas has made a rather big claim about Mike Ashley and has also put a possible timestamp on when the proposed £300m takeover of Newcastle United by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian (KSA ... Mike Ashley admits it was a mistake to lobby the government to keep his shops open. Michael (Mike) Lloyd Ashley entered heaven on the evening of June the 9th in Houston Texas. Mike was born on September 4, 1949, in Denison Texas and graduated from Denison High School in 1967. Mike Ashley 'flexed muscles' to secure Newcastle signings, says Steve Bruce Callum Wilson, Ryan Fraser and Jamal Lewis arrived for £40m Ashley still looking to sell club after collapse of Saudi deal

Bizarre States Podcast

2015.06.22 18:16 ghostfacekillur Bizarre States Podcast

Come and discuss recent episodes of Bizarre States podcast hosted by Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser. If you have a terrifying tale, email it to [email protected], and don’t forget to keep up with the latest releases and paranormal activity from Bizarre States on Facebook and Twitter. Please note i'm not afflicted with Nerdist or Bizarre States. I know it would be cooler if I was.

2020.09.21 00:39 medicalstuds Players who are wrong identified as goat these days

Who are some players who are talked about as goat but really were not, those wrongfully identied as goat. These are some I get annoyed everytime I hear them mentioned as a goat from their season since they aren't.
Russell Samoa- Russell on Heroes vs Villians might have been a goat, but on Samoa he has numerous winning Final 3s so I don't think he was there. Even on Heroes vs Villians is someone who dominates the game that much really a goat, even if they can't win a jury vote vs anyone probably.
Spencer Cambodia- This is stupid. Spencer played a great game. He was just up against Jeremy who played an amazing game, and was much better liked than he was. He wins for sure against Tasha and Abi, and he has a shot vs some others probably. Even a F3 vs Kelley and Tasha is surprisingly close but Kelley probably wins.
Becky Cook Islands- She had no chance with Yul being there but she is close winning in a F3 vs either Sundra and Ozzy or someone like Candice or Penner and Sundra. And she destroys Sundra in a F2.
Natalie T Redemption Island- She even said in an interview a few years back she was a lock to have won in a Final 3 vs Grant and Phillip, and that she probably wins in a Final 3 of Ashley and Phillip, and probably beats Matt as well. She was not a goat, she just had no shot vs Rob but she had a shot vs a lot of people from her alliance.
Angelina- She actually is very competitive in a F3 with say Mike and Kara, and some other F3s, and has a shot at winning maybe, although it would always be tough. I don't see her as a full fledged goat.
Laurel- She probably easily wins a F3 with Donathan and Angela, even if Donathan were the one to take Wendell and Domenick out.
Chase- Some call him a goat when he was close to winning and probably wins against most people of the merge.
There are probably some others but those are ones that come to mind for me.
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2020.09.20 21:03 Sometimes1233 A game of "would you rather"?...

Choose the scenario you'd prefer to be in or have happen to you.
1)Would you rather: kiss Jake Palvaka or spend the night with Juen Pablo?
2)Would you rather: receive an engagement ring or a million dollars for winning?
3)Would you rather: be the villian or the runner up to get more screen time?
4)Would you rather: go on paradise or Bachelor Pad?
5)Would you rather: be rejected by Mike Johnson or be proposed to be Matt James?
6)Would you rather: have a rumour going around the mansion that your not here for the right reasons or Be genuine and real?
7) Would you rather: have pilot pete fly you around the world or have Jed sing Mr right, girl to you?
8) Would you rather: spend the day with Barb or spend the day with Josh Murray's mom?.
9) Would you rather: have Rachel defend you in court or have Andi defend you in court?
10)Would you rather: be on Nick Vialls podcast or Ben Higgins & Ashley I's podcast?.
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2020.09.20 16:11 insertusernamehere51 Nintendo's missing franchises and their chances of coming to Switch (long read)

“I want X for Switch”, “when is X coming to the Switch”, “X is perfect for the Switch!” How often have you heard or said these sentences? Quite a lot, probably, especially about Nintendo franchises. Nintendo fans really like first-party games, and they’re always asking for their favorites to come back. Problem is, even though Nintendo owns dozens of franchises, there’s only a few that are guaranteed to show up during any given console, so fans of smaller franchises are left wondering when they’ll play them again.
Well, today I’ll try to mostly answer these questions. I’ll take a look at several, Nintendo-owned franchises and try to figure out what are their chances of coming to Switch. I’ll be basing myself on this such as release schedule, success of previous entries, popular demand, market niche and internal interest at Nintendo.
However, keep in mind two things. One: Nintendo owns a shit-ton of IPs, and I won’t cover them all. I’ll focus on the ones that have multiple entries, and even then, I might skip a few if I feel I have no meaningful insight.
And two: No matter what I or anyone else says, the chances for any of these games to come back is NOT ZERO. Nintendo is unpredictable and they’ll sometimes bring something out of the blue when you least expect it. This year alone we saw the return of Brain Age (a franchise not seen since 2012), Clubhouse Games (a sequel to a game from 2005), and Famicom Detective Club, a franchise with two games from 1988/89, which then received a remake in 1998 and then nothing until twenty two years later. Granted, it’s another remake, but it is still a modern installment in a franchise twenty two years dormant. If Famicom Detective Club can come back in 2020, so can your favorite franchise. Now, let’s begin, in alphabetical order:
Art Academy
Starting off with a small one. Art Academy is a series of drawing games that started on the DS in 2010 and then released pretty consistently over the following years, with three entries on 3DS and two (well, one and a half) for the WiiU between 2010 and 2016. Already this feels like a franchise with a pretty consistent release schedule, even though it hasn’t been seen for four years now. I don’t think any of the games were blockbusters, per se, but they also don’t need to be. They’re small games, probably inexpensive to produce that seem to do consistently well enough to get new sequels.
There are several obstacles that present themselves to the release of a new Art Academy, but I think all of them are easily overcome. For starters, AA is the type of casual game that thrived during the DS/Wii eras, a Touch Generations game. Since the Switch released, many have noted that Nintendo may want to distance themselves from that era due to the failure of the WiiU, and there may be some truth to that, but I feel like this is starting to change. Again, this year saw the return of both Brain Age and Clubhouse Games, both casual, Touch Generations DS games. I feel like, at the start of the Switch’s life cycle, Nintendo was indeed trying to focus on core gamers, but now that they have secured that core gamer audience, they may be more comfortable releasing more casual fare.
Furthermore Art Academy is developed by Headstrong Games, a British developer that doesn’t seem to do much other than AA. However, in 2017, that team was absorbed into its parent studio, Kuju Games. This move, which happened the year after the last AA game released, may have something to do with the franchsie’s MIA status. But, Kuju games is still active, having released a game just last year, and I don’t see why they couldn’t take up the mantle.
Finally, some speculated a few years ago that AA was dead due to the Switch not having a stylus but, OH WAIT, Brain Age fixed that too!
All in all, even though Art Academy is hardly a hot franchise, there’s very little standing in the way of its return, and little reason to doubt that it will.
Chances: Good
We may have started on a positive note, but here comes a downer. Chibi-Robo is probably not coming back anytime soon. This cute little robot debuted in his self-titled Game Cube game, developed by Skip Ltd. Like most games by the developer, it was quirky and fun, and not very popular, but had its fans, and Chibi-Robo must have endeared someone at Nintendo, because he kept showing up here and there. He got two DS sequels, though the second one was Japan-only, already a red flag. In 2013, he starred in a 3DS eshop game that was very different from the main games, more of an experimental spin-off, and was not well-received.
But the real final nail came in 2015, with Chibi-Robo Zip Lash! The game was announced to be a 2D platformer, and many fans identified the change in genre (from a unique adventure game to one of the most over-saturated genres in Nintendo consoles) as a total sell-out, and they were totally correct! The developers basically admitted that they did it to try and get more players (red flag). Series producer Kensuke Tanabe then said that if the game didn’t sell well, it could be the end of the franchise (RED FLAG). And then, the unfortunate but inevitable happened. Zip Lash was a critical and commercial bomb, and neither the developer nor the franchise has been seen again. Aside from the inevitable Smash Bros mentions, Chibi-Robo has only been seen on that infamous flaming tweet from 2018 (I told you someone at Nintendo really likes them). To make matters worse, there are increasing signs that Skip Ltd may be going under
So, a struggling franchise makes a desperate move to gain fans, a developer expresses concerns for its future if the game bombs, said game bombs and now the developer may be going out of business? It seems the writing is on the wall.
Now, even if Skip goes under, that is not necessarily the end of Chibi. Nintendo would still retain the rights, as they did for Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk after developer Cing went under. As for whether or not Nintendo would want to give the franchise a second (third? Fourth?) chance, it doesn’t look good
Chances: Very bad
Custom Robo
From one diminutive robot to another, the Custom Robo series is and robo-battle series that began on the N64. It was Japan only, as was its N64 and GBA sequels. Afterwards, Nintendo did try to expand it, releasing a GameCube game in NA, and a DS game in NA and Europe. However, despite the fact that players of these games will attest to how good these games are, they didn’t seem to do very well, and the franchise has not been seen since 2007.
There was one statement of internal interest, when a developer in 2014 said that he heard demands both inside and outside the company for a new entry, but that there were no plans for one, and he was unsure when there would be. Six years on, it seems there still aren’t. In fact, the developer itself, Noise, is also strangely MIA. Though they are officially still active, with their website being updated for 2020, they have not worked on a game since 2015.
Then, in 2018, many fans watched in horror the news that Nintendo let the trademark expire. Some have pointed out that this isn’t as bad as it seems, as it refers specifically to games on optical discs, which Nintendo doesn’t make anymore, but I don’t know enough about the subject to say for certain. Regardless, it’s evident that Nintendo still owns the franchise, as Custom Robo content appears in Smash Ultimate.
On the other hand, one of the series creators, Kohji Kendoh, is still thinking about it. He is working for another developer, and released a suspiciously similar game called Synaptic Drive just this year, as well as talking about Custom Robo in social media. It seems like a Mighty no9/ Yooka-Laylee/Bloodstained situation, in which the owner of an Ip is not using it, so the creator releases a spiritual successor.
Bottom line, there seems to be demand for Custom Robo. A developer saw it six years ago, and the creator is seeing it now. Whether or not thinks this demand is enough to revive the franchise, is tough to say, but doesn’t look great.
Not as bad as Chibi-Robo, though
Chances: Bad
Daigasso! Band Brothers
Here’s a franchise Americans never got. Daigasso! Band Brother is a rhythm game released for the DS in 2004 and stars Barbara the Bat, who has an uncharacteristically risqué design for Nintendo. The game was Japan-only but seems to have been successful, it received a sequel in 2009 (released in Europe, but not NA), and another in 2013 for the 3DS. Despite not having received new games since then, the series is far from inactive. Barbara the Bat in particular, like Chibi-Robo, seems to have fans inside Nintendo because she pops up everywhere. She had cameos in a few other DS games, she was an AT in Brawl and a spirit in Ultimate, she was a costume in Mario Maker, she appeared in a comic strip with WarioWare’s Ashley, and the series has a Twitter account that was super active all the way up to April of this year (more on that later). In 2017, that account even tweeted a comic strip of Barbara demanding a Switch. That was probably not a tease of anything, as it’s been 3 years and nothing, but stuff has happened with the franchise even more recently.
Last year, in 2019, six years after the release of the 3DS game, there were 30 songs added to the game in celebration of the series 15th anniversary. So as late as last year, Nintendo was celebrating this franchise with an in-game event. Now, the servers for the game were shut down earlier this year (hence the end of the Twitter account), and the game was removed from the eshop (as it is basically pointless without the servers), but with recent news that the 3DS has ceased production, it’s pretty clear that the game’s end is a consequence of the 3DS’ end, and not a lack of players. So if the series is alive, but can’t be on the 3DS, it has to go somewhere, no? Bottom line: the games are successful, the series is active, and the character is popular. I don’t know if Barbara the Bat’s next tour will be an international one, but I’m confident it will happen
Chances: Very Good
Dillon’s Rolling Western
DRW is a unique western-themed tower defense game released on the 3DS eshop in 2012. It received mixed reviews, but had a dedicated fanbase, and was successful enough to spawn two sequels, one in 2013, and a post-apocalyptic themed one in 2018. With a game having released just two years ago, its reasonable to say the series is not dormant, so the prospect of a new game is always likely. The developer, Vanpool, who mostly works on smaller scale stuff like this, is both still active and still working at Nintendo.
So, really the only reason to believe the series wouldn’t continue would be if the latest game bombed really hard. It’s hard to say that it did, as sales figures are unavailable, but it was a 3DS game in 2018, probably didn’t set the charts on fire. But then again, unless Nintendo had some really unrealistically high expectations, I don’t think it could have bombed hard enough to kill the franchise that fast.
There’s not much more to say. There aren’t any rumblings of a return, but also no reason to be pessimistic.
Chance: Above Average
Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There will not be a Mother 4
The Creator of the series, Shigesato Itoi, has said that he would not work on a fourth installment, as he feels the story is complete. Now, normally, Nintendo could just say “screw creative integrity, let’s make a fourth game anyway!” but Shigesato Itoi directly co-owns the series’ copyright so they actually can’t. So unless Itoi changes his mind, or he dies and Nintendo decides to ignore his wishes (neither scenario is completely outside the realm of possibility), Mother 4 is not happening.
So, if new Mother content is made, it’d be either a remake, or Mother 3 localization. We all know demand for this last one is overwhelming, Nintendo themselves have acknowledged it multiple times, but it still hasn’t happened, and it doesn’t seem things have changed. A remake is possible, but don’t hold your breath for it.
Despite the series’ popularity, I think all we’ll see of it is the first two games in NSO.
Chances: Bad
This is a hard one to pinpoint. Excitebike is one of those classic NES games that Nintendo likes to reference all the time, like Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Wrecking Crew and Duck Hunt. Unlike those, Excitebike actually received sequels and established a franchised. There was a great entry on the N64 and three entries on the Wii, but nothing more since. I can’t imagine the Wii entries were super successful, and there really hasn’t been any word from Nintendo about any interest in reviving the series, either from developers, or the fans. The developer of the Wii games, Monster Games, is still active, and still makes racing games and extreme sports games, but hasn’t worked with Nintendo in 5 years.
Now, one point I see often, and that I’d like to address, is the idea that Nintendo doesn’t want multiple games from the same genre on the same console. I can’t agree. With the exception of the WiiU, every Nintendo home console since the SNES has had multiple Nintendo-published racing games released for it. WiiU didn’t but that console is an exception to many norms. I don’t see why Mario Kart, behemoth that it is, would stop any other racing game from being made, especially when they are so very different (although the fact that MK8 has an Excitebike track doesn’t inspire confidence).
No, I don’t think Mario Kart is the problem, I think is just lack of interest. And though Excitebike is not a franchise Nintendo will ever truly forget, it’s not really revving up for a comeback either. It could happen, it could not
Chances: Medium
Fatal Frame
This horror franchise wasn’t originally a Nintendo product, being released on the PS2 by Tecmo. However, since the fourth game, each title in the series has been published and copyrighted by Nintendo, and this seemingly applies to all future entries, as the series producer said the series’ future is up to Nintendo. So, how does that future look like?
Well, the last game in the series, Maiden of Black Water, was a WiiU game, which means it didn’t sell well, but not as badly as you might think. From all I could find, which is admittedly not much, sales for the game seemed to be only slightly less than previous entries, a gap more than explainable by its console. So, if the series was getting sequels before, the WiiU game’s sales wouldn’t be the reason why there wouldn’t be more. And though Nintendo of America has had to take baby steps into accepting the franchise overseas, Nintendo of Japan seemed satisfied with it, releasing four games between 2008 and 2014.
So sales aren’t an evident problem, what about the developer? That developer is Tecmo Koei, who is not only active and buddies with Nintendo, their current project is none other than Nintendo’s big holiday title. There’s obvious trust there. As for interest, there is a lot. From Koei Tecmo calling it a valuable IP, to the series producer stating multiple times, including this year, that he’d like to bring it to the Switch
Now, this comment pretty much confirms that a new Fatal Frame is not in development as of now, but it has a chance of happening. And remember, the last game is on WiiU, and if we know anything about those, is that they like to come to Switch. And though I don’t see Nintendo breaking their necks to make a new entry, I don’t think they’d oppose it if Tecmo pitches it to them, especially if it’s just a port.
Chances: Good
Fossil Fighters
This game is not Pokémon, or so its fans tell me. Fossil Fighters is a DS game from 2008 where you collect various species of dinosaur and battle with other ~Dinosaur Trainers~ Fossil Fighters in RPG battles. It didn’t receive great reviews, but was successful enough to get a sequel two years later, and another one on the 3DS in 2014. Three games in six years is a pretty good release schedule, and things were looking alright, until that 3DS game came. It was primarily developed by a different studio, and it showed. The game received abysmal reviews, and fan reception was similar. Sales weren’t awful, but not great either.
Since then, the series has been completely quiet. The developer, Red Entertainment, is still active, but hasn’t worked with Nintendo since the 3DS game. As for interest, there hasn’t been a peep from Nintendo about this series at all. No interviews describing vague interest in bringing it bad, no acknowledgment of fan demand, no cameos in other games (aside from Smash, which doesn’t count, Smash has everything). Even fan demand doesn’t seem too high, most of what I’ve seen is a petition which has been up for a year and has not reached its 2500 signatures goal.
It looks like this series could become a fossil itself. Someday some might dig it up and revive it to use in battle, but I’m not feeling it.
Still not as bad as Chibi-Robo
Chances: Bad
This is the reason you’re reading this.
Oh, F-Zero. If fan demand alone was the deciding factor, F-Zero would be top priority. People want F-Zero, people beg for F-zero, people who have never played, beg for F-Zero. And Nintendo knows this, they’ve acknowledged it. They themselves haven’t forgotten it. Even putting Smash aside, there was an F-Zero minigame in Nintendo Land. There are F-Zero tracks in Mario Kart. They’ve done everything but make a new F-Zero game, but why the hell not?
Well, it’s important to understand that the F-Zero series declined in sales throughout its life. The best-selling game is still the first, and though the following games were fantastic, they sold less and less, and yet, strangely enough, between 2003-2004, Nintendo released THREE F-Zero games. Around the same time, they also released an anime. There are several great articles and videos about what happened to F-Zero, but the best point I’ve seen is that Nintendo tried, in 2003, to really push F-Zero, but it didn’t work. So, with their attempt failed, they let the series sleep, and just never woke it up, even as fan demand increased.
In 2015, Miyamoto commented on the series, and said that, though he heard the demand, he was unsure on what to do with the series, on how to make a new game. Many fans scoffed and said he’d just need to make a modern F-Zero and that’d be great, but I think internal concern runs deeper. Just doing F-Zero failed in 2003, so why would it work now?
That said, I think there is hope. Fan demand is powerful, and more and more we see a new generation of Nintendo developers pushing the company forward. These younger developers are the ones behind new IP like Splatoon and ARMS, and great reinventions of existing ones like Odyssey and BotW. It’s possible that these same younger developers could hear the fan demand, and want to take on the series without the hesitation of their older peers.
It’s been 16 years, but Kid Icarus was gone for 19, wasn’t it?
Stranger things have happened
Chances: I want to believe
Golden Sun
And here’s the other one.
Few Nintendo fans are as vocal and dedicated to their dormant franchise as Golden Sun games. For those who don’t know, Golden Sun was a couple of excellent GBA RPGs released in 2001 and 2002, with a DS sequel in 2010. Such erratic release schedule would make predicting the series’ future difficult at the best of times, but the DS game was seen as a disappointment by many fans and sales were unimpressive. With ten years having passed with no new game, is the series done for? Well, let’s look at it.
In 2012, one of the developers gave an interview in which he straight up said that, if there was fan demand for it, there would “naturally” be a fourth game. We know that developer interview doesn’t immediately guarantee a sequel, but this is also a much more positive statement than Custom Robo and F-Zero’s “We know there’s demand, but we don’t know what to do with it”. This is “If there’s demand, it will happen.” So, is there demand?
You bet your ass there is. And it feels like it is growing. There was a high-profile hoax about a fourth game in 2017 (a similar hoax happened some time before the third game, by the way). The series received notably more content in Smash Ultimate than series of similar standing (quite possibly an acknowledgment of its popularity). And last year, Cory Balrog, director of 2018’s GOTY God of War, tweeted about all the franchises he would trade for a new Golden Sun. Nintendo could hardly have asked for a higher profile endorsement within the industry.
So if fan demand is there, why hasn’t it happened yet? Well, it helps to look at the development history of the series. The first game took eighteen months to develop, considered a long time for a handheld game at the time. And though the eight years between the GBA and DS games may have you believe it took a long time to greenlight a sequel, that’s not the case. Signs point to internal discussion about a sequel to the GBA games as early as 2002, with developers quoted as saying that Nintendo was asking them to make a new one. One of the series producers also said that the series takes a long time to make because of its complexity. After the DS game failed to meet expectations, its understandable that Nintendo may not have been as enthusiastic for a new game as it was before, but it seems like, even if the series is alive and well, the long hiatus would not be uncharacteristic. In that same interview quoted before, the developer even said that a new game would take a long time. In fact, if GS4 had started development shortly after that interview, if it took as long as Dark Dawn, the game would be wrapping up production around now.
Then there’s the developer, Camelot. Aside from Golden Sun, they pretty much only make Mario Tennis and Mario Golf. They release schedule is also super consistent, with a new game every other year, sometimes every year. We already got a Mario Tennis on Switch two years ago so, if not for COVID, their new game would probably have released this year. All things point, then, for the next Camelot game to hit the Switch next year. Smart money would be in Mario Golf, but maybe it is finally Golden Sun.
Finally, I don’t think, as others do, that Xenoblade is the reason GS is not happening. Again, I don’t see evidence to support the idea that Nintendo doesn’t want to publish more than one game in the same genre. Both the GBA and DS had more than a dozen Nintendo-published RPGs, and the Wii and 3DS got RPGs even after Xenoblade released for them. I don’t see why Xenoblade would stop a Switch Golden Sun, especially when they are very different kinds of RPGs. GS is actually closer to Octopath Traveler, whose success was enough to impress SE, why wouldn’t Nintendo want a piece?
Really, I think the biggest obstacle is that Nintendo might want to prioritize the safe investment of Mario sports games over Golden Sun, but the more I research, the more I feel like GS’s chances are higher now than they were at any point in the last ten years.
I feel there’s hope this sun will rise again
Chances: Above average
Kid Icarus
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Kid Icarus was an OK NES game that had a forgotten Game Boy sequel and then nobody cared about it for 19 years until it was unexpectedly revived for the 3DS in 2012. This story is a testament to the fact that, just because its been a long time, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. But in order to know if it will happen again, let’s understand how it happened in the first place.
It’s important to mention that reviving Kid Icarus was not the intent behind KI: Uprising, it was the idea of its director, Masahiro Sakurai. Nintendo had given him a project and Sakurai decided to use an established franchise for it. He briefly considered Star Fox, but decided to use Kid Icarus, for which he probably had a soft spot, considering he had added Pit to Brawl some years earlier. So, there wasn’t an exec at Nintendo who woke up one day and decided to bring Kid Icarus back, they gave the director a project, and, after some deliberation, he decided to use Kid Icarus for it.
That director is currently busy developing Smash Bros DLC, but even after that’s over, he probably won’t revisit Kid Icarus. He has shot down the idea of him working on a sequel or a port. His words were: "For now, my thought is that perhaps we'll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years." Yikes. That’s pretty damning. Sure, Nintendo could get someone else to make the game, but if it was only Sakurai that was interested in the series in the first place, what is the hope of that?
Well, that statement is not super accurate. Before Uprising, there was actually a Kid Icarus reboot in development for the Wii. It was cancelled, and thank God for it, as it was an awfully stupid gritty reboot, but it showed that there was interest in the franchise even before Uprising. Naturally, you’d expect interest to be bigger now than before.
The fact that Uprising not only grew the series’ fanbase, but the that there are Kid Icarus characters in Smash Bros, means that the franchise has a permanent place in the interest in Nintendo fans. Smash in particular means that there are 18 million people who know Pit and Palutena and would turn their heads if a new game was announced. Furthermore, Nintendo’s new CEO is interested in bringing 3DS franchises to the Switch after the success of the Switch Lite, especially now that the 3DS is officially dead, so the opening is there for it.
There is definitely demand for a new Kid Icarus game, but it is too sporadic a franchise to be certain, and if it were to happen, Nintendo would have to find someone new to do it. But, in the end, the series is definitely in a better place now than it was 10 years ago.
Chances: Medium
Legendary Starfy
Legendary Starfy was a 2D platformer for the GBA that was apparently really successful, as it received four sequels in the span of five years. Not only that but, like Barbara and Chibi-Robo, Starfy himself was quite popular. He had cameos in Mario & Luigi and Super Princess Peach, music of the series was in Donkey Konga, he is a regular Assist Trophy in Smash and was a costume in Mario Maker. Though the series took until the last game to come to the West, there were plans to bring the first four games too, as well as consideration for expanding the series to the Wii. The series was widely advertised, with animated commercials and tons of merchandise, including plush dolls, CDs, pencils, birthday balloons, casino cards and two manga series. When asked if there were plans for a sixth game, the developer answered “Yes!”, no ifs, not buts, straight-up Yes.
And then… nothing. The series just stopped. And the reason why is: I have no idea. Maybe if the last game bombed spectacularly, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Sure, Japanese sales declined with each entry, but not by that much. Maybe NA sales weren’t what Nintendo was hoping for, but surely not enough to kill such a steady franchise.
The confusion only grows when we look at its developer, Tose. Now, this is interesting. You’ve probably played a Tose game without knowing. They have worked on over A THOUSAND GAMES, but they never receive credit. They merely assist with development in the shadows. As one exec puts it: "Our policy is not to have a vision. Instead, we follow our customers' visions. Most of the time we refuse to put our name on the games, not even staff names." They are a ghost developer. Even its Wikipedia page admits that the list of games on it is purely speculative. There are probably hundreds more, that we don’t know about.
The only exception is the Starfy series. That series was their vision. So why did they stop? Could they have decided that it was against their vision to make a game of their vision? We can only speculate.
The fact that the series’ end was so unexpected, and its developer so mysterious, means that any speculation about it is a shot in the dark. All I can say is that there’s no particular reason to expect it.
Chances: Not Good
Here’s a big one. Nintendogs was one of the biggest successes of the casual era, on par with Brain Age and Wii Fit, but unlike those, it remained a multi-million seller during the 3DS/WiiU generation. And though Nintendo may have tried, at first, to distance the Switch from that era, the return of Brain Age and Clubhouse Games indicates that other casual games would follow, and Nintendogs would be a no-brainer.
There is, however, one big problem: the Switch does not have a microphone. While Brain Age on the DS also used the microphone a lot, it was not essential to it. You could easily make Brain Age without it. But not Nintendogs. Issuing voice commands to your virtual pup is integral to the experience. No microphone means no Nintendogs.
But with that said, Nintendo did go to the trouble of making a Switch stylus, seemingly just for Brain Age, so maybe they could make a microphone peripheral. Sure, a microphone would be more complex to make than a stylus, but not inconceivable. They did something like that with the Wii Speak. I’m sure for that nintendogs money, Nintendo would do it.
Worst case scenario, Nintendo releases Nintendogs and forces you to use the NSO app’s voice chat to talk with your dog. You know they’d do it.
There’s also the fact that another developer released a nintendogs clone for the Switch last year, but I don’t think Nintendo gives a shit.
Chances: Good
Nintendo Wars
You may know this series better as “Advance Wars” and you may also know that it is fantastic. In fact, it is one of the highest rated Nintendo franchises on Metacritic, and had a pretty consistent release schedule between 1988 and 2008. All was looking pretty god. But unfortunately the series has been dormant since the last entry on DS. Part of it may be because the series, though originally Japan-only, was never all that popular in Japan. In fact, that last game only saw a limited release as a My Nintendo reward in the region.
There is, however, still demand for the series, both externally and internally. Producers from both Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have expressed enthusiastic support for a new entry, although they’ve also expressed some uncertainty on what they’d do with it, similar to the Custom Robo and F-Zero responses.
The developer for the series is Intelligent Systems, who do a ton of stuff and will be discussed multiple times in this post. They used to release multiple games a year, but have slowed down this past game to just one or two games a year, another possible reason why Advance Wars has been deprioritized, especially in comparison with that boogeyman of Advance Wars and Smash Bros fans alike: Fire Emblem. There is real concern that Nintendo might not want to make a new Advance Wars when they could just make the similar but more popular Fire Emblem instead.
That said, IS has already released a Fire Emblem and Paper Mario for Switch, and though we definitely will get at least one more FE during the Switch’s life cycle, there’s enough years left for IS to release some other games, whether they be AW or one of the three other franchises we’ll discuss in the future. Problem is, of those franchises, AW might be the most difficult to produce, and the most risky, so it could probably be lower priority. When asked about the series last year, one IS producer gave a pretty evasive answer, so things aren’t looking too good, but they aren’t hopeless either.
Chances: Medium
Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents
This rhythm series for the DS is widely beloved by those who played it, but its life cycle was pretty limited. One game in 2005, and Americanized version in 2006, and one sequel in 2007. Nothing more since The games were critically acclaimed, but not blockbuster hits.
The series creator said back in 2016 that he would love to create a new game, but nothing else has been said about it. The game’s developer iNis, doesn’t appear to be super active either.
All in all, there is very little pointing to a return
Chances: Bad
The biggest obstacle to seeing this series of arcadey flight sims on the Switch is that the series has a very specific purpose: it’s a tech demo. All three games were launch titles for their systems and explicitly meant to show off each system’s new tech. The original game was made to show off the SNES’ Mode 7, the N64 game was meant to show off the console’s polygonal graphics, and Resort was meant to showcase the 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D. With the Switch’s release far behind us, and its graphics not really needing a showcase, Pilotwings chances seem low. Granted, Pilotwings doesn’t need to be a tech demo, but it could be how Nintendo views it as.
There is some fan demand for it, but not as much as F-Zero or Golden Sun, and no developer has commented on the possibility of a return. Pilotwings has always been moderately successful, but not enough to justify constant releases. The only glimmer of hope is the comment from Nintendo’s CEO about wanting to bring more 3DS franchises for the Switch, but it’s quite possible that he didn’t have Pilotwings in mind when he said that
Chances: Bad
Another series popular enough to get a Smash character but not popular enough for consistent sequels, Punch-Out is a beloved classic with a consistent fanbase, but with a very erratic release schedule. After the SNES game in 1994, the series lay dormant for 15 years until it was revived for the Wii in 2009 and then laid to rest again. One explanation is that the series was never really popular in Japan. Neither the NES or SNES games were even available as full releases in the country, being instead, distributed as prizes or rewards. And though the Wii game got a full retail release, it sold very poorly. It’s always been a game more for Americans, so it is understandable that the Japanese developers at Nintendo aren’t super enthusiastic about it. That said, it was Nintendo who pitched the reboot in the first place, so they may want to do it again someday.
The developer for the Wii game was Next Level Games, who release a game every three or two years, and they also develop Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion. Having already released LM3, it’s likely they’ll release another game for the Switch some time soon. That could be Punch-Out, but it is just as likely that it could be Mario Strikers, or something else entirely.
Some think that the series use of flagrant national stereotypes would impede it from coming back in today’s political climate, but frankly, I don’t think that’s as definitive a problem. Worst case scenario, they simply make a new cast, just like Super Punch Out, but less racially insensitive.
Another interesting development is that Mike Tyson has been talking about wanting a new Punch-Out this year. I don’t think Nintendo cares what he says, and they definitely don’t want to associate with him again, but it is a pretty high-profile person talking about the series, which is bound to raise interest. Whether that’s enough for Nintendo to consider a new game? I don’t think so. But regardless, Punch-Out is popular enough that the door is never truly closed for it.
Chances: Not Good
This acclaimed puzzle game was released for the 3DS eshop in 2012 and was successful enough to get three sequels. Although it hasn’t been seen since 2015, there doesn’t seem to be anything impeding its return. The developer is our good friend Intelligent Systems, and, of the aforementioned IS franchises still to launch on the Switch, Pushmo, being a simple, but beloved, puzzle game, seems like the safest investment. It likely could be developed alongside another major game.
There is demand for it, and considering Nintendo’s eshop efforts, Pushmo would fit in perfectly alongside Snipperclips and fellow 3DS eshop puzzle star Boxboy. All in all, there’s no reason not to expect Pushmo to come back.
Chances: Good
continued in comments
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2020.09.20 12:03 albnasc The story of Mike Ashley, the former owner of Newcastle United who ruined the club

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2020.09.20 04:12 codeofcolder Are there any 0 vote getters who get 0 votes in every single possible F3?

I know there are a lot of 0 vote getters who were goats and can't win in any possible F3. But are there any 0 vote getters who get 0 votes in every single possible F3 too? Here are some who I think would fit that.
Sugar- Does she get Bob in some kind of F3? Bob would vote any Onion over her, but does he vote her over some combination of Matty, Ken, Crystal, Susie. If he doesn't then she probably fits this.
Natalie T- I can't count Philip since he did get a vote in the Natalie/Rob/Philip F3 which already eliminates him. Does Natalie T get a vote in any F3. Ashley and Rob are her only possible votes in anything but a F2 with Philip. Ashley I think said she never votes Rob if he were against anyone but Philip or Natalie since she was bitter at him, so I think that rules her out. Maybe she votes her against 2 Zapateras or something. Rob probably does not vote Natalie over anyone in their alliance- Grant, Andrea, Ashley, even Philip probably. I think he would also vote Mike or David over her. He would vote her over Julie for sure, maybe in a F3 of Julie and Ralph she gets 1 vote from Boston Rob? Or maybe over Matt too who Rob probably would not respect the game of anymore than Natalie spending most of it on RI.
Sherri- In a F3 of Dawn/Phillip/Sherri which is her weakest F3 by far she has only 1 possible vote I think from Michael Snow. In fact her only possible vote in most F3s is Michael Snow, but who does he vote her over exactly? I suspect he still votes Dawn over her, although it would be close, he was a rare juror who considered all 3 finalists in the Cochran/Dawn/Sherri F3. He was close with Sherri but she backstabbed him when she abandoned him, but he still defended her game (and Dawn's). Do Philip or Dawn vote her in any F3? They liked her but in private they laughed about her being a goat. Maybe they vote her over say Eddie and Reynolds? Not sure.
Gervase- Umm does he get Tyson vs some people? To a lesser extent maybe Monica. He sure as heck does not get any other votes in any F3. I think Tyson admitted post show he votes Monica over Gervase, and he votes most everyone over Gervase, despite their being buddies. I am sure he votes Gervase over Katie, but not sure the 3rd person.
Julie- Is there any F3 she gets votes in? She sure as heck loses in every F2, but I am talking about F3s she gets votes in, is there any? This was a weird season and hard to figure out though. She was in an extremely weak F3 as it was with Gavin and Chris, and nobody even considered (or it seemed nobody was considering) giving her a vote.
submitted by codeofcolder to survivor [link] [comments]

2020.09.20 01:55 Creative_Commander Fallen Angel Replacement

Suppose the fallen angel(last elimination in a season) was swapped with the winner. How do the results change? Also note that these are HYPOTHETICAL. Based simply on what is expected; therefore, my speculation isn’t always accurate. At all. Here’s mine in order of airdate:
Rudy beats Kelly, possibly better than Rich?
Colby demolishes Keith
Lex beats Kim pretty well
Kathy nails Neleh
Hmmm... I’d say Clay has a better shot of getting Brian’s vote plus the Sook Jai’s. Maybe.
Rob beats Matt. Maybe a few votes go to Matt.
FairPlay beats Lil pretty convincingly
Ok... I’m not sure. Yeah, jury hated Rob, but Jenna L wasn’t all that liked either. I could see Rupert or Tom but a Jenna/Rob would be odd. I see the three Amber votes going to Jenna, but I’m just not sure. Enlighten me.
Scout beats Twila. Pretty sure
Ian slams Katie
Rafe beats Steph, possibly even 7-0. Probably not though
Terry demolishes Daniele.
Ozzy wins likely 9-0-0 or 8-1-0 if Yul goes for Becky. Or not
Yau wins convincingly against Dreamz and Cass even without Cargate.
If Amanda still fails at FTC, I see Courtney winning. I don’t know but it’s gonna be close
I believe Cirie beats Amanda. Sad we never got to see that
Matty wins I believe. Like, I think Randy and Corinne vote Matty over Susie here. Enlighten me though.
Stephen all the way.
Brett wins due to Galu and immunities. Modern day Mike Tyson
Jerri likely wins due to being least associated with Russell and being well liked. I can see an unlikely Parv though
Holly or Chase... hmm. I want to say Chase, but I can’t remember how well received Holly was by the jury. I remember Chase being seen as wishywashy or along those lines.
Wow. Ashley likely wins, but I can see a (very unlikely) win for Fillup if he claims Rob’s moves
Ozzy. He guaranteed gets Whitney, Dawn, Keith, and Jim, and likely gets at least Rick or Brandon at worst.
I don’t know... I want to say Sabrina, but there was a thread saying Chelsea wins roughly 6-3-0. I defer to those who better know the season.
Malcolm. Done
This ones weird. Eddie and Dawn could be winners. Eddie definitely gets Brenda, Malcolm, and Reynold. Dawn likely gets Cochran and Andrea, maybe Erik???? He could vote Eddie tho. I’m just gonna say Eddie unless Dawn takes credit for Cochran’s moves
Tina. She gets at minimum Vytas, Aras, Katie, Hayden, and Ciera.
I believe Woo wins. Trish, Sarah, and Jefra are unlikely to vote Kass I believe. Tasha likely stays on Woo and Spencebot likely thought Kass had 0 chance of winning. Still hates having to vote for Sonic
Keith. Done
Rodney likely wins if Mike isn’t there. Will gets no one, Carolyn likely gets Sierra and MAYBE Mike, but Rodney likely sweeps even through his remarks.
Kelley or Spencer. Spencer lost a lot of respect due to his parting blows with Kelley, so I can see him get some votes. Not sure what happens though. Enlighten me. Leaning towards Kelley
This one confuses me. Suppose Michele goes and Cydney comes in. Who wins? I’d like to say Cydney, but I honestly have no idea.
David, likely unanimous
Afterthought: just realized that I missed GC. Well, it results in a 5-5 so says the jury between FUBC and Mark the Chicken. But since there’s no 3rd place the winner is Brad for winning a lot of challenges
Not even gonna open this can of worms, guess I’ll say Devon as that seems to be most popular?
Dom. Easy
Mike wins since he doesn’t throw the FTC to Nick, as well as Kara and Angelina essentially having little ground to stand on.
Rick rick rick rick rick rick RICK SHOW!!!
Lauren likely wins this one, but Dean has a small chance.
Sarah likely wins, but it’s a tossup between her and Nat. I’m inclined to say Sarah because of her relation to Tony and them basically advocating for each other.
Alright, time to tell me in many ways how I’m wrong. Please let me know what you guys think, a lot of these I’m not sure about so give me your insight
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2020.09.19 17:52 jonahsurvivor Make a dream cast of an all one-time player season:

I’ll make mine:


Brian Heidik
Domenick Abbatte
Todd Herzog
Tommy Sheehan
Earl Cole
Chris Daugherty
Davie Rickenbacker
Mike Holloway
Devon Pinto
Rick Devens


Chrissy Hofbeck
Natalie Bolton
Taj Johnson
Lauren Ashley Beck
Ashley Nolan
Vecepia Towery
Mama C
Trish Hergarty
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2020.09.18 03:07 MagicHandsMMA Facial Animations

When you compare the cast to their animated counterparts, some facial features are tweaked when some others aren’t.
Sam, Mike, Ashley, Chris, Jess, and Hannah Beth’s facial features are changed a bit from their actors.
Meanwhile, Matt, Emily, Josh, Dr. Hill, and Flamethrower Guy look just like their actors.
Anyone know why?
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2020.09.17 12:10 Sometimes1233 If a movie was made about BN today which actors/actress would play these people?.

Rachel Lindsey
Tyler Cameroon
Nick Viall
Mike johnson
Peter Weber
Hannah Brown
Peter Kraus
Ben Higgins
Ashley I
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2020.09.16 17:18 MrSaxobeat2000 ANTM Complete Instagram Ranking (September 16-23, 2020)

Sorry I couldn't post this last week! So this time, Bella is back! But Ondrei's still missing so she's on ~The List~ Anyway follow these models.
Last Week's Ranking:

1 - Chantelle C21 (@winnieharlow) - 8,310,213

2 - Eva C3 (@evamarcille) - 4,140,025

3 - Don C20 (@donbenjamin) - 2,124,713

4 - Nyle C22 (@nyledimarco) - 1,805,312

5 - Keith C21 (@keithcarlos) - 1,002,210

6 - Jessica C14 (@jessicamichel) - 803,231

7 - Matthew C21 (@matthewstephensmith) - 764,180

8 - Allison C12 (@alliharvard) - 686,992

9 - Natasha C8 (@natashagalkina) - 629,241

10 - Dustin C22 (@markdmafia) - 418,374

11 - Justine C23 (@justinemaebiticon) - 398,691

12 - Lisa C13 (@lisaaramos) - 373,725

13 - Khrystyana C24 (@khrystyana) - 372,685

14 - Sandra C24 (@sandrashehab) - 321,976

15 - Eboni C18 (@eboneedavis) - 321,680

16 - Lacey C22 (@thelaceyclaire) - 318,853

17 - Yaya C3 (@yayadacosta) - 315,482

18 - Tatiana C23 (@tatianaelizabethh) - 276,359

19 - Jeana C24 (@jeanaturner) - 240,017

20 - Jourdan C20 (@lovejourdan) - 219,770

21 - Mame C22 (@mameadjei4) - 196,510

22 - Toccara C3 (@iamtoccarajones) - 196,323

23 - Marvin C20 (@marvincortes1) - 192,027

24 - Cassandra C5 (@cassandrapants) - 191,693

25 - India C23 (@indiagants) - 191,214

26 - Will C21 (@williamjardell) - 188,836

27 - Ava C22 (@avacapra) - 187,544

28 - Liberty C24 (@thelifeoflibs) - 186,046

29 - Sophie C18 (@sophiesumner8) - 182,737

30 - Adrianne C1 (@adriannecurry) - 173,282

31 - Justin C22 (@justindkim) - 154,559

32 - Natalie C12 (@nataliepack) - 154,082

33 - Yoanna C2 (@yomania) - 153,581

34 - Cory C20 (@corywadeofficial) - 153,280

35 - Isis C11 (@msisisking) - 151,483

36 - Courtney C23 (@courtneypaigenelson) - 148,789

37 - Kyla C24 (@kylasorad) - 142,459

38 - Fatima C10 (@fatimasiad) - 133,827

39 - AzMarie C18 (@azmarieofficial) - 133,446

40 - Raina C14 (@rainmonsterr) - 127,248

41 - Nina C20 (@ninaburns) - 123,863

42 - Lisa C5 (@lisa_damato) - 123,689

43 - Jeremy C20 (@jeremyrohmer) - 122,723

44 - Renee C20 (@reneebigtime) - 112,372

45 - Maggie C24 (@maggiekeating) - 111,405

46 - Danielle C6 (@danievans1) - 108,906

47 - Analeigh C11 (@analeighctipton) - 108,869

48 - Mikey C22 (@murdasworld) - 98,804

49 - Krislian C23 (@misskrislian) - 96,283

50 - Eugena C7 (@eugenawashington) - 91,598

51 - Adam C21 (@adam.smith) - 89,051

52 - Devin C22 (@devinljclark) - 88,802

53 - Phil C20 (@insightphil) - 86,166

54 - Laura C19 (@lauraellenjames) - 85,964

55 - Leila C19 (@leilss4reals) - 84,675

56 - Ben C21 (@benschreen) - 84,274

57 - Caridee C7 (@carideeenglish) - 83,012

58 - Chris H. C20 (@iam_chrish) - 82,124

59 - Naima C4 (@naimamora) - 80,842

60 - Hadassah C22 (@thisishadassah) - 75,660

61 - Laura C13 (@laura_allstar) - 74,528

62 - Kari C21 (@karixmichelle) - 72,376

63 - Shei C21 (@shei_p) - 71,643

64 - Fo C12 (@fopopps) - 69,058

65 - Bianca C9 (@biancagolden) - 66,659

66 - Paige C23 (@paigemobley) - 65,400

67 - Raelia C21 (@raelialewis) - 64,547

68 - Kanani C20 (@_kananiandaluz) - 62,008

69 - Krista C14 (@iamkristawhite) - 59,867

70 - Denzel C21 (@iam_denzelwells) - 58,535

71 - Coryanne C23 (@corylovesyou) - 57,295

72 - Cherish C23 (@icherishwaters) - 56,686

73 - Sundai C13 (@sundailove) - 54,855

74 - Leah C3 (leah.darrow) - 54,528

75 - Mike C20 (@mikescocozza) - 53,446

76 - Bre C5 (@brescullark) - 48,363

77 - Brittany C13 (@in_rooms) - 48,008

78 - Giah C23 (@just_giah) - 46,873

79 - Saleisha C9 (@salstowers) - 45,146

80 - Kathleen C8 (@kdujour) - 44,098

81 - Marissa C23 (@marissa_hopkins) - 43,770

82 - Ivana C24 (@ivanawest) - 40,442

83 - Stacy Ann C10 (@topmodelstacyann) - 39,217

84 - Whitney C10 (@whitneyantm) - 38,383

85 - Shanice C24 (@girlthatshanice) - 37,991

86 - Brittani C16 (@official_brittkline) - 36,605

87 - Molly C16 (@mollyaoconnell) - 36,378

88 - Yvonne C19 (@yvonnesimone) - 35,409

89 - Erin C24 (@itseringreen) - 34,973

90 - Stefano C22 (@stefanochurchill) - 33,474

91 - Bella C22 (@bellainabottle) - 33,414

92 - Coura C24 (@coura_sasha) - 33,090

93 - Delanie C22 (@delaniearin) - 32,625

94 - Hannah C16 (@hannahkatjones) - 32,503

95 - Kyle C23 (@smile4kyle) - 31,963

96 - Erin C13 (@erinwagner) - 31,718

97 - Sandra C12 (@sandranyanchoka) - 30,843

98 - Ivy C21 (@ivytimlin) - 30,676

99 - Keenyah C4 (@keenyah.hill) - 30,473

100 - Joanie C6 (@joaniesprague) - 29,171

101 - Kiara C19 (@thekiarabelen) - 29,076

102 - Christina C24 (@christinamariaam) - 28,859

103 - Giselle C1 (@gisellelsam) - 28,425

104 - Mercedes C2 (@mercedes.yvette) - 28,302

105 - Alex C20 (@alexandraagro) - 27,159

106 - Victoria C19 (@victoriahenley) - 27,035

107 - Ann C15 (@annmward91) - 26,776

108 - Courtney C22 (@courtney_duperow) - 26,662

109 - Rhiyan C24 (@rhiyanalexis) - 26,354

110 - Shannon C1 (@shannonstewartratliff) - 26,043

111 - Anchal C7 (@anchaljoseph) - 25,133

112 - Atalya C10 (@atalyas) - 24,529

113 - Celia C12 (@celiaammerman) - 23,497

114 - Bianca C20 (@itsbiancaalexa) - 23,372

115 - Brendi K. C24 (@brendi.k.seiner) - 23,161

116 - Nicole C5 (@nlinkletter) - 23,136

117 - Liz C24 (@f3mm3n1stn1ghtm4r3_) - 22,551

118 - Monique C16 (@moniquevictoria) - 21,148

119 - Aminat C12 (@topmodelaminat) - 20,508

120 - Brittany C4 (@brittanybrower) - 20,445

121 - Sara C2 (@sararaceytabrizi) - 19,799

122 - Ann C3 (@annalainamarks) - 19,686

123 - Allyssa C19 (@allyssathebrazilian) - 19,452

124 - Dominique C10 (@dominiquereighard) - 19,309

125 - Kristin C19 (@kristinfkagay) - 18,869

126 - Sheena C11 (@sheenasakai) - 18,892

127 - April C2 (@aprilwilkner) - 18,259

128 - Laura C18 (@llafrate) - 18,090

129 - Angelea C14 (@angeleapreston) - 18,048

130 - Kacey C15 (@kalbarbie) - 17,055

131 - Katie C1 (@katiecleary11) - 16,859

132 - Kortnie C12 (@kortniecolesreeves) - 15,166

133 - Jiana C20 (@jianadavis) - 15,144

134 - Nastasia C19 (@nastasiascott) - 14,948

135 - Lauren Brie C11 (@brieharding) - 14,724

136 - Romeo C21 (@paranormal_papi) - 14,619

137 - Annaliese C18 (@annaliesedayes) - 13,681

138 - Binta C23 (@babybinta) - 13,608

139 - Wendy C6 (@wendy_maria) - 12,944

140 - Alasia C14 (@iamalasia) - 12,769

141 - Lisa C9 (@mzlisajackson) - 11,961

142 - Kim C5 (@kimmystolz) - 11,348

143 - Chantal C9 (@chantygriffiths) - 11,295

144 - Kahlen C4 (@kahlencrondot) - 11,288

145 - Leslie C6 (@eclecticinthecity) - 10,467

146 - Jade C6 (@jadecworld) - 10,316

147 - Jael C8 (@eureka.secrets) - 10,091

148 - Brittany C19 (@brittbrownmeow) - 9,955

149 - Melrose C7 (@melrosemoney) - 9,199

150 - Camille C2 (@camillemcdonald) - 8,977

151 - Teyona C12 (@teyonaasia_anderson) - 8,302

152 - Nicole C16 (nicolemlucas) - 7,837

153 - Lluvy C4 (@lluvy) - 7,756

154 - Nik C5 (@nikpace) - 7,716

155 - Mila C9 (@officialmissionlean) - 7,567

156 - Nicole C1 (@nicolepanattoni) - 7,513

157 - Joslyn C11 (@joslynpennywell) - 7,167

158 - Cody C23 (@rar3cod33) - 7,060

159 - Chris S. C20 (@cschellenger) - 6,930

160 - Kasia C16 (@kasiafierce) - 6,904

161 - Jennipher C3 (@j.urlacher) - 6,880

162 - Christian C7 (@christianthegem) - 6,838

163 - Furonda C6 (@furonda) - 6,807

164 - Rio C24 (@officialriosumm) - 6,174

165 - Amanda C3 (@amandaswafford) - 6,162

166 - Shandi C2 (@shanthraxttm) - 6,093

167 - Sharaun C11 (@sharaunb) - 6,012

168 - Bianca C13 (@thebiancachardei) - 5,968

169 - Monique C7 (@stateena) - 5,899

170 - Alexandra C14 (@alexundy) - 5,549

171 - Clark C11 (@clarkflorian) - 5,471

172 - Mckey C11 (@mmamckey) - 5,463

173 - Candace C18 (@cms_moda) - 5,442

174 - Chlea C20 (@londonfbby) - 5,410

175 - Lauren C10 (@gutterutter) - 5,403

176 - Ashley C5 (@ashleyo2go) - 5,242

177 - Tash C23 (@tashiiitsunamiii) - 5,146

178 - Jennifer C13 (@thejennan) - 5,029

179 - Rachel C13 (@rae_raelovesyou) - 4,937

180 - Mariah C18 (@mariahwatchman) - 4,874

181 - Gabrielle C14 (@gabriellekniery) - 4,823

182 - Brenda C14 (@brendaarens_g) - 4,703

183 - Mikaela C16 (@mikaelaschipani) - 4,610

184 - Samantha C11 (@sampotter20) - 4,593

185 - Sarah C9 (@sarahbhartshorne) - 4,591

186 - Jessie C19 (@rainbowbrite) - 4,486

187 - Ebony C5 (@mybellefamille) - 4,138

188 - Kimberly C9 (@kimieabreak) - 4,131

189 - Claire C10 (@claireunabia) - 4,074

190 - Jaclyn C16 (@jaclynkathryne) - 3,563

191 - Kyle C18 (@ashleyconley) - 3,517

192 - Chelsey C15 (@churless472) - 3,483

193 - Lexie C15 (@thanksitwasonsale) - 3,394

194 - Dionne C8 (@januaryjames_) - 3,316

195 - Alexandria C16 (@alexandriaeverett88) - 3,282

196 - Nijah C12 (@nijah_h) - 3,234

197 - Diana C8 (@diana.zalewski) - 3,218

198 - Nicole C13 (@artbynicoleabuhamada) - 3,207

199 - Destiny C19 (@destiny_strudwick) - 3,189

200 - Anamaria C15 (@aana) - 3,186

201 - George (Sara) C16 (@borderbrujx) - 3,075

202 - Whitney C8 (@whitsittoya) - 3,026

203 - Brandy C4 (@brandyrusher) - 2,938

204 - Brooke C7 (@brookiemiller) - 2,819

205 - Alisha C18 (@iamalishawhite) - 2,764

206 - Jayla C5 (@jaylanr) - 2,678

207 - Darian C19 (@darianellisxo) - 2,666

208 - Lulu C13 (@amethystmami) - 2,646

209 - Simone C14 (@bisoobyedithnancy) - 2,562

210 - Jessica C12 (@jessicajoan89) - 2,352

211 - Ren C14 (@moonanimalkid) - 2,311

212 - Rhianna C15 ( - 2,284

213 - Sarah C8 (@sarahvanderhaar) - 2,277

214 - Ebony C1 (haithebony) - 2,270

215 - Mollie Sue C6 (@molliegondi) - 2,257

216 - Nnenna C6 (@theofficialnnennaagba) - 2,207

217 - Jaeda C7 (@jaedanichole) - 2,194

218 - Coryn C5 (@corynrw) - 2,135

219 - Ashley C13 (@lorellehoward) - 2,096

220 - Jasmia C18 (@jasmiarobinson) - 2,063

221 - Jenascia C2 (@dirty.planties) - 1,931

222 - Ambreal C9 (@ambrealricole) - 1,848

223 - Amis C10 (@juicyjenks) - 1,820

224 - Kelle C3 (@kellejacob) - 1,748

225 - Ashley C22 (@ashleymolina__) - 1,533

226 - Megg C7 (@meggmorales) - 1,477

227 - Xiomara C2 (@model2medicalaesthetics) - 1,454

228 - Anna C2 (@annamariecapilli) - 1,438

229 - Jane C15 (@janerandall15) - 1,431

230 - Kendal C15 (@kendal_bug) - 1,426

231 - Janet C9 (@peachy_janet) - 1,360

232 - Seymone C18 ( - 1,327

233 - Kara C13 (@karabvincent) - 1,322

234 - Megan C7 (@proper_instinct) - 1,209

235 - Dominique C16 (@understandind) - 1,190

236 - Robin C1 (@robbynemanning) - 1,147

237 - Tatiana C4 (@tatidante) - 1,136

238 - Chris C15 (@ft.minx) - 1,127

239 - Liz C15 (Shelli_monroe) - 1,103

240 - Julie C3 (@ninewestjewel) - 954

241 - Brooke C6 (@bzenver) - 907

242 - Mirjana C21 (@mirjanapuhar) - 905

243 - Aimee C10 (@aimeenicki) - 875

244 - Samantha C8 (@samanthafrancis_franks) - 845

245 - Amanda C7 (@amandababin9) - 822

246 - Tessa C1 (@tessacarlson) - 802

247 - Diane C5 (@drock_2222) - 772

248 - Kyle C5 (@kysharee19) - 770

249 - Allison C10 (@allisonkuehn_astrology) - 768

250/1 - Angelia C16 (@angelia_marie) - 721

251/0 - London C12 (@levilauren) - 721

252 - Kari C6 (@karijoestes) - 694

253 - Naduah C14 (@thenaduah) - 691

254 - Terra C15 (@terralynn15) - 677

255 - Nicole C3 (@elocinjay) - 665

256 - Brittany C8 (@corinnehatch) - 659

257 - Bethany C2 (@insidebethanysworld) - 616

258 - Isabella C12 (@kelly.marie.falk) - 609

259 - Norelle C3 (@norelle_griffith) - 603

260 - Magdalena C3 (@magdarivas) - 586

261 - Marjorie C11 (@marjconrad) - 547

262 - Michelle C4 (@chellcarlsen) - 527

263 - Maria C19 (@mariatucker3) - 515

264 - Anslee C14 (@ansleepayne) - 450

265 - Marvita C10 (@marvita.washington) - 443

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267 - Lenox C21 (@1enox) - 385

268 - Heather C9 (@kuzmichheather) - 360

269 - Ebony C9 (@importedchocolate__) - 355

270 - Tiffany C4 (@tiffany.richardson) - 340

271 - Heather C2 (@heather._24) - 332

272 - AJ C7 (@legsotron) - 331

273 - Brita C4 (@britawald) - 327

274 - Christina C4 (@christina_fashion) - 316

275 - Anya C10 (@treechild) - 295

276 - Dalya C16 (@dahlyah) - 268

277 - Esther C15 (@petrackesther) - 264

278 - Renee C8 (@reneealwaypride) - 258

279 - Catie C2 (@catie.palladino) - 247

280 - Sara C15 (@lytlelife) - 241

281 - Hannah C11 (@hanuhawesome) - 240

282 - Kristi C3 (@kristigunther) - 219

283 - Louise C18 (@louise_whitelock) - 200

284 - Rebecca C4 (@epleybecca) - 148

285 - Sarah C4 (@mrs_dore) - 147

286 - Sara C6 (@thehallmarks) - 139

287 - Tahlia C12 (@tahlfarley) - 131

288 - Kathy C6 (@kat.mamma) - 115

289 - Michelle C7 (@michelle.babin) - 83

290 - Cassie C3 (@cassiegjames) - 6

291 - Brittany C11 (@b.r.mcmahon) - 0

No IG: Kesse C1, Elyse C1, Noelle C4, Sarah C5, Gina C6, Cassandra C8, Felicia C8, Jaslene C8, Victoria C9, Jenah C9, Kimberly C10, Katarzyna C10, Nikeysha C11, Elina C11, Amber C13, Courtney C13, Tatianna C14, Kayla C15/17, Ondrei C16, Ashley C18, Catherine C18
submitted by MrSaxobeat2000 to ANTM [link] [comments]

2020.09.16 01:51 CryptographerHeavy Top Model Kiss of Death

I feel like certain kinds of contestants are doomed from the start simply because they fall into a particular category. Which is the worst kind of contestant to be on ANTM?
Here are examples of each: The “I Am Educated” Contestant: Elyse (C1), Yaya (C3), Victoria (C9)
The “Tyra Discovered Me At (Fill in the Blank) Contestant Sara (c6), Mike (c20), Ashley (c13), Ren (c14)
The “I Resemble Tyra Banks” Contestant Keese (c1), Felicia (c8)
The “I Am A Dancer” Contestant Yaya (c3), Felicia (c8), Ashley (c13)
View Poll
submitted by CryptographerHeavy to ANTM [link] [comments]

2020.09.15 23:58 Atelier-Nabil [Serious] If anyone is able to pass me Mike Ashley's email address, that would be really helpful.

Anonymity is promised, so feel comfortable to DM me if you have knowledge of it. Please don't worry as I have no malicious intent whatsoever.
submitted by Atelier-Nabil to NUFC [link] [comments]

2020.09.15 01:46 goodgodgetmeout Test-16

3 matches:

2 matches:

1 match:

  • Kaori Yoneyama
  • Xavier Woods / Consequences Creed
  • Soma Takao
  • Yuu
  • Wolfgang
  • Marq Quen
  • Ryo Mizunami
  • Facade
  • Otis
  • Luchasaurus
  • LJ Cleary
  • Tsukushi
  • Michael Knight
  • Alan Angels / Five
  • Toa Henare
  • Katie Lea Burchill / Winter
  • Ricky Starks
  • Jacob Fatu
  • Koji Nakagawa
  • Mil Mascaras
  • Dominik Mysterio
  • Jamie Hayter
  • Mio Shirai
  • Akane Fujita
  • Mark Rocco / Black Tiger
  • Bunkhouse Buck
  • LuFisto
  • Madison Eagles
  • Sonya Deville
  • Yumehito Imanari
  • Ace Austin
  • Horst Hoffman
  • Yoshiki Inamura
  • Michael Kovac
  • Don Fujii
  • MsChif
  • Kimber Lee
  • Kuniaki Kobayashi
  • Sonny Kiss
  • Daiki Inaba
  • Xavier Woods
  • Shotzi Blackheart
  • Mika Iwata
  • Tony Mamaluke
  • Saki Akai
  • Mohammed Yone
  • Vincent / Vinny Marseglia
  • Dave Mastiff
  • Mansoor
  • Jaguar Yokota
  • Connor Mills
  • Dan Maff
  • Britt Baker
  • Veit Müller
  • John Wayne Murdoch
  • Mandy Rose
  • Peter Avalon
  • SUGI
  • Scotty Vortekz
  • Ken Patera
  • Steve Wright
  • Hitoshi Kumano
  • Verne Gagne
  • Master Wato / Hirai Kawato
  • Davis Storm
  • Josh Bodom
  • Jado (he doesn't care, 30 years this biz)
  • Magnum TA
  • Tracy Smothers
  • Viper / Piper Niven
  • Ivelisse
  • Atticus Cogar
  • Lacey Evans
  • Dark Angel / Sarah Stock / Sarita
  • Dana Brooke
  • Charlie Morgan
  • Lars Sullivan
  • Eric James
  • Mitsuru Konno
  • Hanako Nakamori
  • Session Moth Martina
  • The Road Dogg
  • Ridge Holland
  • Pirata Morgan
  • AJ Lee
  • Perro Aguayo Jr.
  • Raquel Gonzalez
  • Joseph Conners
  • Kuma Arashi
  • Evil Uno / Player Uno
  • Ashley Vox
  • Jeremy Wyatt
  • Excalibur
  • Austin Idol
  • Johnny Moss
  • Road Warrior Hawk
  • QT Marshall
  • Angel Azteca
  • Yoko Bito
  • Saki Kashima
  • Josh Alexander
  • Koji Doi
  • Isla Dawn
  • Markus Crane
  • Tadasuke
  • Allie Kat
  • Chelsea Green
  • Manjimaru
  • Aoife Valkyrie
  • Risa Sera
  • Yuki Aino
  • Rey Bucanero
  • Natsuki Taiyo
  • Sexy Star
  • Tonga Kid
  • Yuzuki Aikawa
  • Stu Grayson / Player Dos
  • Lince Dorado
  • Beth Phoenix
  • Command Bolshoi
  • Mosco de la Merced
  • Suzu Suzuki
  • Shanna
  • Danshoku Dino
  • Yusuke Okada
  • Takako Inoue
  • Karl Fredericks
submitted by goodgodgetmeout to lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 19:24 stprm @MoneyMikeAshley twitter account was @VenkysBlackburn before 2013

@MoneyMikeAshley twitter account was @VenkysBlackburn before 2013
I just digged a little about this account...
1) @MoneyMikeAshley twitter account was @VenkysBlackburn before 2013 - same year when #AshleyOut and #PardewOut protests were popular?
No snapshots of it on webarchive, but proofs are clear anyway. His first tweet from December 2010, 2nd tweet, all first 12 tweets are here. 2012 tweet where people in replays use his username. More.
He followed 41 users in September 2013. Now he only follows KBA Agency.
2) His tweets about Ashley during Blackburn era:
First two are:
We are going to follow Mr Mike Ashley's business model and place a picture of a big chicken on top of the Jack Walker stand.
Ashley drives a hard bargain though. The amount of chicken he's requesting is absurd.

3) He also allegedly make a rumor about Shearer having an affair with Gabby Logan in April of 2011?
'Its Shearer who got the High Court gagging order, been having an affair with Gabby Logan for ages.... his wife has kicked him out & will be revealed by the press this weekend'
Venkys account was hacked and the Shearer rumour was posted on it (on Twitter).Gabby has said on her twitter she is consulting lawyers about it, but looks like the damage has been done in a lot of people's minds (Search either Gabby or Shearer on twitter and see what people have been writing!).
Venkys still haven't deleted the tweets the ****s:*edit* They've come out as a spoof account 📷. Couldn't hold a candle up to The Big Sam imo

4) His first tweets about Newcastle
Don't know what else to search for. If you have a thoughts - go for it, it is easy with advanced searching on twitter.

PS Had to short some URL here because of reddit design...
submitted by stprm to NUFC [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 15:25 UKNewsByABot Mike Ashley hires leading lawyers over failed Newcastle United takeover

Mike Ashley hires leading lawyers over failed Newcastle United takeover submitted by UKNewsByABot to UKNewsByABot [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 14:01 jaybankzz Finale day (8) of my friend playing until dawn

So it’s here... the end. I’m proud of him you know.


Chris saving josh
He started as Chris, saving josh. As per usual, he wasn’t there. When the flamethrower guy died my friend said “I called it. I knew he was gonna die” and he did call it. He shot the wendigo and Ashley had actually let him in. So that was good.
Mike in basement/safe room
Ashley noticed emilys bite (because Matt shot the flare up) and then when mike had a chance to shoot Emily, he looked at me for guidance, I shrugged and shooked my head (for us that means “I don’t know”) and it was too late, mike did NOT shoot Emily. (?) he will remember that.
Ashley on route to mines
After mike went to find josh and everyone else followed, Chris said he would catch up, and to leave him. So my friend said no, he won’t leave him behind. So Chris no matter what survived
Survival counter: 1/9 (wolfie counts)
Mike in sanatorium
Playing as mike he did all the QTES right except for one... and barricaded the door and all that, and when wolfie didn’t jump down and the wendigo didn’t attack him I told him wolfie survive
Survival counter: 2/9
Sam and mike in the mines
As Sam, he found the clue about hannah eating Beth. And Sam told josh about that and how he became a wendigo, so josh noticed this and wendigo Hannah took him. I told him he’s alive. Because he was about to close app to see if he could do something else to save him
Survival counter 3/9
Matt & Jess in the mines
Matt went and lit the lamp, and almost got smacked in the face by Jess with a shovel, the wendigo followed them and he hid. He put the controller down and almost didn’t click the QTE. After the wendigo caught up again, he hid again and didn’t move (controller was down, no shame in that)
Matt and Jess survive
Survival counter: 5/9
Beforehand, he didn’t open the final door and the wendigo grabbed him, my cousin saw this and said “oh yea he’s dead” (he never played until dawn)
When Sam and mike went to the lodge, and Chris, em, and Ashley ran through, Emily pushed Ashley (not rlly important but yea) and last second he locked the door. He thought he died, since the Wendigos appeared RIGHT THERE but he lived. And when mike said “don’t move” and the don’t move happened, he didn’t know there was actually gonna be a don’t move. So he saw it and stood so still. Didn’t even talk to me. Almost moved out of bounds and then it ended, so he placed the controller on the desk (again, no shame) and then it said save mike or run to switch, since mike is one of his favorites, he saved mike. But had to let go of the controller since it was on the desk. He kept on hiding. And when mike ran out, and he did the final hide, he picked up the controller because he didn’t know whether or not there would be a QTE. there wasn’t, and Sam flew out of the house.
Survival counter: 9/9
He saw the interviews and all of that. Because of what Sam said “I’ve seen what’s down there... and I’ve give anything to unsee it” he feels like there may be a sequel. But he also thinks there will be a sequel due to wendigo josh! He didn’t realize who it was at first, but he saw it was josh and he said “broooooo. It’s josh, he’s a wendigo” because he saw him eating the strangers head. I then explained to him the story, and what happened. I also showed him every death, and he agrees that mikes death (more of a sacrifice) is the most badass
puts lighter lid up “huh? How’s that feel you fuck” *turns on lighter
Just had to add that, amazing sacrifice




  1. Mike
  2. Chris
  3. Sam
  4. Matt
  5. Jess
  6. Ashley
  7. Josh
  8. Emily
u/astralwish1 u/mistclaw
submitted by jaybankzz to untildawn [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 11:13 V1NY Mike Ashley has appointed a legal team to take on the Premier League...

Mike Ashley has appointed a legal team to take on the Premier League... submitted by V1NY to NUFC [link] [comments]

2020.09.14 08:48 SuperHotUKDeals My Life In Football - Kevin Keegan (Autobiography). Kindle Edition - Now 99p @ Amazon

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of it's contributors.
£0.99 - Amazon
Product Description:
The phenomenal Sunday Times bestseller by Kevin Keegan, one of the greatest players in English football history, famed for his style on the pitch, his relentless ambition and passion for the game.
‘And I’ll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them. Love it!!!’
Kevin Keegan, 1996
In My Life in Football Keegan tells the story of his remarkable rise through the sport, from the Peglers Brass Works reserve team in Doncaster to helping Liverpool become the kings of Europe, winning a Bundesliga title with Hamburg and captaining England. Keegan was recognised around the world as one of the sport’s genuine superstars and remains the only Englishman to win the Ballon d’Or twice.
As a manager, Keegan’s five-year spell in charge at Newcastle is now legendary; he led the club from the depths of the old Second Division to the brink of the Premier League title with a breathtaking vision and flamboyant style that saw his team dubbed ‘The Entertainers’.
Fifty years since making his professional debut, Keegan tells the full story of the exhilarating highs and excruciating lows, from that epic battle with Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United in the 1995-6 season, as well as the pain of managing England and, finally, the shattering truth about his unhappy return to Newcastle in the controversial Mike Ashley era.
Brilliant, funny, passionate, deeply moving and incredibly honest, My Life in Football is the story of the miner’s son from Doncaster who became a superstar and was known to his adoring fans as ‘King Kev’.
Kevin Keegan is everything a man should be — Bill Shankly
People are saying Kevin Keegan leaving is like the Queen dying, but it’s worse than that — John Regan, secretary of the Newcastle Independent Supporters’ Association
Kevin Keegan was like the Pied Piper of Tyneside — Alan Shearer
No other player in the world - not even Pele or Maradona - could have rejuvenated Tyneside the way Kevin Keegan has done — Jackie Millburn, Newcastle legend
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2020.09.14 02:29 ebonyr1125 ISO Ashley Horner Charlie Mike

ISO Ashley Horner Charlie Mike
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2020.09.13 17:09 remy547 X

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2020.09.19 01:00 JescoWhiteLightning XPWEW W/L/D standings as of September 18th, 2020

- XPWEW World Heavyweight Champion since 8-16-2020 (Heatwave) Leonard McGraw (19-13-1)
- XPWEW International Champion since 5-23-2020 (LD7) Jake Awesome (15-3)
- XPWEW Women’s Champion since 8-16-2020 (Heatwave 20) Tessa Blanchard (6-1)
- XPWEW Juniorweight Champion since 8-11-2019 (Heatwave 19') Jordan Oliver (15-8)
- XPWEW Tag Team Champions since 8-16-2020 (Heatwave) Golden Bryce & Alveno La Flare (5-0)
- Ruckus (22-1)
- Priscilla Kelly (15-5)
- Lotus (13-3)
- Romeo Roselli (10-3) [Case Your Luck]
- Ruckus & Lexoni (3-0) {as a team}
- Jake Awesome & Ruckus (2-0) {as a team}
- El Demonio (5-2)
- All Man & All Woman (5-1) {as a team}
- The Vaudevillians (4-2) {as a team}
- Drama King Aiden English (4-2)
- Chrissy Rivera (5-4)
- Myron Reed & Kotto Brazil (3-2) {as a team}
- Mandy Leon (2-1)
- Simon Gotch & Mandy Leon (2-1) {as a team)
- Golden Bryce (30-12)
- Myron Reed (17-10)
- Garrett Thompson (14-17)
- Kotto Brazil (16-12)
- Doxy Deity (16-12)
- Champagne Clausen (14-18)
- All Man (12-9)
- Alveno La Flare (10-15)
- Joe Gacy (8-10-1)
- All Woman (8-5)
- Audrey Carbine (8-11)
- Kiera Hogan (8-18)
- Simon Gotch (7-11)
- Jacques Dudley (6-13)
- Ethan Bedlam (6-18)
- Garrett Thompson & Ethan Bedlam (5-5) {as a team}
- Masato Tanaka (5-8)
- GG (4-13)
- Siaka Lexoni (3-3)
- Genevalisse (2-11)
- M3 Quintillo (2-5)
- 3M Ultra (2-11)
- 3M3 (3M Ultra & M3 Quintillo) (2-6) {as a team}
- Based Fabian (1-9)
- Death Machines (1-2) {as a team}
- Kotto Brazil & Chrissy Rivera (0-1) {as a team}
- Golden Bryce & Leonard McGraw (0-2) {as a team}
- Based Fabian & Genevalisse (0-1) {as a team}
- M3 Quintillo (0-5)
- Lola Starr (0-5)
- Thunder Rosa (2-0) {left for AEW on August 22nd, 2020}
- Giannis Antetokounmpo (1-0) *double countout with Jake Awesome*
- Doxy Deity & Thunder Rosa (1-0) {as a team}
- Slayer (6-6)
- Brodie Croyle (5-1-1)
- Rosemary (5-3)
- Dragon Kid (4-9-1) *Retired when he lost to Champagne Clausen 8/14/2020
- Amy Lee (1-3)
Solomon Nasty (0-4) *teamed with Joe Gacy 4/3/2020 Lost to Gacy 4/10/2020 Lost to Audrey Carbine 4/17/2020 Lost to Gacy at Xtreme Rumble 2020 in a Tables Match 4/26/2020
Scott Steiner (0-1)
Ashley Vox (0-2)
*loss to Tessa Blanchard in open challenge (9-11-2020)
*loss to Doxy Deity in 1 on 1 match (9-18-2020)
Eugene (0-1)
Bully Jaxon (0-2)
Mr. Insane Replay (0-1)
George South (0-1)
Jake “The Man Scout” Manning (0-3) *lost to Champagne Clausen 4/17/20
*lost to Champagne Clausen 8/7/20
*lost with Bully Jaxon to Simon Gotch & Aiden English 8/28/20
Shane “The Real McCoy (0-2)
Chris Johnson (0-3)
Melanie Weister (0-1) *lost to Kiera Hogan 4/17/20; Priscilla Kelly shaved her head wildly as a scare tactic in prep for her hair vs hair match against Kiera at the 2020 Xtreme Rumble
Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (0-0) *appeared as “Master of Ceremonies” for Hair vs Hair match between Prisiclla and Kiera at Xtreme Rumble 2020
Robbie Williams (0-2) Returned in 2020 Xtreme Rumble at Number 14 *Lost to Golden Bryce as an honorary member of The Set 5/1/2020
Johnny Omega (0-1) Returned in 2020 Xtreme Rumble at Number 15
Mike Samples (0-1) Returned in 2020 Xtreme Rumble at Number 20
The Trashman AKA Danny DeVito (0-1) Debuted in 2020 Xtreme Rumble at Number 23
Hiroshi Tanahashi (0-1) Returned in 2020 Xtreme Rumble at Number 25
Taka Michinoku (0-2) *Lost to Golden Bryce on the June 26th, 2020 episode of Pyro *Lost to Golden Bryce in a handicap match as apart of TakaNaka at 2020 Devil’s Playhouse
submitted by JescoWhiteLightning to XPWEW [link] [comments]

2020.09.13 02:42 jaybankzz Day 7 of my friend playing until dawn

So today he made a huge discovery. I think you guys know what it was. 2 big discovery’s.
So he started as ashley with Chris. He found ghost, Chris almost didn’t notice. And when he had to go with Chris or investigate movement, he followed Chris, he doesn’t wanna split up (gooooood) he found the scissors and when josh knocked Chris out Ashley stabbed josh. And when the shoot Chris or ashley choice popped up he BEGGED me to help him and tell him what to choose. So I gave him a hint. When Chris shot the saws I told him “notice how when he shot the saws it didn’t make a metal on metal noise” (the CLING) so he thought about it and he said “BLANKS!” And then immediately shot Chris and I just looked at him like ._. But I didn’t tell him he survived. Sam met up with mike, you know the deal. And when he saw josh was the psycho he was like “WHAT THE FUCK” and was fucking surprised.
When he saw Emily alive, he was like “that’s some uncharted shit” and we spent a bit on an argument whether it’s more uncharted or tomb raider, i love uncharted more but I had to say it was more tomb raider
But when she saw the stranger he was scared, he was like “oh it’s the guy from the prologue!” But when the stranger gave Emily something (what was that anyways?) and told her to get out I asked him “you still think he sus?” He said no.
So when mike saw josh, pretty much nothing happened except for the usual things. No reactions. But when they put him in the shed, Chris disarmed mike and mike was like “dude...” and my friend started laughing. It was pretty funny ngl.
So when Emily was in the mines, going though the small space... I got ready the best for roundabout. 0:44 seconds in, once the hand popped out it was just the meme. But he kept going. And he missed 1 QTE and survived. Emily got bit. And after she escaped, we stopped. Great ending for the day ngl. He found out that josh was the psycho, and what has been secretly terrorizing them (the wendigo)
Favorite characters: still the same;check last post
Suspensions: there is no need, he knows it’s that wendigo (to him, he has no idea what it is)
u/astralwish1 u/mistclaw
These 2 are gonna be notified whenever I make a new post of my friend playing until dawn. If you wish to also be here, say something like “me” or “I do” or “I’d like to” in the comments
If I missed anything, let me know
submitted by jaybankzz to untildawn [link] [comments]

For Ashley Mike Ashley, Mike - YouTube Ashley & Mike Have Newcastle's 'Ashley generation' had enough? - BBC ... ASHLEY SICK ON VACATION! 🤒  Roblox Bloxburg 7 - YouTube Ashley & Mike  Wedding Film Ashley & Mike  A Celebration of Love Ashley and Mike

Sports Direct boss 'deeply' sorry for virus ... - BBC News

  1. For Ashley Mike
  2. Ashley, Mike - YouTube
  3. Ashley & Mike
  4. Have Newcastle's 'Ashley generation' had enough? - BBC ...
  5. ASHLEY SICK ON VACATION! 🤒 Roblox Bloxburg 7 - YouTube
  6. Ashley & Mike Wedding Film
  7. Ashley & Mike A Celebration of Love
  8. Ashley and Mike
  9. Ashley & Mike Wedding Film

Ulta Beauty Survivor Photo Shoot. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Ashley and Mike Location: King Kamehameha Golf Club Jessica Pearl with Pearl Wedding Photography [email protected] 808.344.1525 jessicapeaerl. San Ramon, CA July 15, 2017 Songs: Stay Young - Beeches Ocean Sunset Motorcycle - Zach Winters. BBC Sport travels to Newcastle to find out what life is like supporting the Magpies under the ownership of Mike Ashley, who has been the subject of unrest fr... Email : [email protected] Instagram @ mikelotempio Shot on my Sony A7iii. You and I is a dynamic group of musicians located primarily in the New York, New Jersey area. They perform as an acoustic duo or four piece band. 'Acoustic S... [OPEN ME PLEASE] Ashleyosity and Chrisandthemike start their new life as a Roblox Family in Roblox's Welcome To Bloxburg! Chris and Ashley get jobs and find ... Ashley & Mike invite you to their marriage union on 1st August 2015. The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue