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Queen’s Speech - August 2020

2020.08.22 14:51 Chrispytoast123 Queen’s Speech - August 2020

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons.
My government will take a robust and principled stand in the face of aggression and the violation of international laws and the subversion of human rights, and shall keep a range of options on the table to deal with unfair trading practises and human rights violations. My government will commit to working with our allies and international partners to uphold the international rules-based order, including hosting the first meeting of the D12 alliance of democracies in the United Kingdom.
My government will consolidate International Development into the Department for Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth, ensuring greater efficiency, the pooling of expertise and combined strength while upholding the expenditure target of 0.7% of GDP in this area.
My Ministers will introduce a Modern Slavery Act to more clearly define the crime and ensure greater transparency in supply chains. My government will support efforts to introduce a new ''bridging visa'' for victims of modern slavery in the United Kingdom.
My government will continue to support the implementation of the immigration rules introduced in the last term, including the Youth Mobility Scheme. My government will invest additional funds into the border force. My Ministers will introduce a seasonal visa for those who wish to come to the United Kingdom for shorter periods of time.
My government will seek to replace the Dublin regulation while reviewing asylum laws for the purpose of deterring illegal crossings.
My Ministers ensure foreign fighters are brought to justice by enshrining into legislation so-called 'No Go' zones, to prevent citizens from travelling to high risk areas designated by the Home Secretary, while ensuring the provision of extensive safeguards to ensure that legitimate purposes for travelling, such as humanitarian assistance, are not unduly hindered.
My Government is fully seized of the role of the United Kingdom's independent nuclear deterrent, and will continue to maintain Trident while ensuring efforts to find a future replacement are kept on track.
My Government will raise the spending on defence to 2.5% of GDP, earmarked for investment in our conventional forces as well as further developing our cyber warfare capabilities. My Government will aim to prioritise British jobs and industries when deciding procurement for the Armed Forces.
My Government will undertake the necessary preparations for the building of forty new hospitals and invest 190 million into new cancer screening equipment.
My Ministers will introduce legislation to secure student bursaries for nurses and paramedics, in addition to legislation introducing subsidies for patients using private healthcare, reducing the burden on the National Health Service while ensuring more competition, better outcomes and savings for the consumer.
My Ministers will propose legislation to implement prescription charges, with exemptions and safeguards in place to prevent any undue burden upon the most vulnerable, to ensure a fair and sustainable system for all.
My Ministers will undertake reforms to achieve greater transparency and accountability in the criminal justice system, in line with the recommendations of the report commissioned by the 25th government.
My Ministers will introduce legislation to provide a new definition for domestic abuse, including provisions for economic abuse and coercive behaviour, in addition to increased efforts to provide support for victims in the form of greater work flexibility and mental health support.
My Government will create a women’s refuge fund in the budget to support women’s refuges in the relevant jurisdictions.
My government will create 10,000 new prison places and undertake investment into the Ministry of Justice.
My Government will implement, uphold and abide by the agreement reached in the Fair Funding Formula Forum to provide a sustainable and lasting solution to the question of calculating funding for the devolved governments.
My Government will continue to pursue the introduction of a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights, in continued close consultation and cooperation with the devolved institutions and appropriate stakeholders. My government will ensure full support and funding for the Peace Plus Program, in cooperation with the Republic of Ireland.
My Government intends to pursue the devolution of corporation tax to the Northern Ireland Executive, and will hold extensive negotiations to this end.
My Government will seek to secure a comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union, along the lines of the strategy laid out in the 2019 White Paper on the subject. My government will finalise investigations into the optimal allocation of free ports in the United Kingdom, and finalise the designation in this parliamentary term.
My Government will oversee the finalisation of rail privatisation, that was embarked upon in the previous term. My Government will invest in local public transport, putting into action plans to expand the metro in Tyne and Wear.
My Ministers will implement a points-based planning system to liberalise planning regulations. My government will review HMO licensing with a view to liberalising them and removing arbitrary and inflexible provisions.
My Government will ensure the strategic, gradual release of land from the Green Belt for the purpose of building homes. My Government shall protect areas of natural beauty and important wildlife habitats, while also gradually removing the designation of intensive agricultural land as being part of the Green Belt.
My Ministers will introduce a ‘lifetime deposit’ scheme, in which tenants will have a single deposit that moves with them, simplifying the process for both renters and landlords.
My Government is fully committed to achieving a 'net zero' UK by 2050. My government will review the practice of offshoring and outsourcing waste. My Government will invest in nuclear energy to deliver low-carbon energy solutions that will bring us closer to full transition.
My Government shall aim to set the Carbon tax in line with the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change over the course of this Parliament. My Government will finalise the privatisation of England's water infrastructure, pursuant to legislation submitted in the previous term.
My Government will repeal the restrictions imposed upon the founding of new grammar schools, and will implement an ambitious proposal to establish new grammar schools across the country. My Government shall seek to reduce barriers to entry for childcare and deliver the best possible deal for the taxpayer when it comes to childcare.
My Ministers will review undue foreign influence on British university campuses, with the aim to take action to protect and promote the freedom of speech and the prevention of espionage.
My Government will closely review the infrastructure, and associated public expenditure, required for a successful joint bid for the World Cup.
My Government shall end any arbitrary and distortive subsidies given to companies for the reason of their legal form as a cooperative. My Ministers will put forward legislation to amend the prohibition on interlocking directorates, to allow for temporary exemptions when necessary.
My Government will repeal the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.
My Ministers will endeavour to end rough sleeping, and will ensure adequate funding to facilitate this is secured in the budget.
My Government will support the Facial Recognition (Regulation) Bill, restricting governmental use while also balancing the needs of privacy and national security, and will facilitate the institution of appropriate and rigorous standards and guidelines for private and commercial use.
Members of the House of Commons,
Estimates for the public services will be laid before you.
My Lords and Members of the House of Commons,
Other measures will be laid before you.
I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your counsels.
The Speech from the Throne can be debated by Peers in This House under the next order of the day, the Address in Reply to Her Majesty's Gracious Speech, or by Members of Parliament under the same motion in the Other Place.
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2020.06.22 13:44 LordVelaryon That day, that goal, that prodigy.

Less than eleven seconds earlier, when the Argentinian player receives the pass from a teammate, the clock in Mexico marks thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty seconds. In the opening scene there are also two Brits and a slightly older man of Tunisian origin. Football isn't very popular in Tunisia. That's why the African seems to be the only one who is not in an athletic mental alertness
The Tunisian is called Ali Bin Nasser and, while others run, he walks slowly. He is forty-two years old and ashamed: he knows that he will never be called again to referee an official match between nations. He also knows that if twelve years earlier, when he was injured in the Tunisian league, he had been told that he would be in a World Cup, he would not have believed it. Nor would he have believed it the afternoon he became a referee. After all, in Tunisia you only need to have the same number of legs as lungs to get the job.
But when he officiated his first match, he discovered that he would be a proper referee. And it was more than that: he managed to become the first football referee to be recognised on the streets of his city. He was called up for the 1984 African qualifiers and his judgment proved to be so good that a year later he was called up to command in a World Cup.
In Mexico he was asked for autographs, had pictures taken with him and slept in the most luxurious hotel. He had successfully refereed the Poland-Portugal match in the group stage, and watched the left half in a Denmark-Spain match where the Danes played the whole second half with a high-line; he didn't make a single mistake when he raised his flag.
When the organisers informed him that he would be directing a quarterfinal - no Tunisian judge had ever come this far - Ali called home from the hotel, with reverse charge, told it to his father and both cried.
That night he slept through hot flashes and had two dreams of ridicule. In the first dream he twisted his ankle and had to be replaced by the fourth referee; in the dream, the fourth referee was his mother. In the second dream a fan jumped onto the field, pulled down his pants and he was left with his genitals hanging out in front of the world's televisions.
From each dream he woke up with his heart beating. But he never dreamed, during the eve, of validating a goal scored with a hand. He did not dream that, in Tunisian street slang, his name would become an humorous metaphor for blindness. That's why he's now refereeing the second half of that match with a desire to see it end soon.
Now the Argentinian player touches the ball with his left foot and moves it half a metre out of the shadows. The heat is over 30 degrees and that spider-shaped shade is the only one in many meters around.
Around the field, one hundred and fifteen thousand people follow the player's movements but only two, those closest to the scene, can prevent his advance.
Their names are Peter: Raid one, Beardsley the other. Both were born in the north of England, one in the riverbed and the other at the mouth of the River Tyne; they both had, a few years earlier, a son whom they named Peter; they both divorced their first wife before travelling to Mexico; and they are both convinced, at the thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-one seconds, that it will be easy to take the ball away from the Argentinian player because he received it with his weak foot and there are two of them: one at his front and the other at his back.
They don't know that, a decade later, Peter Raid Jr. and Peter Beardsley Jr. will be friends, they will be fifteen and sixteen years old and they will be dancing at a London rave.
A Scotsman named O'Connor - who will later become a screenwriter for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen - will recognize them and, in the middle of the dance, will dodge them with a feint and a dribble. He will do it once, twice, three times, imitating the dance move that now, ten years before, the Argentine player practices on his parents.
Raid Jr. and Beardsley Jr. will not get the joke, so other rave participants will join O'Connor's mockery and a loop of dancers will form, in the form of a human train, dodging the boys in two stages. Peter Raid Jr. will be the first to understand the taunt, and will tell his friend, "It's because of our parents' video, the one from Mexico 86".
Peter Beardsley Jr. will make a gesture of humiliation and the two friends will escape from the party, chased by dozens of boys who will shout, in chorus, the name of the player who ten years ago, right now, is running away from his parents with a move of his waist.
Soon Raid Sr. and Beardsley Sr. will stop chasing the player: it will be the job of other teammates to try to stop him. They now remain frozen in the middle of a tape that time turns, in slow motion, from VHS to Youtube.
Now their children are five and six years old and will not remember seeing the player's dribble directly, but in their early teens they will see it a thousand times on video and will no longer have any respect for their parents.
Peter Raid and Peter Beardsley, still in midfield, don't know what exactly has happened in their lives to make it all fall apart.
Quickly and with short steps, the Argentinian player moves the scene to the opposite side of the pitch. He has only touched the ball three times in his own field: once to receive it and outwit the first Peter, the second to step on it gently and outflank the second Peter, and a third to push the ball away towards the dividing line.
When the ball crosses the chalk line, the player has covered ten of the fifty-two meters he will walk and has taken eleven of the forty-four steps he will have to take.
At thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-three seconds of midday shouts of astonishment come down from the stands and the asses of the radio announcers come off the seats in the transmission cabins: the free space that the player has just found on the right side, after the double dribble and his stride, makes everybody understand the danger.
Everybody except Kenny Sansom, who appears behind the two Peter's and chases the player with a parsimony that seems to be from another sport. Sansom accompanies the Argentinian player without despair, as if he was taking a young son for his first bike ride.
"You looked like if you were playing in training, for fucks sake," manager Bobby Robson tells him two hours later in the dressing room. "That wasn't you," his half-brother Allan will tell him a year later, both drunk, in a pub in Dublin.
Kenny Sansom will rewind the video a thousand times in the future. He'll see his lazy step, almost a trot, as the player slips away.
He will start, in November of that year, to have problems with gambling and alcohol. In the tabloids he will be nicknamed "White" Sansom because of his fondness for white wine.
His only friend from the golden age will be Terry Butcher, perhaps because both will share the same traumatic experience.
Butcher is the one who now, when the radio reporters and spectators in the stands are still standing, throws a failed tackle at the player advancing on his sideline. Butcher will chase the player madly and throw a second kick, this time with a murderous intent, in the apex of the small box.
Terry Butcher will also never overcome the ghost of those ten seconds at the Mexican midday. "He only dribbled the rest of my teammates once, but he dribbled me twice, the little bastard," he will tell the press many years later, with his eyes glazed over.
Kenny Sansom and Terry Butcher will never return to Mexico, not even to the tourist beaches far from Mexico City. In the future, without children or stable partners, they will have as a hobby (at almost sixty years old each) to get together to drink whisky on Thursday nights and invent new insults against the Argentinian player who now, unmarked, enters the big box with the ball stuck to his feet.
Before the start of the play, a man gives a bad pass. With that mistake, the story begins. He could have played backwards or to his right, but he decides to send the ball to the player who is less free. That man is called Hector Enrique and he stays motionless after the pass, with his hands on his waist. After that game he will never be able to separate from the player, as if an invisible string from that vertical pass was transformed, over time, into a magnetic field.
Enrique doesn't know it yet, but he will take part in a World Cup again, 24 years later and on African soil. He will be part of the coaching staff of a manager who, fatter and older, will have the same face as the young man who now runs in a zigzag. And he will end his career even further, in the United Arab Emirates, back on the right side of the player who, two seconds ago, was given a pass to the wrong foot.
For many nights in the future, in a strange country where women have to sit in the back seat of cars, Enrique will wonder what would have happened if, instead of that bad delivery, he had given the ball to Jorge Burruchaga, his second choice.
Burruchaga is the one who now runs parallel to the player through the midfield. It's the thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-four seconds and he's convinced that the player will give him the pass before entering the box, that he's just taking the defenders away to leave him alone in front of the three posts.
Burruchaga runs and looks at the player; with a body gesture he tells him "I'm free in the middle" and while he waits for the pass in vain he doesn't know that one day, some years later, he will accept a bribe in the French league and will be punished by the International Federation. Another misplaced delivery. But he, frozen in the present, still runs and waits for the pass that never comes.
Days later he will score the decisive goal of the final, but the world will only have eyes and memory for another goal. Year after year, tribute after tribute, his will not be the one most admired.
One night, Burruchaga will call to Saudi Arabia to talk with his friend Hector Enrique, and he will lament, a little jokingly, a little seriously, that goal scored by someone else that overshadowed the decisive goal of the final. Then Enrique will see a sandstorm out the window and, without intending to, will make him smile. "That goal wasn't so great," he'll say, "I gave him the pass, if he didn't scored it, it was to kill him".
Inside the pitch the wind is blowing at 12 kilometers per hour. If it had been blowing at 60 kilometers per hour, as it did in Mexico City six days later, the play might have not ended well.
The advance seems fast by an optical illusion, but the player regulates the rhythm, slows down and deceives. There is a secret geometry to the precision of that zigzag, a rigour that would have been broken by a change in the wind or the reflection of a wristwatch from the stands.
Terry Fenwick thinks about the variables of randomness as he showers crestfallen after defeat. Especially in one, the least far-fetched.
Before the game, Fenwick advised his manager Bobby Robson that it would be best to give the opposing player a man-to-man marking. Bobby responded that the marking would be zonal, as in previous games.
What would have happened if Robson had listened to him? asks himself Terry Fenwick, naked in the solitude of the dressing room, with water hitting his temples.
Right now, at thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-six seconds of midday, he sees the player arrive with the ball dominated; he thinks he's going to pass it into the centre of the box. Fenwick thinks the same as Burruchaga, he leans his whole body on his right leg to avoid the pass and leaves the left flank unlocked. The player, with a small jump, enters then through the free space, steps on the box and finds the three posts.
"Fuck", Terry Fenwick told the press in 1989, "he ruined my career in four seconds". Two years after the outburst, in 1991, Fenwick will spend four months in prison for drunk driving. He will say, by the middle of the next decade, that he would not shake hands with the Argentinian player if he saw him again.
At the same period, one of his daughters will turn eighteen. During the party, Terry Fenwick will find her kissing an Argentinian on a beach in Trinidad. He will recognize the boy's identity because of a blue and white jersey with the number ten on the back. Fenwick does not know it yet, but in his old age he will be coaching an unknown team called "San Juan Jabloteh" in Trinidad and Tobago, a country that played only one World Cup, but has beaches.
Fenwick will get drunk every day on the sand of those beaches. On the afternoon of his daughter's meeting with the Argentinian, he'll want to get close to the boy and beat him. The Argentinian will make a gesture to go out to the left and then escape to the right. Fenwick, again, will eat the feint.
Eight steps, out of forty-four, will give the player inside the box, and they will be enough to understand that the scenario is not auspicious.
There is one opponent breathing at his neck on his right, Terry Butcher; another on his left, Glenn Hoddle, prevents him from giving the ball to Burruchaga; Fenwick has recovered from the feint and now covers the possible pass backwards, and at the front, goalkeeper Peter Shilton closes into him from the near post.
The north, south and east are closed to any manoeuvres. It is now thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-seven seconds. Three more hours in Buenos Aires. Six more hours in London.
In any city in the world, at any time of the day or night, trying to get a shot on goal in the middle of that mess of legs is impossible, and the one who knows it best is Jorge Valdano, who arrives alone, very alone, on the left.
No one notices Valdano's existence, neither now in the box nor during primary school, in Santa Fe's town of Las Parejas.
Jorge Valdano sat reading novels by Emilio Salgari while his classmates played football during breaks, swirling around behind the ball. Football seemed like a basic game to him at the age of nine, but something happened to him at eleven: he understood the rules and knew, without surprise, that the other kids didn't practice it with intelligence.
He began to play with them and, while the rest chased the ball without strategy, he moved around the sidelines looking for the geometry of the sport.
And he was good. He played for two clubs in the town and was soon called from Rosario to play for Newell's youth teams; he made his debut in the Argentinian first division before he was eighteen. At twenty he was a world-youth champion in Toulon. At twenty-two he had already played for the senior national team.
But in those dizzying years he never loved the sport above all. If he was given a choice between a game among friends or a good novel, he always chose the book.
Until that moment in his thirties, Valdano was not sure he had chosen his true vocation. That's why now, as he waits for the pass, he finally feels that this could be his destiny, that perhaps he has come into the world to touch that ball and place it in the net.
He knows that the player's only option is to pass to the left. He has no other choice. As he steps into the box he thinks: "If he doesn't give it to me, I'll leave everything and become a writer."
But the player enters the box without looking at him. Neither Butcher, Fenwick, Hoddle nor Shilton are aware of him. Not even the cameraman, who follows the play with zoom, can pick him out in time. In the video, Valdano is a ghost who only shows his full body when the ball is in the apex of the small box. Jorge Valdano does not know it yet, but at the end of that tournament he will start writing short stories.
There is no greater enemy for an striker than the goalkeeper. The rest of the rivals can use the sneaky tackle or the knees for the thigh blow. It doesn't matter, they are legal weapons in a man's sport and the attacked can return the action on the next play.
But the goalkeeper, the guardian, the goalie, the keeper (like Lucifer's, their names are endless) can touch the ball with his hands.
The goalkeeper is an anomaly, an exception capable of undoing with his hands the best acrobatics that other men do with their feet. And until that day no outfield player had ever managed to repay that affront at a World Cup.
So now, when the player steps into the box and looks into the eyes of goalkeeper Peter Shilton (grey shirt, white gloves) he understands the hate in the Englishman's eyes.
Half an hour earlier, the Argentinian had avenged every attacker in the history of football: he had scored a goal with his hand. The strikers's palm had arrived before the goalkeeper's fist. In the rules of football this action is forbidden, but in the rules of another game, more inhumane than football, justice had been done.
That is why, at this crucial moment in history, at thirteen hours, twelve minutes and twenty-nine seconds, Peter Shilton knows he can get revenge. He knows full well that it is in his hands to disrupt the greatest goal of all times. He needs to do it, moreover, to return to his country as a hero.
Shilton was born in Leicester, 36 years before that Mexican midday. Already a living legend, he didn't need to make it to his first and last World Cup to prove it.
He doesn't know it yet, but he'll be playing professionally until he's forty-eight. In the future, he will play the leading role in many unforgettable saves which, added to those of the past, will make him the greatest English goalkeeper.
However (and he doesn't know this either) in the future there will be an encyclopedia, more famous than the Britannica, that will say about him: "Shilton, Peter: English goalkeeper who received, on the same day, the goals known as 'the hand of God' and 'of the century'.
That will be his karma and it's better that he doesn't know it, because he's still looking into the eyes of the approaching Argentinian player and he's covering his left post like his teachers taught him. He believes Terry Butcher can make it in time with the final tackle. "Maybe this will end in a corner," he thinks. "Maybe I can reach the ball with my fingertips."
Nor does he know that two years later a video game with his name will be released in Great Britain, entitled "Peter Shilton's Handball", or that his children will play it, in secret, during the 1992 holiday season.
It is better that he does not know the future now, because he must decide, right now, what the next move of the player will be. And he decides: Shilton plays to the left, throws himself to the ground and waits for the left-footed shot across. The Argentinian, who does know the future, chooses to play to the right.
Before touching the ball with his left foot for the last time, at the thirteen hours, twelve minutes and thirty seconds of the Mexican midday, the Argentinian player sees that he has left Peter Shilton behind; sees that Jorge Valdano is dragging Terry Fenwick; sees that Peter Raid, Peter Beardsley and Glenn Hoddle have been left on the road; sees Terry Butcher who throws himself at his feet with his boots spiked; sees Jorge Burruchaga who slows down his career with resignation; sees Hector Enrique, still stuck in the middle of the field, who makes a fist with his right hand; He sees his manager jumping off the bench as if he'd been sent off by a rocket and the other manager, the rival, looking down so as not to see the end of his advance; he sees a redheaded man with a smoking pipe on the first row of the stands; He sees the line of chalk on the opponent's goal and remembers the face of the worker who, during half-time, went over it with a roller; he clearly sees his brother the Turk who, aged seven, throws in his face a mistake he made at Wembley in a similar move; he sees his brother's lips full of caramel when he says:
"Next time, don't shoot it across, you little fool, you'd better do feint to the goalie and go right."
He sees his brother's face with the light of the kitchen where the scene took place, he sees the mischief with which he was looking at him; he sees, behind the goal, a sign that says Seiko in white letters on a blue background; he sees the green painted nails of his first girlfriend, the day he met her, and he sees that same girl, now a woman, breastfeeding a child; he sees a deflated ball and he sees himself, at the age of nine, trying to dominate it; he sees his mother and father dragging, with effort, a huge kerosene can along a dirt road where it has rained; he sees a box in a locker room in La Paternal, which bears his name and surname in bright letters, he sees his adolescent pride when he first reads his name and surname at his locker; he sees a stadium, its wooden boards, and he also sees that one day the whole stadium, and not just the locker, will bear his name.
The Argentinian player has controlled the air in his lungs for nine seconds, and now he is about to release all the air in one breath.
Unlike all the opponents and teammates he has left behind, he can breathe with his left leg, and can also sense the future as he moves forward with the ball at his feet.
He sees, ahead of time, that Shilton will throw himself to the right; he sees Terry Butcher's murderous intention behind him, he sees himself, many years later, with a grandson in his arms, visiting the entrance of the Azteca Stadium where a bronze statue with no name stands: just a young player with a proud chest, a ball at his feet and a date engraved on the base: June 22, 1986; he sees a rave in London where two fifteen-year-old boys escape from a mocking crowd; he sees a shady apartment where there is only one table, two friends and a mirror on the table; he sees a girl on a tropical beach who lets herself be kissed by a boy wearing an Argentina shirt; He sees a swarm of journalists and photographers outside every airport, every terminal, every stadium and every shopping mall in the world; he sees a boy playing a video game in the city of Leicester while his brother watches through the window to make sure his father doesn't show up; he sees the body of an old man who died in Switzerland eight days before that midday, a man who also saw all the things in the world in a single moment.
He sees Fiorito at day; he sees Napoli at afternoon; he sees Barcelona at night.
He sees Boca's stadium about to burst and he's in the middle of the pitch but he doesn't have a ball on his feet but a microphone in his hand; he sees an old man at Carthage's airport, waiting for his son on the last flight from Mexico, to hug and comfort him; he sees a swollen ankle; he sees a Red Cross nurse, chubby and smiling; he sees all the goals he's scored and the ones he'll score; he sees all the goals he's shouted and the ones he'll shout; he sees himself, at fifty-three years old, watching from a balcony the world's final at the Maracaná; he sees the day when he will see his mother for the last time; he sees the night when he will see his father for the last time; he sees all his children's children grow up; he sees the pains of a woman who is about to give birth to a left-footed child in Rosario, one year and two days later than that Mexican midday; he sees a minimal, impossible, unreachable space between the right post and Terry Butcher's boot.
He closes his eyes. He lets himself fall forward, with his body bowed, and the whole world becomes silent.
The player knows that he has taken forty-four steps and twelve touches, all with his left foot. He knows the move will take ten seconds and six decimals. Then he thinks it is time to explain to everyone who he is, who he has been and who he will be until the end of time.

10,6 seconds by Hernan Casciari in "Messi is a dog & other football stories" (2016).

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2020.06.02 19:26 theniath $PYLNT Pylon Network - updated summary with recent news 🔥

You may have seen the previous post on PYLNT, courtesy of
I'm now updating it because things are starting to move nicely - the long-awaited tokenomics document was released yesterday, and there's a team AMA on Thursday or Friday (it's up for community vote).
Here is an updated version of Jigsaaw33's post, followed by a summary of the tokenomics update.
Pylon Network (PYLNT) has max supply of 633858 only and sitting at a low marketcap of 770k approx. The marketcap swings around with buys and sells, as liquidity is fairly poor. Crucially, 86% of PYLNT is circulating - the remainder is held by the team, who make revenue so have not been selling.
They recently got listed on idex and the tokenomics info was just released. What we are about to witness is outcome of hard work of 4-5 years. First lets understand what the project is all about. PYLNT is a blockchain for energy sector and helps world save energy and consumers their energy bills. Apart from this they are also working on P2P energy trading marketplace, where companies can trade their energy credits (research about Copenhagen summit for this usecase). So they have built a tech, which when implemented , automatically helps companies and people save on energy. In simple language, The tech automatically handles the diversion of surplus energy, provides realtime data and improves efficiency.
It's a highly technical project that boast of several accolades from Individuals and governments. For example, Their Chairman won Engineer of the year award in 2017 , apart from that some of the other positives include but not limited to
The list above is very small, and a lot more has been done.
Pylon Network was featured and hugely refrenced in research articles published by scientists/professors from Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, Heriot-Watt University, dinburgh, UK, Department of Anthropology, Durham University, Durham, UK, Siemens Energy Management, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, UK, School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK Highest Award winning team in Crypto.
Project widely in use and being appreciated by reputed science Orgs.
Now why a moonshot?
Firstly they have started getting regular work contracts in EU region, hence it has now become a revenue generating project and token holders will earn a percentage of revenue share.
Low supply, low marketcap and team has confirmed a lots of marketing coming soon.
The cofounder recently mentioned "More exiting things are coming. Thanks for your support 💪"

Once mainnet launches there will actually be two tokens, as follows: PYLNT represents part ownership of the company and is necessary for the security and decentralisation of the blockchain. The sister coin PYLNC will be the utility token representing the value of user energy data stored on the blockchain. You will be able to stake PYLNT to receive dividends in PYLNC and also a share in profits from the company (unconfirmed whether this will be in crypto or fiat). Every company or individual will have to buy and stake PYLNT to run federated nodes, so in theory a lot of demand should be coming. When the ecosystem is live there are multiple value added services interacting with Pylon blockchain, and all of them will need to pay the txn fee in PYLNC. So the option for Digital Energy Service providers will be either to hold PYLNT so that they receive PYLNC rewards which they can then use for their operations, or buy PYLNC from the open market. So they will create demand for one token or the other from the open market. And given that PYLNT holders can stake to receive free PYLNC, they will benefit in either case. So in theory token holders should benefit fairly significantly from the success of the business...

Here's a brief summary of the tokenomics update, hot off the presses yesterday:
What has changed? - After PYLNC mainnet launch, masternodes and PYLNT holders will receive reward in PYLNC. - A masternode requires 3500 PYLNT to be locked. - At mainnet launch, the pre-mine of PYLNC is distributed to masternodes (80%) and to PYLNT holders (20%). - Newly mined PYLNC (block reward) is distributed to masternodes and PYLNT holders at the same ratio. - The block reward increases from year to year. - PYLNC rewards can be sold on exchanges, where the team will provide liquidity through buyback of PYLNC with service fees paid by customers. - Team commits to not selling their PYLNC rewards until full ecosystem is in place.
What is the value of PYLNC? - PYLNC has a total supply of 100mm and will be mined over 16 years. - PYLNC is the ecosystem currency to be paid in fees to access energy data on the PYLNT blockchain. - PYLNC fee is determined by value of energy consumption data. - Customer need to buy PYLNC on exchanges for this purpose. - Customers also have to pay an annual service fee, which is used to buy back PYLNC on exchanges to be burned after, which increases the demand. - The more customers are onboarded, the higher the PYLNC demand.

Shout with any questions, but this seems a legit choice to me. It'll only go up from here, the chances of issues seems low given the legitimacy of the team and project. DYOR and ask any questions. Cheers!
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2020.05.31 20:25 jcollywobble Which part of the UK produces the best footballers? (Experiment) (Part 4)

Here we are again, with my penultimate post relating to this experiment. I will reveal the final five teams below and will also introduce a prediction game in which you can to predict how the season will pan out once I simulate on FM. If you’re new to this and how it will work, have a look at the previous three posts below.
Part 1 – Explains how the experiment will work and reveals the first five teams.
Part 2 – Reveal of Teams 5-10 and maps of the split of the regions.
Part 3 – Reveal of Teams 10-15.
As someone quite rightly pointed out in the previous post, Chris Wilder should have been made manager of the South Yorkshire & Humber team rather than Neil Warnock (I originally wrongly had Wilder down as the manager of the North & West Yorkshire team), so that’s been changed for the experiment going forward.
Moving on to the teams, featuring the remainder of the English Counties and the Scottish and Northern Irish contingent, we have some interesting names including a certain Borussia Dortmund striker, the most successful British football manager of all time and a handful of Champions League winners.
Team 16 – North & West Yorks’ -North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire – Population: 3,434,422 Media Prediction: 10th - Title Odds: 40-1
Manager – Steve McClaren (York, Unemployed)
Likely Starting XI
The region of Yorkshire would have finished 12th in the 2012 Olympics medal table if considered an independent country, the impressive production of line of sportsmen also includes some decent footballers as shown by the quality included within the South Yorkshire team. The North & West Yorkshire team doesn’t quite have the same level of ability however does boast some exciting names.
Steve McClaren, nicknamed ‘the wally with the brolly’ as part of his unsuccessful spell as England manager failing to qualify for Euro 2008, will manage the North & West Yorks’ side. McClaren has managed in Germany, Holland and England since then and guided FC Twente to their first ever Eredivisie title in 2009. Since then, he has rather unsuccessful spells at the likes of Newcastle, QPR and Wolfsburg.
The standout name within this team is the Norwegian wonderkid Erling Braut Haaland, who surprisingly was born in Leeds when his Dad Alfe-Inge was playing for Leeds in the late nineties. Haaland has been an absolute revelation in the past year and has scored for fun, even since joining Dortmund he has in averaging almost a goal a game. Haaland will be part of an exciting young attacking trio alongside Mason Greenwood and Oli McBurnie which will certainly be full of raw talent and ability with an enormous amount of potential.
Amongst the rest of the team, James Milner is the most experienced player by a long way, Milner seems to get better with age and will probably put in a decent shift in any position with McClaren chooses to deploy him. Fabian Delph and Leeds’ Kalvin Phillips will form a tireless midfield duo and are both arguably premier league standard players who will make a big impact in the team. Bournemouth’s Lewis Cook who has been once capped for England will also throw his name in the hat to be a part of McClaren’s starting midfield.
In defence, Norwich’s Ben Godfrey looks to be the standout player (apart from Milner) and will probably partner either Andre Wisdom or Connor Goldson at the back depending what system McClaren adopts. The number one shirt will go to Cardiff’s Alex Smithies, who has featured 21 times for Cardiff in the championship in the year so far and will offer a reliable choice in net, although probably won’t do anything spectacular.
Haalands goals alongside Miners experience could prove vital to McClaren’s men having a good season as there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of quality to warrant a better finish than the currently predicted 10th place
Team 17 – North-East & Borders - County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, East Midlothian, Edinburgh City, Midlothian, Scottish Borders - Population: 3,127,298 Media Prediction: 11th - Title Odds: 45-1
Manager – Gordon Strachan (Edinburgh, Unemployed)
Likely Starting XI
The North-East of England is a football mad region which has produced amazing players in the past, including the likes of Chris Waddle, Gazza, Peter Beardsley, Michael Carrick and of course the legendary Alan Shearer. In terms of the Scottish contingent of the squad, Edinburgh is less known for producing football players compared to the other big Scottish city Glasgow, however the manager, Edinburgh-born Gordon Strachan will be representing the Scots.
Out of the 25 players, only 3 Scottish born players make the squad, all of whom will probably be fringe players. The squad unfortunately doesn’t match the level of ability of its predecessors from the region. Sunderland academy products Jordan Pickford and Jordan Henderson, who lifted the champions league trophy last year, are the two stand out players from this region. Pickford has been England’s first choice goalkeeper for the past few years and is one of the better keepers in this league.
Alongside Henderson in the midfield will be one of the Longstaff brothers who have both came through the Newcastle academy. Sean had his breakthrough season last season whilst brother Matty has emerged within the current season. Both brothers are a similar type of player with younger brother, Matty has a bit more energy and probably offers a more balanced option alongside Henderson.
Another Borussia Dortmund youngster who was born in the UK, Giovanni Reyna, features in the attacking midfield. Gio was born in Sunderland of all places, when his Dad Claudio was playing in the North-East. Reyna is predicted to start in the number ten role behind either Leigh Griffiths or 9 time England capped and £35m man (at one point) Andy Carroll. Carroll has largely had a career of injuries and under-performances since his big money move to Liverpool but will always be a handful for defenders.
In defence, the squad features some decent premier league players, including the likes of Ben Gibson, Chris Basham, Dan Burn and Welsh international Paul Dummett. Unfortunately, the strength in defence is largely in the central positions with the full back positions looking a lot weaker by comparison.
Overall a decent team that should be in and around the mid table positions come the end of the season. Pickford and the defence should hope to keep the clean sheets to take the pressure off the attacking part of the team.
Team 18 – N.I & SW Scotland - Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Dumfries and Galloway, East Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, North Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire- Population: 3,082,203 Media Prediction: 13th - Title Odds: 150-1
Manager – Brendan Rodgers (Carnlough, Leicester City)
Likely Starting XI
The team featuring Northern Ireland and my place of birth, I’ll be backing Rodgers’ men for when I come to simulate the season. I’ve also included Isle of Man (who technically aren’t in the UK, but I’ve thrown them in for the inclusion of a particular player. As mentioned, Brendan Rodgers will take charge of this team which could’ve had either Martin or Michael O’Neill at the helm and he will be hoping to take this team higher than their predicted finish of 13th. The squad has a wealth of international experience featuring 743 international caps between them from players representing Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.
The squad’s composition is made up of 14 Northern Irishmen, 10 Scots and the one player born in the Isle of Man, Kieran Tierney who plays his international football for Scotland. Tierney is probably the key player in the squad and there may have a been a bit of bias about his inclusion to boost the chances of this team. Nonetheless he is part of a decent defence which includes 3 time premier league winner and 80-time Northern Ireland capped Jonny Evans. Amongst the rest of defence, there is Watford’s Craig Cathcart, Brighton’s Shane Duffy and Grant Hanley.
The midfield and attack are underwhelming and features only one player currently playing in the premier league. However, James Forrest offers a threat from the right wing and will be hoping to use his pace and trickery to full effect. On the other flank will probably be James McClean who no doubt would turn his nose up at representing this region if called upon in reality.
Leading the line will be either of the ageing duo of Steven Naismith or Kyle Lafferty who would offer a more direct option for Rodgers’ men. Finally, in goal, Craig Gordon should provide a decent option and has played in the premier league in the past.
Despite my allegainces to this team, I’m not too hopeful considering the squad above, but fingers crossed Brendan can work his magic and a top ten finish would be a success!
Team 19 – Northern Scotland - Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Argyll and Bute, Clackmannanshire, Dundee City, East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow City, Highlands, North Lanarkshire, Orkney Islands, Perth and Kinross, Shetland Islands, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire, West Lothian - Population: 3,405,207 Media Prediction: 7th - Title Odds: 25-1
Manager – Alex Ferguson (Glasgow, Man United (Technical Director))
Likely Starting XI
Yes, that’s right, the most successful football manager of all time is coming out of retirement to participate in this experiment. I had some doubts over the inclusion of Fergie as he’s not technically still in management, nonetheless I thought I’d throw him in as he is still classed as being able to manage on FM and it could add another mini-experiment in the context of this to see how Fergie would do coming back to management with this type of squad at 78 years of age.
The remaining counties of Scotland represent this team and, like the previous squad, has plenty of international of experience. Champions League winner and probably the best left back in the league, Andy Robertson, is the key player in this team and adds some quality to the defence which doesn’t appear to be anything special outside Robertson with the remaining defenders largely being at mid table SPL clubs.
The midfield of this team is certainly the strength, FM predicts Celtic duo Callum McGregor and Scott Brown to sit in a pivot in front of the defence. Both players provide a balanced midfield and have experience playing in Celtic’s dominant spell in Scottish football. James McCarthy will also make a decent option if the managers decides to play with a three in midfield. In front of those two, will be an attacking trio of premier league players Ryan Fraser, Robert Snodgrass and Stefan Armstrong. Fraser, in particular, will be a threat with his direct running and ability to beat his man on the wing.
The striker position, however, appears to be lacking quality. FM is predicting Dundee United man, Lawrence Shankland, to start upfront although Ferguson also has the option of Ross McCormack who has previously been prolific in the championship for both Leeds and Fulham.
It will be interesting to see what effect the manager has on this team, theoretically the team should overperform with an excellent manager and that’s perhaps why they are predicted to finish 7th.
Team 20 – Western England - Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire - Population: 3,237,053 Media Prediction: 15th - Title Odds: 250-1
Manager – Adrian Heath (Newcastle-under-Lyme, Minnesota United)
Likely Starting XI
And, the final team in the experiment as you may have noticed is a strange combination of counties. This region was put together as the result of my mistake of having to construct a region made up of the qualifying population after incorrectly dividing the UK into 19 teams and having to pull a group of counties together from the other regions I’d already selected.
Managing this team will be former Everton and Burnley footballer Adrian Heath. Heath has managed in the USA since 2008 after brief spells at Burnley and Sheffield United in the late nineties. An unfamiliar name to most in terms of management, it remains to be seen what impact he will have.
Onto the players. At first glance the teams appear to be made up of a group of washed up premier league players with a sprinkle of young talent. Typifying this is the goalkeeping position, Joe Hart and Tom Heaton, will compete for the number one jersey alongside young Bournemouth keeper Aaron Ramsdale. It seems like most of the other regions would be begging for any one of these three considering the lack of ability in this position at most of the other teams.
In defence, the trend continues with the likes of Stoke duo James Chester and Ryan Shawcross who are alongside Jack Robinson and Curtis Nelson in the centre back position. The squad has a decent amount of ability in the midfield, which includes Jesse Lingard who more well known for his off the field social media antics than his ability on the pitch. Bournemouth’s David Brooks will probably play behind the striker whilst another of Leicester’s title winners, Marc Albrighton, will play on the left.
An ageing Steven Fletcher will probably play upfront with competition from Millwall’s Tom Bradshaw and Preston’s Louis Moult who don’t appear to be having great seasons to date.
15th is probably about right for this squad although the relative inexperience of Adrian Heath could have an impact on how the season goes.
I hope you’ve all enjoyed the reveal of the teams in the last four posts and my write-ups which have taken a fair bit of time. In the next post, I’ll be showing the results of the experiment which will be simulated in Football Manager 2020 and also the results of the prediction game. I thought it would be fun to predict what will happen in the simulation, so if you want to participate add a comment with your predictions for the following (I’ve added my guesses in too). The previous posts are linked at the top of this page if you want a refresher on who’s playing for who. The awards will be decided by FM as a result of the individual players performance over the course of the season and I will also be adding a cup competition which will probably be knockout-based to run alongside the league.
Top four (1 pt for Top four, 2 pt for correct position)
Bottom three (1 pt for bottom three, 2pt for correct position)
Cup Winner -
Player Awards:
Top goalscorer -
Most Assists
Most Clean sheets
Player of the Year
Manager of the Year
Young player of the Year -
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2020.04.24 05:28 Jigsaaw33 Potential Moon shot 100x $PYLNT Pylon Network 🔥

Pylon Network (PYLNT) has max supply of 633858 only and sitting at a ridiculously low marketcap of 250k approx. They recently got listed on idex and are about to release updated tokenomics and Mainnet next week. What we are about to witness is outcome of hardwork of 4-5 years. First lets understand what the project is all about. PYLNT is a blockchain for energy sector and helps world save energy and consumers their energy bills. Apart from this they are also working on P2P energy trading marketplace, where companies can trade their energy credits (research about Copenhagen summit for this usecase). So they have built a tech, which when implemented , automatically helps companies and people save on energy. In simple language, The tech automatically handles the diversion of surplus energy, provides realtime data and improves efficiency.
It's a highly technical project that boast of several accolades from Individuals and governments. For example, Their Chairman won Engineer of the year award in 2017 , apart from that some of the other positives include but not limited to - Working partnership with Basque Country’s energy cooperative, GoiEner - Partnership with Denmark based GreenHydrogen - Received the prize from Spain Tech Center, being selected unanimously as the most innovative from all finalist startups, to represent Spain in Silicon Valley - Launched decentralized renewable energy exchange pilot in partnership with Ecooo. - Partnership with the community of Freetown Christiania, Denmark. - The Merchants Association of the San Fernando Market, partner-consumer of the energy cooperative La corriente, joins the Pylon Network pilot test and successfully completes the installation of what is now, the first “Metron” in Madrid, Spain. - Partnered with eGEO for the development of a certified energy meter - Spanish company Mirubee integrates Blockchain technology and Pylon Network open source software in its energy meters. - The only Spanish company invited by the Danish Government to improve public services. - Last October, Pylon Network was selected as winners of World Summit Awards (WSA) in the Green Energy & Environment category. - Working partnership with Energisme - Awarded by WAS (A UN Subsidary) and much more
The list above is very small, and a lot more has been done.
Pylon Network was featured and hugely refrenced in research articles published by scientists/professors from Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, Heriot-Watt University, dinburgh, UK, Department of Anthropology, Durham University, Durham, UK, Siemens Energy Management, Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, UK, School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK Highest Award winning team in Crypto.
Project widely in use and being appreciated by reputed science Orgs.
Now why a moonshot?
Firstly they have started getting regular work contracts in EU region, hence it has now become a revenue generating project and Token holders earn a percentage of revenue share.
Low supply, low marketcap and team has confirmed a lots of marketing coming once the tokenomics and mainnet details are out next week.
Today's post from cofounder, when asked about the update:
"Hi guys, Be patient, we are working hard on it, we will let u know with a announcement next week once everything is ready. And more exiting things are coming. Thanks for your support 💪"
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2020.03.02 00:24 removalbot 03-01 23:24 - 'It's time to stop the threat of Coronavirus, with the world working together.' (self.unitedkingdom) by /u/themcnoisy removed from /r/unitedkingdom within 19-29min

As has been reported time and time again, corona virus is too potent and deadly for life to carry on as normal right now. Europe is on the verge of the worst pandamic seen for a hundred years.
The NHS will crumble, NHS staff will be at massive risk, the elderly and infirm will fall by the wayside. The chance for containment has almost passed. We shouldn't be waiting for disaster to strike, in Europe our lives are too entwined and corona virus will spread like gangnam style did 8 years ago.
Our politicians are passive, incompetent and reluctant for a radical approach. We need to close shop now, everywhere needs to close shop for a month. Everywhere!
Buying in bulk should be encouraged immediately and making bread at home and living like a hippy the defacto outcome during weeks 2 and 3. Nationwide public transport should be given warning of closures in the next 3-5 days and main entry points to various counties drawn up and closed.
Plans need to be drawn up for slowing down the spread until the weather heats up. Viruses hate warmth, it slows them down. Unfortunately it's only March. We need more time.
Schools need to close and parents supported to stay off work for a month. Medium distance travel should be actively discouraged. Every region of every county of every country needs to be involved. 30 days is all it takes. A month (just over if you are looking at February).
This needs to happen, and if we get lucky and corona virus fades away, we'll we can all party like its the millennium again. We have entertainment at home and may even finish that level of super Mario World which has evaded us since 1995. We will be happy and well. Watching reruns of Father Ted and sipping on wine out of the back of the cupboard. We may even have sex with our partners, wearing face masks of course.
We can learn the lost art of burying loved ones in the back garden and classic songs like ring a ring a roses will make a comeback, without the actions. Touching will be forbidden, like shopping in Spain.
I digress but corona virus is serious, it's here and coming for you. That's right you. The person reading this will get corona virus unless you make a stand, make a change and demand we close the border to Newcastle upon Tyne. Sporting fixtures need to stop, congregations of 50,000 people are a bit stupid at times of a Pandemic, plus it will stop Liverpool winning the Premier league which is a bonus for almost everyone.
I'm deeply concerned about the insufficient data and the madness of Wuhan and secondary cases in Italy, South Korea and Iran are enough for any sane person to work out. We can stop the spread, we need to stop what we are doing, pause for a month, chill out at home and ride it out sat on the couch.
This isn't the worst solution. The best way to solve the corona virus is to literally do nothing.
It's time to stop the threat of Coronavirus, with the world working together.
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: themcnoisy
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2020.01.07 04:29 Urbain19 Evelyn - The Drone Fighter (Repost Because Old Post Got Deleted)


"Let's end this quickly, before I'm forced to hurt you."

Name: Evelyn Blythe
Age: 54
Height: 170cm (5'8")
Nationality: Scottish
Base: Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Occupation: Engineer, Drone ManufactureDesigner
Affiliation: Ironclad Guild (Formerly), United Nations Peacekeepers

Basic Gameplay Info
Role: Defence
HP: 100 health, 100 armour (200 total)
Movement Speed: 5.5m/s
Jump Height: 3 metres

Evelyn is a middle-aged Caucasian woman with greying blonde hair and blue eyes. Her face is slightly wrinkled. She wears an oil-stained blue coat that goes down to her mid-thighs and torn, dirt jeans. On her feet are boots equipped with rocket thrusters, making them quite bulky. Whenever she uses either her Secondary Fire or Lockdown Drone, she opens her coat and the corresponding drone flies out towards the target ally/area. Above each shoulder floats a Plasma Drone, looking like multiple circular rings of metal revolving around an orange energy core.

Passive Ability - Drone Assistance
Due to her drones providing lift, Evelyn has increased jump height.
Jump Height: 3 metres

Primary Fire - Plasma Drones
Evelyn’s Plasma Drones shoot explosive bolts of energy towards the crosshair.
Type: Linear Projectile
Damage (Direct Hit): 80
Damage (Splash): 70-50
Damage (Self): 30-10
Explosion Radius: 3 metres
Projectile Speed: 60m/s
Rate of Fire: 0.7 seconds
Ammo: 12
Reload Speed: 1.6 seconds

Secondary Fire - Help Link Drone
Evelyn throws a specialised drone towards that grants armour to and, over a short period of time, gives extra ammo to the target ally. Armour given by this ability cannot stack.
Type: Targeted Buff
Targeting Range: 30 metres
Projectile Speed: 45m/s
Casting Time: 0.3 seconds
Armour Granted: 75
Ammo Given: 125% of ally's maximum
Ammo Give Duration: 4 seconds
Cooldown: 6 seconds (begins immediately)

Ability 1 - Mechanical Leap
Assisted by the rockets in her boots, Evelyn leaps forwards and upwards in the direction she’s looking.
Type: Movement
Vertical Range: 15 metres
Horizontal Range: 10 metres
Movement Speed: 20m/s
Cooldown: 9 seconds (begins immediately)

Ability 2 - Lockdown Drone
Evelyn throws out a different type of drone that flies towards the targeted area and unfolds into a floating turret upon reaching its destination. Can be relocated by using the ability while looking at a different location, making it fly to the new targeted area. The turret shoots hitscan bullets at enemies that come in range, with a maximum of 2 targets. Can be hacked, preventing it from shooting and being relocated for 10 seconds. Regenerates its health after not being damaged for a brief period of time.
Type: Deployable
Movement Speed (Placing/Relocating): 30m/s
Damage: 25
Rate of Fire: 0.4 seconds
Range: 30 metres
HP: 200 health, 100 armour (300 total)
HP Regen Rate: 20/s
Regen Delay: 3 seconds
Cooldown (Relocating): 7 seconds
Cooldown (If Destroyed): 14 seconds

Ultimate Ability - Disintegration Beam
"Area lockdown initiated."
Can only be activated if Lockdown Drone is active. After a brief activation time, the Lockdown Drone gains a large amount of armour and attaches a high-damaging beam to every enemy within range. If the turret had taken damage prior to this ability being activated, it gets healed to full before the excess armour is applied. At the end of the ability, any excess armour remaining disappears. The Lockdown Drone is unable to be relocated while this ability is active.
Type: Transformation, Area of Effect
Activation Time: 1.5 seconds
Damage Per Second: 100
Range: 30 metre radius
Ability Duration: 8 seconds
Armour Gained: 500

Evelyn Blythe was born into the family that ran Europe’s largest drone company. From delivery services to military technologies, the Blythe family company was expansive. Due to her family’s business, from a young age, Evelyn was fascinated by everything drone related. In her spare time, she would create machines out of pieces of scrap her parents didn’t need, often forgoing social activities to do so. She was painfully meticulous with her creations, often taking over a year to complete them, and that was just the basic ones. Her more complicated drones sometimes took upwards of 10 years to prototype then upgrade. At the age of 20, she joined the Ironclad Guild to expand her opportunities for drone construction and married the son of her parents’ business partner. For a few years, Evelyn was content with her life, until her husband was drafted into the army to fight the omnics, where he died.
After the omnic crisis ended, the Ironclad Guild was disbanded, but Evelyn continued to create improved models of drones, this time in the heat of war zones, hoping to be of assistance in fights across the world. Her first published design, the carrier drone, was warmly received by military groups for its combative usefulness, being able to carry extra ammunition into difficult areas. Her drone constructions continued for years afterwards, and she eventually opened her own business, but it was soon shut down, with Evelyn being averse to the profit, preferring to help just because she could.
Around the beginning of the second omnic crisis, Evelyn’s next works were released, the lockdown drone and the plasma drone. Many organisations turned on these drones, however, because of their capabilities to cause harm to living beings, although security firms purchased the lockdown drone en masse because of its ability to protect areas from threats and army groups adopted the plasma drone as a low-cost, high-efficiency alternative to other weapons.
Now, Evelyn works with the United Nations Peacekeeper Force to continue researching and manufacturing, while providing assistance in conflicts across the globe with her arsenal of drones.

Evelyn is a supportive defence hero capable of protecting a large area from enemy advancement with her Lockdown Drone. Her primary fire, Plasma Drones, is good for putting pressure on exposed enemies, especially ones clustered in groups. For a defence hero, she has good mobility, both horizontal and vertical, giving her greater sight lines to place her Lockdown Drone and an easy escape. She excels in long, drawn out fights with her Help Link drone, which is useful for allied squishies or heroes with large ammo pools. Her ultimate, Disintegration Beam, is very useful for forcing enemies away from a certain area.

Ability Strategies
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2019.12.18 20:01 FiveAmHymnal Disappearance of Charlene Downes.

Charlene Downes disappeared on 1 November 2003, in Blackpool, United Kingdom. She was fourteen years of age at the time of her disappearance.
She was last seen in an area of the town centre that contained several takeaway and fast-food units. Lancashire Constabulary, the police that “investigated” her disappearance believe that she was murdered within hours of her go missing.
Charlene’s background:
Her father had been a soldier who was allegedly strict with the children and on occasion had physically reprimanded them. The family which included a brother and two sisters had relocated to Blackpool three years prior to her disappearance and she was describe as “well and happy”. She was expelled from school and consequently she was leading a chaotic lifestyle frequenting the area around Blackpool’s central promenade.
Allegations of Abuse:
Charlene was apparently part of the child grooming culture in Blackpool that has been described as an "epidemic" by the detectives leading the initial investigation into her death.
Friends noticed a change in Charlene’s behaviour which is a common sign in children who are victims of abuse. The last person who possibly saw her alive was a woman named Tyne Yates and it was alleged that she was victim of sexual abuse and claims that it wasn’t uncommon for them to perform sex acts on men in return for cigarettes, food, alcohol and drugs.
This has been an issue all across Great Britain and it would not be surprising if Charlene had threatened to inform the police and her groomers murdered Charlene to silence her.
Police files originally leaked to The Times newspaper in 2013 show that two years before she went missing 12-year-old Charlene was seen by a social worker at home taking money from a bed while wearing her nightie, with a man in his sixties buttoning his trousers. However these claims can’t be proven.
There is also a statement from a 40-year-old family friend that he had paid her to perform a sex act on him, a report that a man named Ray Munro who was on bail for sexual offences had stayed with the family at the time she disappeared and apparently a family friend had witnessed Charlene sitting on Munro’s lap which he stated was “not right for a girl of that age” and that at least 16 men with convictions for rape, assault and violence visited the family home. Her father had apparently been ignorant to this. Social service reports there was an incident between Charlene and Munro on the day she disappeared, but the documentary does not go into details.
All this does not mean to say that Charlene wasn’t a victim of the grooming gangs in Blackpool that operated at that time however I am suggesting that the abuse seemed to have started at home which would have made her more susceptible to the grooming gangs, sadly.
Last sighting:
Charlene’s mother, Karen Downes last spoke to her daughter early in the evening of 1 November 2003, in Blackpool town centre.
Karen was in Church Street distributing leaflets for a nearby Indian restaurant when she saw Charlene and one of her other daughters, Rebecca, at around a quarter to seven. They talked very briefly, Rebecca returned home and Charlene said she was going to me some female friend and she called them from a telephone box and then waited with her mother until they arrived.
Karen watched the girls walk off together toward the Winter Gardens. That was the last time she saw her daughter.
The friends spent a little time together, Charlene then met with Tyne Yates at around 9:30 PM and visited the Carousel Bar on the North Pier. There is CCTV of a girl who is believed to be Charlene at 9 pm on the junction of Dickson Road and Talbot Road (a main thoroughfare that leads from North Pier to the town centre) that is believed to be Charlene; she is with an unidentified woman in her 30s with dyed-blonde hair wearing a three-quarter-length coat. According to Charlene's friend, she and Charlene left the Carousel Bar and returned to the town centre at around 10 pm. Her friend last saw her at around 11 pm near Talbot Road/Abingdon Street.
Charlene’s disappearance was not rated as a murder inquiry until 2006, when two men were arrested on suspicion of her murder and a third in connection with her disappearance. The two men accused were twenty-nine year old Kebab-shop owner Iyad Albattikhi who as originally from Jordan and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi, a forty-nine year old Iranian man. Iyad was accused of having sex with Charlene and Mohammed was accused of disposing of her body.
The Blackpool Gazette reported that the jury at the 2007 trial was told that police had bugged Reveshi's home and a people carrier he owned. On the tapes, Albattikhi was heard jovially explaining that Downes' body had been "chopped up" and "gone into the kebabs", while Reveshi was recorded saying, "I just cannot forgive myself." On another recording, Albattikhi was heard asking about how long fingerprints last, to which Reveshi responds reassuringly, saying, "There is nothing left of her. She was here, she died, there really is nothing."
The two men had both previously told police they'd never met Charlene. At the time of his trial, Albattikhi was facing a rape trial, subsequently dropped. The jury were told of ten separate incidents involving Albattikhi and Reveshi and girls aged between 13 and 15.
The jury failed to reach a verdict and in 2008 a retrial was set although the police had strong objections regarding the strength of the covert surveillance evidence they had acquired.
Both men received £250,000 in compensation.
Her disappearance still hasn't been solved after sixteen years.
So what do you believe happened to Charlene? Was her disappearance/murder related to the grooming gang or was it someone who was ‘closer to home’? Why did Karen Downes wait two days to report her fourteen year old daughter missing?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
submitted by FiveAmHymnal to ColdCaseUK [link] [comments]

2019.12.18 19:56 FiveAmHymnal Disappearance of Charlene Downes

Charlene Downes disappeared on 1 November 2003, in Blackpool, United Kingdom. She was fourteen years of age at the time of her disappearance.
She was last seen in an area of the town centre that contained several takeaway and fast-food units. Lancashire Constabulary, the police that “investigated” her disappearance believe that she was murdered within hours of her go missing.
Charlene’s background:
Her father had been a soldier who was allegedly strict with the children and on occasion had physically reprimanded them. The family which included a brother and two sisters had relocated to Blackpool three years prior to her disappearance and she was describe as “well and happy”. She was expelled from school and consequently she was leading a chaotic lifestyle frequenting the area around Blackpool’s central promenade.
Allegations of Abuse:
Charlene was apparently part of the child grooming culture in Blackpool that has been described as an "epidemic" by the detectives leading the initial investigation into her death.
Friends noticed a change in Charlene’s behaviour which is a common sign in children who are victims of abuse. The last person who possibly saw her alive was a woman named Tyne Yates and it was alleged that she was victim of sexual abuse and claims that it wasn’t uncommon for them to perform sex acts on men in return for cigarettes, food, alcohol and drugs.
This has been an issue all across Great Britain and it would not be surprising if Charlene had threatened to inform the police and her groomers murdered Charlene to silence her.
Police files originally leaked to The Times newspaper in 2013 show that two years before she went missing 12-year-old Charlene was seen by a social worker at home taking money from a bed while wearing her nightie, with a man in his sixties buttoning his trousers. However these claims can’t be proven.
There is also a statement from a 40-year-old family friend that he had paid her to perform a sex act on him, a report that a man named Ray Munro who was on bail for sexual offences had stayed with the family at the time she disappeared and apparently a family friend had witnessed Charlene sitting on Munro’s lap which he stated was “not right for a girl of that age” and that at least 16 men with convictions for rape, assault and violence visited the family home. Her father had apparently been ignorant to this. Social service reports there was an incident between Charlene and Munro on the day she disappeared, but the documentary does not go into details.
All this does not mean to say that Charlene wasn’t a victim of the grooming gangs in Blackpool that operated at that time however I am suggesting that the abuse seemed to have started at home which would have made her more susceptible to the grooming gangs, sadly.
Last sighting:
Charlene’s mother, Karen Downes last spoke to her daughter early in the evening of 1 November 2003, in Blackpool town centre.
Karen was in Church Street distributing leaflets for a nearby Indian restaurant when she saw Charlene and one of her other daughters, Rebecca, at around a quarter to seven. They talked very briefly, Rebecca returned home and Charlene said she was going to me some female friend and she called them from a telephone box and then waited with her mother until they arrived.
Karen watched the girls walk off together toward the Winter Gardens. That was the last time she saw her daughter.
The friends spent a little time together, Charlene then met with Tyne Yates at around 9:30 PM and visited the Carousel Bar on the North Pier. There is CCTV of a girl who is believed to be Charlene at 9 pm on the junction of Dickson Road and Talbot Road (a main thoroughfare that leads from North Pier to the town centre) that is believed to be Charlene; she is with an unidentified woman in her 30s with dyed-blonde hair wearing a three-quarter-length coat. According to Charlene's friend, she and Charlene left the Carousel Bar and returned to the town centre at around 10 pm. Her friend last saw her at around 11 pm near Talbot Road/Abingdon Street.
Charlene’s disappearance was not rated as a murder inquiry until 2006, when two men were arrested on suspicion of her murder and a third in connection with her disappearance. The two men accused were twenty-nine year old Kebab-shop owner Iyad Albattikhi who as originally from Jordan and his business partner Mohammed Reveshi, a forty-nine year old Iranian man. Iyad was accused of having sex with Charlene and Mohammed was accused of disposing of her body.
The Blackpool Gazette reported that the jury at the 2007 trial was told that police had bugged Reveshi's home and a people carrier he owned. On the tapes, Albattikhi was heard jovially explaining that Downes' body had been "chopped up" and "gone into the kebabs", while Reveshi was recorded saying, "I just cannot forgive myself." On another recording, Albattikhi was heard asking about how long fingerprints last, to which Reveshi responds reassuringly, saying, "There is nothing left of her. She was here, she died, there really is nothing."
The two men had both previously told police they'd never met Charlene. At the time of his trial, Albattikhi was facing a rape trial, subsequently dropped. The jury were told of ten separate incidents involving Albattikhi and Reveshi and girls aged between 13 and 15.
The jury failed to reach a verdict and in 2008 a retrial was set although the police had strong objections regarding the strength of the covert surveillance evidence they had acquired.
Both men received £250,000 in compensation.
Her disappearance still hasn't been solved after sixteen years.
So what do you believe happened to Charlene? Was her disappearance/murder related to the grooming gang or was it someone who was ‘closer to home’? Why did Karen Downes wait two days to report her fourteen year old daughter missing?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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2019.07.05 16:00 Twistednuke [CLib Conference] Day One - Opening Speech, Scottish First Minister's Speech and Transport Policy.

Given here is an account of the first day of the Classical Liberals 2019 conference. Transcripts are given of all the major events today, as well as the Women's Grouping fringe meeting.


Opening Speech - A plan to govern, ready to serve.

Today the Classical Liberal conference was opened by the Tommy1Boys, Deputy Leader of the Classical Liberals. A transcript of the opening speech is given below

"Good Morning Conference! Thank you so much for your warm welcome today, and it is an honour to open conference on behalf of the leadership. Over the next few days, you are going to get the chance to attend speeches by some of our excellent spokespeople, take part in some, err, interesting fringe events and it’ll be an opportunity for the members of parliament that you play such an instrumental role in getting elected can thank you for your hard work. Every weekend you are pounding the streets, working on the high street and knocking on doors to send the message that where the parties on the left and right to us espouse policies which is not in the best interests of the country, we stand for and are ready to govern in a pragmatic, moderate way fit for modern politics.
But it is not enough simply to oppose what the Government or opposition stand for. We must have a policy agenda to go with it, and that is what this conference is about. This week, we will be rolling out an ambitious policy agenda to help those who feel as if they can only just get by. For those people, they often feel as if successive governments and parliament has abandoned them, and under this Tory led Government, they definitely have been. During this conference, the policies we advertise will do just that.
But this week’s role out of policies is not an isolated event. It builds on a transformative set of motions and legislations we have put forward this term to try and use our position to build a better Britain. As a party, we have put forward a record for our party of 26 pieces of legislation in a single term. These range from a bill to introduce a Carbon Tax to fight against Climate change, a bill to repeal the regressive TV Licence, something which would put £140 back in the pockets of the working and middle class men and women of this country. We’ve legislated to protect our critical infrastructure from countries such as China, and we’ve pushed for our prisons to allow for rehabilitation through provisions for prisoners to take exams. This is the Classical Liberals delivering on our agenda across the board, across portfolios and for men and women across our Union.
There is one particular piece of legislation which I want to announce today, and it is something which is important to me in a personal way. Not many people know this, but I currently play in a brass band. That band is led by a military veteran who served in Afghanistan. He is always proud to regale me with stories, but one thing he has often talked about is the role of interpreters. They helped the army connect with the local population when needed, and he is adamant that without them more lives would have been lost in that war. These people are heroes who served the UK with honour, and it is time we give them the reward and recognition they deserve. As we speak ,we know they are a target of terrorists in the region for helping us. That is why, along with my good friend Vitiating, we have brought forward legislation which will give those who assist us in overseas territories where their lives are put in danger will be offered citizenship of this country. The usual safeguards are in place, but surely for people who have put their lives on the line to fight for this nation, they deserve this?
So this week, you are going to hear from our spokespeople from across the board, you’re gonna see an exciting policy agenda put forward to transform Britain and help those who need it across our country. You’re going to hear from some of our greats, including the now First Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland who led excellent campaigns! Finally, I want to say this directly to the people in this hall. The next election is going to be the most important in our history. We have the opportunity to seize the centre ground and become the dominant liberal party in this country, if we take it. So in the run up to the next general election, get pounding the streets and spread the message far and wide that the Classical Liberals have a compassionate, moderate and pragmatic agenda ready to lead this country."


Scottish First Minister's Speech - A tale from Cumbria to Bute House

Also present at conference was newly elected First Minister of Scotland, and President of the Classical Liberals Holyrood Delegation, Duncs11.

"When I think back to the day I decided to leave the UK Independence Party and run in my native constituency of Cumbria and Lancashire as an Independent Classical Liberal candidate, I don’t think I ever thought that would lead to where we are today. I left the UK Independence Party because I felt increasingly disillusioned with the kind of right-wing politics that party attracted. Despite my best efforts to fight it off as leader, people who wanted to implement ridiculously stringent controls on immigration, or who wanted to scaremonger about Islam, kept joining the party, and kept trying to coup myself as Leader. When I resigned as Leader, and shortly after walked away from that party, I did not intend to start a new movement, I simply wished to hold my head up high.
Eventually though, I was put in contact with a group of disillusioned Liberal Democrats, and a few of my old contacts from UKIP, and we came up with a plan to form a new party - the Classical Liberals. Even at that point, I was not quite sure if we’d fall at the first hurdle, or stand the test of time. Yet, I cast aside plans for my retirement from front-line politics to take up the mantle of Leader of this new party. My first electoral challenge was the first election to the reconvened Scottish Parliament, in the summer of 2017. In that election, we managed to gain a seat, a victory then, but we were certainly a long way away from entering Bute House.
This platform was used to launch us into SPII. We had hoped we’d get another seat, but we lost out by a few hundred votes, if memory serves me right. The Greens consolidated their grip on power, and the right looked to be in disarray. If you told me then what was to come, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, we kept going. I kept speaking in the Scottish Parliament and tabling legislation, because it was my democratic duty to do so. Eventually, the tide began to turn, and by SPIII, we managed to win three seats. At SPIV, we gained our fourth, and in the election just past, we gained a fifth seat. This reflects the effort of our Classical Liberal MSPs, and of our Classical Liberal activists across Scotland, and I couldn’t be prouder of this party.
When I formed this party way back in March 2017, I did not expect to be the first Classical Liberal Head of Government. After the results of SPI, I did not expect to be the first Classical Liberal First Minister of Scotland, and yet, here we are. The fact we are now in Government in Scotland is a testament to the success of Classical Liberal policies in the lives of ordinary people. In the Scottish Parliament, we have worked tirelessly to promote policies for the good of the people, and oppose those which would directly harm working people - such as the hated Scottish Green Car Tax. I am delighted that the people of Scotland have now put their trust in us to govern Scotland, in coalition with our partners in the Scottish Tories, and with the support of the Scottish Lib Dems and Social Democrats. I am determined we repay the faith they have put in us.
We have been elected on the basis of our hard work for our constituents in the previous Parliament, and now we have the opportunity to show what the Classical Liberals look like in Government. My determination is to provide Scotland with three things - Change, Hope, and Prosperity. In opposition we fought hard, but in Government we can now make real change happen. We will finally be able to reform the education curriculum in a truly cross-party manner. We will finally be able to reduce the tax burden on hardworking people. We will finally be able to bring much needed reforms to our justice system. I am eager to get going, and set an example of successful Governance in Scotland for our first Classical Liberal Prime Minister to draw inspiration from! "


Transport - Communities in motion

In addition, a passionate speech on transport policy was given by Gbrdly, Transport Spokesperson. His name has been shown to be as difficult to spell as the trains are to fix.

"Hello Conference
Transport is a hugely important area for our communities. For too long many of our communities have had a raw deal on transport. Transport dictates who we can see, where we can live and how we live our lives. Poorly integrated transport links can make it impossible for poorer regions to better themselves. It’s a well researched fact that the single biggest positive impact on poverty comes from good transport links.
Conference, it’s with this in mind that I talk to you today, transport is one of the most important areas of improvement we can do to improve outcomes, with that, we are putting a motion in front of Parliament to push the Government to work with Nexus and the Tyne and Wear Metro to invest in new trains to ensure that a fit and proper metro is available for decades to come.
However, it seems the Secretary of State for Transport not only doesn’t agree with us that our city regions need improved local transport, they also don’t seem to grasp the concept of light rail. Citing that their railway bill will solve the issue with trains on the Tyne and Wear Metro despite their railway bill having nothing to do with the Tyne and Wear Metro because it’s not owned by the Government. Conference, this is a huge absence of duty from the Secretary of State and a massive blunder on his part for not knowing his brief.
That’s not all, Conference, Transport for Greater Manchester has been sat on its hands for too long where the Metrolink is concerned, waiting for Government to give it the requisite powers to build their new Trafford Park Line. We’ve put a second motion to the Government to not only fix this injustice, but to explore funding options to build their Wythenshawe Loop Line and an extension to Manchester Airport Terminal 2.
To ensure we have a rail network fit for the future, once again, we will be restating our support for High Speed 2, Conference, these improvements and building works are critical to ensuring that our communities are as close together in the 21st century as they possibly can be, because by working together, we thrive together. High Speed 2 doesn’t come without flaws and issues, but with a clear plan for the future ahead, we can ensure that High Speed 2 is given the support it needs to be the future of north south rail travel in the UK.
In Holyrood, our [incoming] Government will finally be able to sort the mess created by the Greens with regard to the Perth to Edinburgh railway and introduce a truly revolutionary 21st century response to the issues of rail travel in Scotland.
It’s time we bring rail out of the Victorian era and allow for a 21st century Britain to run on 21st century rail."


Classical Liberal Women’s Grouping fringe event on Gender and Sex

In a small room with a handful of people Charlotte_Star was present at a panel for a fringe event, even though she found herself in a new party, she has already adapted and begun to speak out in favour of the things that matter to her, and the issues that matter to her, the issues that she still regrets not being able to do more about in government.
“Good afternoon all, thanks for coming to this little corner of the conference, to talk about equalities. Today I’m going to firstly summarise how far we’ve come, give us something hopeful to think about, before getting into the changes we need to make, to bring society forward. To create a society where people are simply free to be themselves.”
“We owe a whole lot to the government of Harold Wilson, and to Roy Jenkins’ tenure at the Home Office, the laws he passed truly revolutionised our country, and the reforms to divorce, abortion, and homosexuality have started the revolution that continues to burn into the flame we have inherited today.”
“There are still reforms being made today by, in particular one of my most esteemed former colleagues, the current Justice secretary, making reforms to prevent pro-forced-birth protestors to harrass women outside of abortion clinics, which is a good reform, and shows that we are still winning the fight for societal equality, the freedom to be without harassment.”
“But there is so much more to do, in fact even recently we saw the Anti-Hate speech bill by the Libertarian Party, a bill that essentially sought to legalise harassment, and create a society where free speech would encompass bullying of people for their gender, sexuality, race or religion. It is a debate we should not be having, and it does sadden me to see modern political parties proposing legislation like this to dismantle the safeguards to protect the vulnerable.”
“Equally the government has been complacent regarding transgender legislation, there have been no reforms to the Gender Recognition Act, nor reforms to the delivery of transgender health. While the increased access to PrEP is a step forward, and women’s health continues to be protected, its clear our healthcare system has been consistently failing transgender people and I was confronted with this while I was in that office.”
“What is clear beyond all else, is that much of this comes down to a properly funded NHS, where we are all able to access the healthcare we need, with no charge at the point of use, and as a societal project it is something we should do our utmost to protect.”
“As we celebrate the 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, we must also consider recent increases in hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people, in my work in my former constituency I worked closely with groups for vulnerable Gender Romantic and Sexual minorities, and it became clear to me that harassment is increasing. I think potentially bigots feel emboldened the world over, having their man in the Whitehouse, and having government parties proposing legislation to allow them to harass whoever they please and spread their poison and filth to radicalise whomever they can. We do need to push back, and put forward a progressive vision for the future, and show that there is no majority for the harassment and bullying of anyone, based on their essential characteristics.”
“Ultimately we can only judge a society by how it treats its former outcasts, and its ability to welcome in groups that were once shunned, giving everyone a fair opportunity to build the future of their choice. That is what equalities is about.”


Updates shall continue to tomorrow, our thanks to all speakers, delegates and guests. A special welcome to guests of honour, former President of the delegation to the Cumbrian Authority Alexander Rhodes and former Libertarian Party Deputy Leader cuthuluiscool2.
submitted by Twistednuke to MHOCPress [link] [comments]

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2018.11.08 19:43 VictorAnichebend The All-Time North-East XI

The North-East XI

Believe it or not, the North-East of England has produced some genuinely world class talent over the years. Though our teams have largely been underachieving, badly mismanaged lost causes, it hasn't stopped us from producing quality.
There's been World Cup winners, national icons, and Andy Carroll born in this glorious part of the country. We've done more for the beautiful game in England than Der Spiegel has done for discussion on this sub.
These lads all grew up in the North-East of England and as such, will all almost certainly have played 442. As such, that is the formation we'll be going for here, and no, we're not managed by Mike Bassett.
Bit of a PSA, I've only really spent a couple of hours researching this. There's probably some proper obvious players I've totally missed. Still managed to make a cracking team though, so I hope you'll enjoy. I've also tried to keep it post WW2, so that's why people like Raich Carter don't make the cut.

First Team

Goalkeeper - Jim Montgomery
Sunderland have pretty much always had a solid keeper in goal, if you ignore the three creeps who pretended to be goalkeepers for us last season. Tony Norman, Tommy Sorensen, Simon Mignolet, Craig Gordon, Jordan Pickford - all capable keepers who're fondly remembered on Wearside.
Jim Montgomery kicked off that trend. Born in Hendon, a lovely part of Sunderland often compared to Beverley Hills, the stopper signed professional terms aged 17 in 1960 and spent 17 years on Wearside. By far his most memorable moment though came in 1973, during the FA Cup Final against the mighty Leeds United. After expertly saving a Trevor Cherry header, Montgomery came out of nowhere to tip a rocket of a Peter Lorimer shot onto the bar and out. You can keep your Gordon Banks against Pele's, this was the greatest save ever made.
Monty can also call himself a European Cup Winner, as he was an unused substitute for Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest in 1980.
Right Back - Terry Fenwick
Though Fenwick was a centre back by trade, it turns out the North-East has never been a hotbed of full-back production, so the bloke's going to have to deputise on the right.
Born in Seaham, Fenwick somehow managed to slip through the grasp of all the North-East clubs, and instead began his career in London with Crystal Palace. He never actually represented a North-East club, turning out for Palace, QPR, Spurs, Leicester and Swindon in a 19 year career.
He also managed 20 caps for England, including one in the famous 1986 World Cup game against Argentina, in which he was one of the players skinned by Diego Maradona during his famous strike.
Centre Back - Jack Charlton
The first of two World Cup winners from Ashington called Charlton in this team, Jack also never actually played for a North-East team in his 21 year playing career. In fact, he only played for Leeds in that entire time, making 629 league appearances for the Yorkshire side.
He won just about everything there is to win in the English game and capped it off with the greatest achievement in the history of English sport, the 1966 World Cup.
He did eventually work in the North-East as manager of Middlesbrough and Newcastle, and even got Middlesbrough promoted in his first stint there after stating his desire to rely on North-East players. What a fella.
Centre Back - Norman Hunter
Completing a centre half pairing that has 1169 league appearances for Leeds United, Hunter was a stalwart of the Leeds side in a time where they were undisputably England's finest team.
Born in Gateshead, Hunter also never played for a North-East club in his storied career, instead spending the vast majority of it with Leeds, with spells at Bristol City and Barnsley for good measure.
Hunter was in the England squad for their World Cup win in 1966, and made 28 appearances for the national side. Retiring in 1982, he went on to manage Barnsley and Rotherham, as well as a short spell in charge of Leeds as caretaker in 1988.
Left Back - Micky Gray
A full-back! And a defender in this team who actually played for a North-East club! Gray was born in Sunderland and, despite a couple of years in Man Utd's academy, played for Sunderland for the first 12 years of his career. During that time he experienced a couple of promotions and Sunderland's best ever Premier League finishes, with back to back 7th places at the turn of the century.
His good form for Sunderland earned him three England caps in 1999, but he's probably remembered for his disgusting penalty miss in the play-off final against Charlon. He left Sunderland in 2003 and went to Celtic on loan, followed by Blackburn, Leeds, Wolves and Sheffield Wednesday, before becoming the slightly weird pundit we all know today.
Right Wing - Chris Waddle
Born in Felling, Tyne and Wear, Chris Waddle is recognised as one of the most naturally talented footballers to grace the English game, and anyone who watched him in his prime could understand why.
Plucked from the relative obscurity of Tow Law Town by Newcastle in 1980, Waddle dazzled in black and white stripes for five years before moving down south to Spurs. Spells at clubs like Marseille and Sheffield Wednesday followed, before a brief stint back in the North-East in 1997 with the club he supported as a boy, Sunderland.
He made 62 appearances for England between 1985 and 1991, featuring in their run to the World Cup semi-finals in 1990. Other honours include three Ligue 1 titles, a European cup runners up and a spot in the 1991 FIFA XI.
Central Midfield - Bobby Charlton
Everybody knows Sir Bobby. He's one of the most unforgettable, legendary and downright quality players to ever play the game, and he was the first name in this team.
Charlton, much like his aforementioned older brother Jack, never played for a North-East team, instead spending the vast majority of his career with Man Utd. He was on board the plane for the Munich Air Disaster in 1958, but thankfully survived and went on to have an absolutely sublime career.
World Cup, European Cup, English First Division, Ballon D'Or...he won it all. With all due respect to Jack, Bobby managed to overshadow his older brother's career to become one of the icons of world football.
Surprisingly though for a player of his status, Charlton was relatively unsuccessful in management, with only a two-year stint at Preston on his managerial CV.
Central Midfield - Paul Gascoigne
You can't do Paul Gascoigne's career justice in a few paragraphs. Honestly, go and watch one of the documentaries that have been made about him over the years, and you'll get a proper insight into the genius and the tragedy of this amazing footballer.
Born in Gateshead, Gazza began his career at Newcastle and quickly establshed himself as a character. Constant joking and pisstaking went on to become one of the things that defined the man's legendary career.
He became an icon at just about every club he rocked up at, including Tottenham, Rangers and Lazio. His sublime skill and cheeky chappy attitude meant you couldn't help but like the fella, despite his controversies.
He made 57 appearances for England in his career and partners Charlton in this team's midfield. You could stake a claim for that being England's all-time central midfield pairing, and not just a North-East version.
Left Wing - Colin Bell
Regarded as Manchester City's greatest ever player before the likes of David Silva and Sergio Aguero rocked up, Bell is yet another member of the team who never represented a North-East team professionally.
Instead, Bury snapped him up as a teenager from Horden Colliery, before he joined City as a 20-year-old in 1966. He spent 13 years in total at City and made nearly 400 league appearances, winning the first and second division, as well as the FA and league cup.
The Hesleden-born star's career was honoured by Man City, with the club naming a stand after him at the Etihad.
He made 48 appearances for England during his career, but was unfortunately a little bit too young to be part of the famous 1966 squad. Despite this, he managed a respectable international career, netting nine goals for the Three Lions.
Striker - Alan Shearer
What can you say about Alan Shearer? The bloke was an absolute goal machine. He is still to this day the Premier League's highest ever scorer with 260 goals. The person in second place hasn't even cracked 210.
Born in Gosforth, Shearer somehow slipped through he net at youth level to end up on the south coast at Southampton, where he showed his promise from an early age. A move to big spenders Blackburn followed, where he won the Premier League and established himself as one of the best strikers in the world.
He moved to his boyhood club, Newcastle, in 1996 for a worls record fee and it was definitely money well spent. 148 league goals came to add to his 112 for Blackburn, and despite a trophy-less ten years at St. James, he's remembered as probably Newcastle's best ever player.
His career came to an end in the Wear-Tyne derby, at the hands of Julio Arca in 2006. Since then, he's been an almost ever present on Match of the Day and even dabbled in management, with an eight game spell in charge of Newcastle ending in relegation in 2009. Oops.
Striker - Brian Clough
A rarity in this team, someone who actually never left the North-East in his playing career! Cloughy is obviously better known for his managerial career, but he was a prolific attacker himself in the 50s and 60s.
He played for Middlesbrough and Sunderland in a career cut short by injury, scoring 197 goals in 213 league games for Boro and 54 in 61 for the Mackems. That's Messi and Ronaldo sorts of numbers, that. A cruciate ligament injury ended his playing career, so he set out to become a legendary gaffer instead.
He began by turning around the fortunes of Hartlepools United, before leading Derby to their first division one win in their history. A spell at Brighton and an infamous six week stint at Leeds followed, before Clough went to Nottingham Forest and led them to back-to-back European cup wins. What a fella.


Jordan Pickford
The most recent inclusion in this team and one of only two still playing, Pickford's made a name for himself after leaving his beloved Sunderland for £30m to go to Everton in 2017. He also earned rave reviews in England's 2018 World Cup campaign, as the hero in England's first penalty shoot-out win in thousands of years.
Bryan Robson
The Chester-le-Street born midfielder is another legend of Man Utd in this squad, only kept out of the starting eleven by two all time greats in Gazza and Sir Bobby. Robson spent thirteen years at Old Trafford in between stints at West Brom and Boro, winning two Premier Leagues and three FA Cups in his playing career.
Peter Beardsley
Hexham's Beardsley was never gonna win any beauty awards, but luckily he was born with the God-given ability to find the net instead. Two four year spells at Newcastle sandwiched a few years in Liverpool, where he turned out for both the red and blue sides of Merseyside. He managed 59 England caps too, scoring a weirdly low nine goals internationally.
Jordan Henderson
What is it with Mackems called Jordan going to Merseyside for big money? After proving his quality as a young'un at the Stadium of Light, Liverpool came calling in 2011 and Henderson has been there ever since. He's played for the Reds over 200 times, becoming an integral part of both club and country. I for one, can't wait for his spell back at Sunderland when he's 35.
Trevor Steven
Is this one cheating a bit? Trevor Steven was born in Berwick, which truly is right on the borders of what I'd class as North-East.
A winger with an eye for goal, Steven played for Burnley and Everton before the English clubs' European ban meant he moved North of the border to sign for Rangers. He spent seven years at Ibrox, with a season at Marseille in between, and is remembered fondly by all he played for.
Dennis Tueart
It was a tough choice as to whether to put Tueart or Bell in the starting XI, but in the end, it was the Sunderland legend who missed out.
Geordie Tueart won the FA Cup famously with the Black Cats in 1973 and went on to become a City legend in his own right, managing two successful spells in the blue half of Manchester.
Jackie Milburn
Milburn was Newcastle's all time top scorer before Shearer came along, But he's probably best-known for an unregistered, two game spell for Sunderland during World War Two. I joke of course, but the Ashington-born striker is without doubt an icon of North-East football, and one who's more than deserving of a place in this team.
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2018.11.05 19:04 VictorAnichebend The Tyne-Wear Derby - An Overview

The Tyne-Wear Derby

A Background
Like a lot of football derbies that exist today, the rivalry between Sunderland and Newcastle goes a long way beyond football. The two cities, separated only by about ten miles of land, have been at each others' throats for the best part of 400 years, with tensions first arising during the English Civil War in the 1640s.
In order to avoid this from becoming a GCSE history lesson, I'll skim over most of that. Basically though, Newcastle were on the side of the Royalists, whilst Sunderland were supporting the Parliamentarians. The Parliamentarians won, giving the Stuart-era Geordies a taste of defeat that their 21st-century descendants would come to know all too well. Sorry.
Football-wise though, the Newcastle and Sunderland we know today didn't really see themselves as rivals during their early years. Both teams had cross-city rivals, with Newcastle East End (who would later evolve into Newcastle United) sharing a rivalry with, you guessed it, Newcastle West End. Sunderland, meanwhile, were forced to contend with Sunderland Albion, a team formed formed by a group of players who'd broke away from Sunderland.
Both of these inter-city rivals folded in 1892. Newcastle West End basically ended up merging with the East End, whilst Sunderland Albion just simply ceased to exist. With both settlements now one-club cities, they had to look a bit further afield for a proper rival.
Famous Fixtures
Newcastle 1 - 9 Sunderland - 5th December 1908
By 1908, the Tyne-Wear derby was growing in severity, and this result surely served to fan the flames massively. After ending the first half at one goal apiece, Sunderland struck eight in the second half to absolutely scud their rivals 9-1, in front of 56,000 fans. It is still Sunderland's biggest competitive win ever, and it was made all the more strange by the fact it came in a season where Newcastle won the league.
Newcastle 6 - 1 Sunderland - 26th December 1955
After showcasing Sunderland's biggest win in the fixture it's only fair to show Newcastle's which came on Boxing Day 1955. Newcastle were FA Cup holders at the time, but Sunderland were just four points adrift of top spot. Jackie Milburn, one of Newcastle's greatest ever players, hit a brace as Newcastle destroyed their rivals. Sunderland were hurt, and were determined to perform better in the next derby...which came the day after. Newcastle won that game too, 3-1 this time, beating their biggest rivals by an aggregated score of 9-2 over two days.
Pleased I wasn't around then.
Newcastle 0 - 2 Sunderland - 16th May 1990
This play-off semi-final second leg fixture hung in the balance after the two sides played out a goalless draw in the first leg at Roker Park. A strike each for the G-Force, Sunderland's attacking duo of Eric Gates and Marco Gabbiadini, fired Sunderland into the play-off final, but not before a group of Geordies invaded the pitch, seemingly determined to get the game stopped and replayed. The ref was having none of it though, and Sunderland went through.
They played Swindon Town in the play-off final and lost, but went up anyway thanks to some dodgy financial goings on at the County Ground. Hooray for tax avoidance.
Newcastle 1 - 2 Sunderland - 25th August 1999
This one's worth a mention for a different reason. Ruud Gullit, footballing legend, had taken over at St. James' Park and had, according to Steve Harper, asserted his authority by calling all his players 'lovely little boys'. After this, he again tried to win the biggest bollock(s) on Tyneside award by dropping Newcastle legend Alan Shearer and his striker partner Duncan Ferguson - without telling either of them.
In to replace these two huge characters was 20-year-old Mackem Paul Robinson, who at the time was still apparently a Sunderland season ticket holder. He got an assist as Kieron Dyer scored, naturally. Sunderland soon kicked into gear though and showed Gullit how important a good strike partnership is, as Kevin Phillips and Niall Quinn both netted to give Sunderland the win.
It was Ruud Gullit's last game in charge, bless him.
Newcastle 5 - 1 Sunderland - 31st October 2010
I've tried to keep this as unbiased as I can so far, but urgh, this one. Newly-promoted Newcastle played host to an in-form Sunderland side, in what was probably the first game in years that Sunderland were the favourites to win.
That wasn't how the script was to be written, though. Sunderland were absolutely abhorrent on the day, as Kevin Nolan banged in a hattrick and did that fucking chicken dance. Shola Ameobi, who famously scored 1048 goals against Sunderland in his career whilst never scoring against anyone else citation needed, also obviously scored. Obviously. Darren Bent got a consolation in the last minute and it remains the only Sunderland goal this decade I've never actually seen.
Sunderland 3 - 0 Newcastle - 25th October 2015
This is more like it. After Sunderland had won the previous five meetings between the two clubs, this one was to set the record for most consecutive Tyne-Wear derby wins. It was also manager Sam Allardyce's second match in charge of Sunderland, as he became the only man to have managed both them and Newcastle.
After a cagey first half, Fabrizio Coloccini gave away a penalty and was sent off, to the delight of the 46,000 or so Mackems in attendance. NAME REDACTED dispatched the penalty expertly and almost did a full-on Adebayor in front of the Newcastle fans, before half-time came.
Second-half goals from Billy Jones (hahaha) and Steven Fletcher sealed Sunderland's third 3-0 win over their rivals in just two-and-a-half-years and to date the last win in the fixture.
Played for Both
Lee Clark
After spending his early career at Newcastle, Clark moved to Sunderland in 1997 to a few murmurs of apprehension.
He was an influential figure in Peter Reid's resurgent Sunderland side though, winning over fans with some classy displays despite making no secret of his Newcastle leanings. This all changed when he was pictured at Wembley with Newcastle fans for the 1998 FA Cup Final, with a t-shirt on that read 'Sad Mackem Bastards'. He was quickly disposed of, and has since spoke of his regret at the manner of his exit. The daft bastard.
Chris Waddle
One of England's greatest players during the 1980s, Waddle spent five years at Newcastle before going on to play for Tottenham, Marseille and Sheffield Wednesday, being fondly remembered at each.
He returned to the North-East to play for Sunderland, his boyhood club, in 1997. He scored one goal for the Black Cats in that time, and is probably the Newcastle legend most fondly remembered on Wearside as well.
Jack Colback
From Chris Waddle to Jack Colback is like going from a tree-course meal at a Michelin star restaurant to cold baked beans out of the tin, but here we are. Colback made his way through the youth ranks at Sunderland and became a first teamer in the early 2010s. He established himself as a tidy player, nothing flashy but nothing truly awful.
Then, in 2014, he rejected a contract offer from the club to instead sign with Newcastle, a move which rubbed up many at Sunderland the wrong way. After the Newcastle fans realised they hadn't took our best player, Colback fell down the pecking order at St James' and currently finds himself on loan at Nottingham Forest in the Championship. There was even murmurs of a move back to Sunderland once his contract at Newcastle ran out but in all honestly, I'd rather shit razor blades.
Jackie Milburn
As mentioned earlier, Jackie Milburn is a Newcastle legend who was their all-time leading goalscorer until Shearer surpassed him in 2006. He scored 177 league goals for the Mags across 14 years, and cemented himself well and truly as an all-time great of English football.
What isnt so well known about him, however, is that Milburn also turned out for Sunderland during World War Two, at a time when the football league was on hiatus for obvious reasons. Though not officially, Milburn played at least two games for the Wearsiders, and it's a fact I love to ocassionally remind the more hardline sections of Newcastle's support. Always good for a bite.
Other notable players who've played for both include Len Shackleton, Patrick van Aanholt, DeAndre Yedlin, Steve Harper, Lionel Perez, Michael Chopra, Robbie Elliott, Javier Manquillo and Titus Bramble.
Cheers for reading. Not the most thought-out, well put-together or even coherent piece I've ever written, but I fancied writing something so here we are. Hope you enjoyed.
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2018.03.12 20:50 comped Recap of the IX British General Election

The IX General Election ended in a hung parliament. No party was able to gain a majority, and no coalition was clear. While the Tories still held a plurality, it was less of one than they had in the last term, and they only had 30 seats. The big winners were Labour, who won 6 seats, along with the Libertarians, who won 5 . Slightly overshadowed by the 10 seat drop of the Tories, is the Green’s own 9 seat drop (to 8 seats). The NUP ended up losing 1 seat bringing it to 8, with its leader (and now-former Deputy Prime Minister) Mcr3257, resigning before the end of the election results. Last night, long-serving Lib Dem leader RickCall12 also resigned, believing it was time for a new leader. At least he went out on a bit of a high note- The Lib Dems doubled their seats, to 10. As for other parties, the Classical Liberals added 3 to also get to 10. The Celtic Coalition of the SNP, SF, and PC, each won 2 seats. 1 actual independent won as well. How did we get there?
Scotland was a bit of a ride. The Greens lost the first announced Scottish seat, Clydesdale, which went to Labour, but only by less than 2,500 votes. The Tories did manage to keep Lanarkshire and the Borders, but barely, at under 900 votes majority, from going to Labour's WillShakespeare99. The Tories lost one of their Scottish constituencies, Lothian and Fife, by over 37,000 votes to Labour. That seat also happened to be the seat of Scottish Tory leader DrLancelot. It was certainly a night where the Tories would lose more than they won in Scotland. Highland and Grampian was the last seat of the night. There, the Tories ended up in 3rd, behind Lib Dem kingethan15, and the SNP leader, daringphilosopher. He won his seat by a margin of 62,000 votes, and over 73,000 from the incumbent party. The SNP would have even more to celebrate, as they also won a list seat MP. Following them are the Scottish Greens (a seat they sorely needed), and the Scottish Lib Dems (bringing their seats to 2 in Scotland). XC-189-725-PU, an independent Communist, also won a seat - becoming the only independent in the House. Overall, the SNP has much to celebrate, particularly as we look ahead to Holyrood elections once again. The Tories will need to do something to get their Scottish ship in order, if they want to do as well.
Now we move on to Northern Ireland. The UUP and Sinn Fein were, once again, engaged in a battle to see who would win the constituency (which was held by the defending UUP). It should be noted that SF's candidate, Trevism, is the leader of the party, and First Minister of Northern Ireland. Joining them in trying to grab the seat were the DUP, ALL, NUNI, and AF. The AF candidate, bignatius0505 got 5 votes (fittingly). the NUNI got almost 79,000. ALL candidate estoban06 was almost in 3rd place, and lost by only slightly less than 4,400 votes, to the DUP's Angela_Merkel. In second place was ctrlaltlama, with just under 171,000 votes. SF got much more than that, over 282,000, and a decisive victory. The UUP would still pick up a list seat however, along with an additional seat for SF, and one for the DUP. Trevism announced that the MPs would be taking their seats in Westminster, during his post-election speech. This race was a big loss for the Tories, and perhaps advanced notice of what will happen at the next Assembly elections.
Wales was also a story of regional parties, and their rise to prominence in this divided election. Plad Cymru won Glamorgan and Gwent by a large margin - almost 88,000 votes, with Labour in second place. The seat was Green before the election, however the Greens did not run anyone in the seat. In North and Mid Wales, however, Plad would end up in third place, 56,000 votes behind first. In second was Lib Dem Mr_Skit, who was 25,000 votes ahead of Plad. In first (and with a 30,000 majority over the Lib Dems) was Classical Liberal Redwolf177, who captured the seat from the Greens. Following that, Plad won the list vote and got another MP. Labour (who got 208,000 votes in Wales) picked up an MP, and so did the Lib Dems. Plad, like the rest of the Celtic Coalition, was very successful in their region, something that other parties should take note of.
Finally we come to England, which had 43 constituencies, and 9 regions. In London, Labour would win a plurality of seats (3/6), flipping 2 green and 1 independent seats. The three seats had a 28% 30%, and 41% swing. West London was also flipped from the Greens (by nearly 60,000 votes) to the Tories, though Lib Dem WAKEYro ended up in second and the Greens third. In return, the Greens flipped East London away from the Tories, by an even bigger margin. The Lib Dems did win in South-west London though, winning it instead of the incumbent Conservatives. A great turn in London for Labour, and not so much for the Greens. In the East Mindlands, the Tories held onto almost every seat, including in Derbyshire (which had a 208,000 majority for Sneaky_Turtle456). The only surprise was in Nottinghamshire, where Lib Dem disclosedoak won by just under 8,000 votes. Labour, the NUP, and the Classical Liberals won list seats in the East Midlands as well. Next was the East of England. The Conservatives lost 2 seats to Labour (Essex and Norfolk and Suffolk), while gaining Cambridgeshire from the Lib Dems. They also held on to Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Here the Tories gained another list seat, along with the Lib Dems and Libertarians. The Classical Liberals gained 2.
The Classical Liberals would repeat their success in the Northeast, gaining Northumbria from the Tories by over 43,000 votes. The other constituency in the region, Tyne and Wear, was the first announced seat of the night. The Greens held that seat, fending off a close challenge from the NUP. Yet the Clibs still topped the vote count in the region. The Tories, NUP, and Labour, all got list seats for their efforts. In the West Midlands, Labour gained Shropshire and Staffordshire from the NUP. The Tories held Black Country, while losing Upper Severn to Labour, who also gained Birmingham, Solihull, and Coventry from the Greens. It was another powerful performance from Labour, who didn't quite manage to top the vote counts in the region. The Tories for their efforts, got 3 list seats, while the NUP and Greens got 1 each. In Southeast England, the Tories lost as many seats as they held (holding Surrey, Hampshire South and Kent). Most notably, the Libertarians won Buckinghamshire, beating former Conservative Deputy Leader James_The_XV. Labour also won 2 seats here, in Sussex and Hampshire North (formerly Green and Conservative respectively). The Greens did manage to beat the Tories in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. The Tories would manage to get 2 list seats though, with the Libertarians, Lib Dems, NUP, and Clibs each picking up one.
In Yorkshire and the Humber, it would be a Tory loss in the constituencies. To be exact, 3 of them - North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Humberside, all of which went to Labour. Labour also picked up Leeds and Wakefield from its former independent holder. The Green managed to hold on to South Yorkshire. Despite this, the Tories still won the majority of the regional vote, and so picked up 2 lists seats, with the other going to the Libertarians. In Southwest England, it would be a story of holds, both the Tories (Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, Somerset and Bristol, and Dorset), and Lib Dems (Cornwall and Devon), would hold their seats. The Lib Dems managed to pick up an extra list seat, along with the NUP, Clibs, and Libertarians. Finally, we come to the last English region, the Northwest. Here, beyond Cumbria, it would be a not unusual series of races. The Tories would hold 2 seats (Cheshire and Lancashire South), while Labour would hold 1 (Merseyside). The Classical Liberals won Manchester City and South from the Greens, who did not contest the seat. The Lib Dems won Manchester North by around 7,500 votes ahead of Labor.
The last English race to be called was perhaps the most anticipated, and the highest turnout (of almost 91%) - Cumbria and Lancashire North. The campaign was fierce, and many knew it would be a close race. But no-one could have predicted the result. Three candidates (seat holder and Classical Liberal leader Duncs11, Minister of State for Brexit InfernoPlato, and Labour member bobbybarf) would contest the seat. In the end, it came down to the Tory and the Clib, as Bobby only got 76,000 votes. It turned out to be a tie, the first in the UK since the late 1800s. The occupier of the seat would be determined by a coin toss, which was flipped in favor of infernoplato. A huge victory for the Tories is an understatement, particularly since the Tories were hoping beyond hop to win the seat. Labour ended up winning the regional vote however, gaining 2 list seats. The Classical Liberals, NUP, and Greens all picked up, to end England's portion of the night.
It should be noted that the right wing does have a slight majority. That is to say, the amount of seats on the right side of the spectrum, is bigger than those in the centre or left. Is there a workable coalition for a majority government? Probably not. Right now, many in the Conservatives are no doubt struggling over the possibility of needing the Libertarians just to make 35 seats, never mind a majority. A Tory-Libertarian-NUP would only be 43 seats, 8 short of a majority. That’s a long way to go. The TLC may have a simpler time, with a Labour-Lib Dem-Green coalition getting up to 40 seats. The addition of the Celtic Coalition would bring them to 46 seats, only 5 away from governing. Another possibility would be the Tories abandoning their coalition partners of the NUP, in a Conservative-Clib-Libertarian government, which would have 45 seats. The NUP could, hypothetically, grant confidence and supply to such a coalition (even if not officially part of the coalition), which would give them 53 seats, or a 2 seat majority. If the Classical Liberals would let the NUP even offer C&S is another matter entirely, never mind coalition with the Tories. Particularly after Duncs11 (their leader) was defeated by the Tories in Cumbria. Perhaps we could even see a Tory-only minority government, although that would likely be a long shot (as long as their working with Labour).
Overall, it was a disappointing night for the Tories. While even some Tories said that 40 seats was unrealistic, many thought that they would have more than 30 seats by the end. If they had won a few more seats, they’d be in a much more comfortable position for government. The Lib Dems and Libertarians did best, with the Clibs and Labour following close behind. The NUP didn’t exactly collapse, but they also didn’t do as well as they could have. The Greens did the worst however, dropping 53% of their seats. Even the regional parties did very well, winning multiple constituencies, and a total of 6 seats. Will the Prime Minister be able to form a government out of this absolute mess? Who the hell knows? All we can tell you is that the Times will be reporting whatever happens in Westminster, as usual.
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2017.02.03 15:08 JG_92 Everything you need to know before ICW's Square Go on February 5th!

One of ICW’s major events of the year is just around the corner and it’s time to get up to speed on what’s going on in ICW. Maybe you have never watched before and are wanting to start with a major event or maybe you have and just want a roundup going into the event.
You can watch the event on iPPV live on Fite or you can still grab tickets now for the event at the o2 Academy in Newcastle. The tickets are limited though.
So, first thing’s first. What is the Square Go?
Well, it’s essentially a hardcore royal rumble money in the bank match. The main event of the event is a 30 man over-the-tap-rope royal rumble, much like WWE’s Royal Rumble, only it has two major differences; 1 - 5 wrestlers will enter the ring with a weapon at random and 2 - the winner of the event gets the coveted Square Go Briefcase which works in the exact same way WWE’s Money in the Bank Briefcase works.
Past winners of the event are Red Lightning who successfully cashed in and defeated BT Gunn for the ICW Heavyweight Title.
Mikey Whiplash cashed-in on Red Lightning successfully as well.
Chris Renfrew defended the briefcase against Grado at an event named 1.21 Gigawatts, Great Scott! and went on to unsuccessfully cash-in on Drew Galloway one year after originally winning the briefcase.
Dickie Divers became the 4th winner of the briefcase but would never get to cash-in though because Chris Renfrew won it from Dickie at Shug’s Hoose Party II in a ladder match. Renfrew would go onto the Square Go event, just like he’d done against Drew Galloway, this time successfully winning the Heavyweight Title from Grado.
Last years winner was WWE UK star Wolfgang, who would go on to cash-in on Joe Coffey at Shug’s Hoose Party III successfully, just after Joe won the title himself, only having held it for mere minutes.
So, now we’re heading into the 6th Square Go event and match, but obviously there’s going to be more than just the 30 man match. Here’s the card as we know it as of right now.
Andy Wilde vs Lewis Girvan - Number 1 Contendership match for a shot at the Zero-G Title and a spot in the Square Go match.
Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Kasey - ICW Women’s Championship match.
Kenny Williams (c) vs Ricochet - ICW Zero Gravity Championship match.
The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) (c) - ICW Tag Team Championship match.
Wolfgang (c) vs Trent Seven - ICW World Heavyweight Championship match.
30 Man Square Go Match.
That’s the event as we know it so far, so let’s run down this card and get you up to speed.
(It’s also here that I should remind everyone that ICW does not have count outs or disqualifications, rope break’s do apply and referee's discretion is, in some cases, used to call matches with the ref’s decision usually ending in either a no contest or a referee stoppage.)
Andy Wilde vs Lewis Girvan - Number 1 Contendership match for a shot at the Zero-G Title and a spot in the Square Go match.
Andy Wild isn’t the smallest guy in the world but damn can he move. He returned to ICW after a hiatus from wrestling to face Noam Dar in his farewell match before he left for the WWE and was successful in defeating Dar. This gave Wild that taste of wrestling again and the Glasgow crowd made it a no brainer for him, so he stuck around and has been getting into incredible shape for the event. Wilde is a former 1-time Zero-G champion, having won the belt on July 1st 2012 and held the title for 231 days before losing it to Wolfgang.
Lewis Girvan is known as the “Best Young Wrestler in the World,” and god damn to the ICW fans agree. As soon as this kids music hits, there as chants of ”Best young wrestler! clap-clap-clapclapclap” ringing through the building. Girvan is a former ICW Catchweight Champion, a title that Red Lightning made and handed to Girvan before stripping him of the belt and retiring it with zero title defences ever taking place. There is no denying this young man’s skill in the ring though as it’s the main reason a guy calling himself the best young wrestler in the world can actually get over as a babyface. It should also be noted that he defeated Ricochet at Fear & Loathing IX!
This match may not be the most highflying you’ll ever see, but it’ll certainly make you all love both men once a pinfall or submission is recorded.
Kay Lee Ray (c) vs Kasey - ICW Women’s Championship match.
Kay Lee “fuckin’” Ray is only the third woman in ICW history to hold the women’s title. She was inserted into a match between Carmel Jacobs (the champion at the time) and Viper at Fear & Loathing IX and won the triple threat match by pinning Carmel after delivering 3 devastating Gory Bombs to her while also making sure that Viper stayed outside the ring in order to get the 3-count.
Ray was a member of the N.A.K, the New Age Kliq, along with BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Wolfgang and her boyfriend Stevie Boy. Eventually, Ray and Stevie Boy would break from the group and form their own team known as the Filthy Generation.
Ray is not your average woman, as she has taken many ludacris bumps during contests with male wrestlers and usually puts on incredible displays while in matches against the opposite gender. Kay Lee is the one to watch in this match, I wouldn’t be surprised if some thumbtacks or a chair or two were used.
Kasey is literally Harley Quinne. That’s her character. Even down to wearing green & purple ring gear and carrying a baseball bat. She has been away from ICW for a while honing her craft and just getting better as a wrestler and a character. Right now, she’s a fantastic wrestler and is actually a plausible threat to Kay Lee Ray’s title.
Expect this one to get violent! Kay Lee Ray vs Kasey could even result in some colour, that’s how mental these two wrestlers are!
Kenny Williams (c) vs Ricochet - ICW Zero Gravity Championship match.
Kenny Williams is one of the most entertaining in-ring performers of this generation. He had a great storyline leading up to his Zero-G Title win where he was constantly being dicked over my bad referee calls. They wouldn’t see his foot on the rope for a pinfall, people would interfere when he had people down for 3-counts and he ended up doubting himself. So much so that he lost a last chance match to even be on the card for ICW’s biggest show Fear & Loathing IX when Lewis Girvan beat him for the right to face Ricochet at the Hydro arena.
Lionheart would even come out and offer Kenny a title shot there and then, but Kenny was just so mentally defeated that he just walked out of the ring and through the curtain. However, at F&L9 ICW Commissioner Mick Foley appeared on the big screens and announced that someone was going to be added to the Zero-G Stairway-to-Heaven match and out came Kenny Williams where he successful achieved his dream of winning the Zero-G title and has been on a roll ever since.
Ricochet needs no introduction. He melted the internet in a match with Will Ospreay for being too “flippy shit” over in the Best of the Super Juniors event in Japan and plays one of the most entertaining characters on TV, Prince Puma. So, the day before the Hydro, ICW had a live episode of Fight Club streamed on ICW On Demand and on Facebook and Ricochet was in a triple threat match. The person he ended up pinning in that match was Kenny Williams.
This is a match where Kenny has everything to prove. The last person to officially hold his shoulders down to the mat for 3-seconds was Ricochet and the next night he went on to win the division title. Ricochet he a big claim to a shot before managing to pin Kenny that night too, and it’s sure to be one of the biggest matches to ever take place in the Newcastle o2 Academy.
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) (c) vs The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) - ICW Tag Team Championship match.
Polo Promotions spent the first half of 2016 chasing the tag team championships that were at the time held by The 55 (Kid Fite & Sha Samuels). They managed to finally capture the gold at Barramania II and then, quite simply, dropped off the face of the earth. Yeah, they just completely disappeared. At this point even their manager, Coach Trip, started managing the “third” member of Polo Promotions, DCT.
Enter majority owner Red Lightning as he announced a tournament to crown brand new tag team champions. That tournament was eventually won at Shug’s Hoose Party III by The Local Fire (Joe Hendry & Davie Blaze). While the Local Fire were celebrating, Polo Promotions returned to an almighty pop. Eventually, there was a tag team ladder match to determine the undisputed tag team champions of ICW. Polo Promotions basically coasted to a victory where they threw away the Local Fire’s tag belts and kept their original ones. The Local Fire broke up because of this (we’ll get to that a little later).
Mike Bird & Wild Boar showed up on the scene during the tag title tournament. This Welsh tandem earned the respect of the ICW fans with some very good in-ring displays and some decent promos. They also aligned themselves with fellow Welshman Iestyn Rees and named themselves The Marauders.
Polo Promotions then cut a promo stating they were the best team ever in ICW and Europe in general. In came the Marauders to attack them and demand a shot at the titles. Polo Promotions gladly accepted the challenge.
During the match, though, The Marauders managed to isolate Polo Promotions and make it a 2-on-1 situation against Mark Coffey. Mike Bird then delivered a chairshot to the head of Coffey on the entrance stage. Coffey sold the attack far too well and smashed his head off the hard as fuck floor. The match would continue with Jackie Polo holding his own against the efforts of Mike Bird & Wild Boar. Mark Coffey was receiving first aid and was shaking a lot, needing water. He still jumped in the ring to break up a pin attempt and got back on the apron, ready to continue the match. Polo went for the tag and very reluctantly tagged in Coffey. Coffey was holding his own for a few seconds, but after delivering a huge clothesline to both opponents, Coffey dropped to his knees and crawled to the edge of the ring to vomit. Coffey had a massive concussion!
Boar didn’t know this and was about to continue the match but, to Bird’s credit, he pulled Boar away from him and told him the deal. The match was thrown out and Polo Promotions kept the titles. The Marauders managed to keep kayfabe alive though as they then went mental at the decision, beating up some of the ring side ICW crew and going mental in a backstage promo. Jackie Polo then had a match against Iestyn Rees, which ended up being a 3-on-1 situation, which forced Mark’s brother, Joe Coffey, to make the save for his lifelong friend Jackie. This set up a rematch to take place on February 5th at the Square Go.
It's still not known whether or not Mark is cleared to compete at this event, but I think it would be quite poetic for Mark's brother Joe to step in and take his place for this match. We all hope Mark is okay, not just for the match, but in general, because the way the back of his head smashed off the stage was sickening to watch.
Wolfgang (c) vs Trent Seven - ICW World Heavyweight Championship match.
Anyone who saw the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament will already be familiar with this pairing.
Wolfgang, a former affiliate of the Black Label, won the Heavyweight title at Shug’s Hoose Party III when he cashed in his Square Go briefcase to relieve Joe Coffey of his championly duties. Wolfgang defended the title a few times but never enough to call him a fighting champion when you consider how many times the Zero-G & Women’s titles were defended during his reign.
Enter Trent Seven who was an immediate hit with the fans. Trent ended up in a huge feud with Mikey Whiplash and his faction known as Legion. The Seven/Whiplash rivalry boiled over during their second match when Seven Superplexed Whiplash to the floor… Whiplash fucking bounced!
The rivalry got to the point where Trent was bringing in his fellow Moustache Mountain member Tyler Bate to ICW, which made Whiplash send out his followers, Michael Dante & Tommy End, to attack Tyler and bait (pardon the pun) Seven into a match at Shug’s Hoose Party III. Legion wanted a 3-on-3 match. Legion vs Moustache Mountain. Seven & Bate needed a 3rd member, so they just sort of threw Lewis Girvan into the match because he… well… probably because he had a moustache.
After the match was over (which also ended up being Tommy End’s final appeared in ICW) Whiplash grabbed the mic and said that his desire was no longer to be in the main event of Fear & Loathing IX. Now, he wanted Mr Trent Seven to be in the main event instead. The mutual respect has never been higher between two wrestlers. Seven would go onto various episodes of Fight Club, put on incredible matches and then make the entire crowd demand his title shot. Red Lightning wouldn’t allow it though. So, Trent go very creative.
Wolfgang has a thing. He likes to make people famous. What does this mean? Well, he pulls out some brass knuckledusters and smashed someone in the face with them, making them famous. Seven managed to get the better of him though, so he tangled Wolfy up in the ropes and threatened to knocked his teeth down his throat unless Red Lightning made the match on Seven’s terms. Lightning didn’t want his friend to get hurt so he reluctantly agreed. Seven then hit Wolfgang with two piledrivers in celebration.
Seven then announced the one match type that Wolfgang didn’t want. A Steel Cage match. No-one would be coming to aid Wolfy in a steel cage, which was exactly why Seven chose the match. It would be just him and Wolfgang. A true showing of who the better man would be.
Better said than done though. Seven looked like he could have got the win and became the new ICW champion, but, as Wolfgang was climbing out of the cage, Seven caught him. All he had to do was drag him back into the ring. Seven was so angry and wanted to cause so much pain to Wolfgang, though, that Seven made Wolfgang famous. He knuckledustered his face, knocking him from the cage to the floor below, handing Wolfgang the victory.
Now we’re heading into the Square Go and we’re going to have a traditional singles match for the heavyweight title.
And now, for the main event. The Square Go match.
Obviously, I’ve already gone through all of the past winners of the event. So, all that’s left to do is look at potential rivalries that could crop up in the match.
Here is an image of all the of the confirmed entrants to the match.
Kicking off, you can clearly see BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew there with their NAK emblem behind them. If they come up against Stevie Boy, there is a high chance of the NAK having a party when Stevie dies! It’s worth mentioning though, that Stevie Boy is coming off an ICW Heavyweight Title match that was actually very good, he still lost the match, but it can make anyone a believer in his abilities. Stevie Boy also beat BT Gunn in a casket match at Fear & Loathing IX. BT Gunn has tried exacting revenge in recent weeks, so a 30-man match with weapons should make this very interesting indeed.
  • It was announced on Facebook just before publishing this that Renfrew has been ill in hospital for a few days and will not be able to compete in the Square Go or any Fight Club tapings for the time being.
Drew Galloway will be itching to get his hands on Jack Jester after Jester turned his back on the Black Label to help Mark Dallas and Team ICW. If these two meet during the match, expect fireworks.
Sha Samuels is very over with the ICW crowd along with his fellow stable member Grado who together make up the Pinky Party, a group that also contained Noam Dar before his jump to the WWE. Sha also turned on The Black Label and his The 55 tag team partner to help Team ICW at Shug’s Hoose Party III . If Kid Kite or a former Black Label member come up against Sha Samuels, expect whatever weapons that enter the match to be used.
Then you’ve got Davey Blaze (formerly Davey Boy) who is currently embroiled in a rivalry with the Local Hero Joe Hendry. Blaze’s cousin, The Wee Man, has convinced Blaze that Hendry is the reason for them losing the tag team titles and is the reason that Blaze lost his brutal edge, which he is certainly finding again (his Sparrow Hawk spear finisher is pretty devastating to watch). Expect one of the two of these to eliminate each other. It builds the story and if they get their hands on each other, Blaze most likely won't hold back.
Other persons of interest to look out for are James Scott, aka Darkside, who is a former ICW Heavyweight champion. He’s in fact the longest reigning ICW champion with his first reign totalling 1028 days (only dropping the title due to injury) and then won it back from the new champion BT Gunn and held it for another 505 days, meaning he has held the world title for a whole 1533 days! He’s had a few problems in recent weeks with Christopher Saynt’s drag queens who are his valet’s. Scott has shaken hands with Saynt with mutual respect being shown, but if Saynt’s drag queens get involved in the Square Go, Scott might go a bit mental.
Joe Coffey has to watch his back in this one. Iestyn Rees is obviously a member of the Marauders and Coffey has already beaten Bird and Boar in the latest episode of Fight Club. Also, Lionheart might be lurking around, and heat seems to be growing between them.
(Small Edit: Lionheart is guaranteed to enter at number 1, having lost a match to Joe Coffey, cementing his entrance number!)
Jimmy fucking Havoc is going to be there too! He hates everybody, so he's currently in a rivalry with 29 other man!
So, as you can see from the image of the Square Go, 10 entrants are secret entrants. Well, it’s actually 9. One of those spots will be filled by the winner of the Andy Wilde/Andy Girvan match. Also, during the last Fight Club, wrestlers like Flex Hunter, Charlie Sterling, Liam Thompson, Chris Ridgeway (one of my person favourites), and Zack Gibson among others came out and had a bit of a melee to set up the Square Go.
That’s not to say all of these could actually be in the match. Hell, with all the rumours about ICW being added to the Network, WWE could have someone show up for the match as a way of making it official. ICW have had wrestlers like Dave Mastiff and Matt Cross (Son of Havoc) confirmed for future events, so even they could show up (I may be fantasy booking at this point). Bram is a big part of ICW storylines too, so he may even show up. If he does, DCT will have a few right hooks waiting for him.
At this point, it’s looking like it’s going to be a very fun event and I’m expecting the roof of the o2 Academy to blow off. Wolfgang is going to the WWE, so odds are Trent Seven is winning the ICW title, but one could argue that Trent is going there too, so who the hell even knows at this point?
King fuckin’ Ricochet, the most athletic person since Neville to enter the city of Newcastle, is going to be there too.
Again, if you want to see it live, there are limited tickets available and it’s available on Fite TV. Or, you can wait until 24 hours later and watch it on ICW On Demand for $6.99p/m.
Anyway, that’s all that you should need to know about ICW’s 6th Annual Square Go! To anyone going to the event, have some laughs, pops, cheers and beers. To anyone watching at home, I hope we, the crowd, don’t annoy too much. Thanks for reading!
I-C-Dub! I-C-Dub I-C-Dub I-C-Dub...
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2015.10.18 15:44 doaikido UK’s National Health Service collaboration between university and hospitals will hopefully trial drugs for muscle abnormality #MEAction
UK’s National Health Service collaboration between university and hospitals will hopefully trial drugs for muscle abnormality
Patients in the United Kingdom’s north east could benefit from research put into action.
Professor Julia Newton, Clinical Professor of Ageing and Medicine at Newcastle University, who also works within Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust, led a team who found an abnormality of a protein which could lead to the development of new drugs and treatments.
Researchers have found for the first time that patients with the condition have a defect in a molecule associated with the production of a protein known as AMP kinase (AMPK).
“Our study focused on whether there were any biochemical changes so that we can start to understand what happens in the muscle with fatigue,” Professor Newton said. The study looked at 20 Fukuda-definition patients and 20 controls.
“What we have been able to identify is that production of AMPK is impaired in patients with CFS compared to those without. This is an important finding because there are drugs that are currently already available that we know will modify this abnormality. The next step is to carry out experiments to see whether or not we can reverse changes in AMPK with drugs that might ultimately form the basis of clinical trials…this is an exciting step towards that holy grail of trialling medicinal products,” Professor Newton said.
The new partnership brings together Newcastle Hospitals and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trusts with Newcastle University, the newly-formed ‘Newcastle Academic Health Partners’ will deliver healthcare through collaborative scientific research, education and patient care.
“A real strength in the North East is that the University and hospital trusts work closely together, pulling on each other’s academic and clinical strengths so that we can be sure our work is of the very highest quality to help patients,” added Professor Newton.
Link to study -
Also, link to a paper mentioning drugs that work on AMPK -
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2015.08.10 00:22 RPBot [Architecture] The Sage Gateshead and Millenium Bridge, Forster and Partners, Tyne & Wear, UK [5456x3632]

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2014.03.26 18:23 noirargent [FIGHT PREVIEWS] Sergey Kovalev vs Cedric Agnew, Karim Mayfield vs Thomas Dulorme, Boxcino tournament, Antonin Decarie vs Pablo Munquia, Kenkaosan Kaovichit vs Kohei Kono + more

Wednesday March 26

From Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Kenkaosan Kaovichit 62(26)-3-1 vs Kohei Kono 29(12)-8

12 rounds
vacant WBA world super flyweight title
If you all remember the fight between Liborio Solis and Daiki Kameda last year, the one where Solis failed to make weight, beat Kameda, and then Kameda kept the IBF title? The one that caused all the outrage? Well, the WBA belt was also up for grabs in that fight, was vacated, and now will be contested between Kaovichit and Kono. Both have held the title before. Kaovichit is 37 and if he wins will have won 13 in a row since getting knocked in the first round by Luis Concepcion in 2010. This may look impressive, but his fights have mostly been in Thailand against guys with questionable records. Kono has previously held this very same title before losing it to Solis by majority decision last summer.

Friday March 28

From Lac Leamy Casino, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Antonin Decarie 29(9)-2 vs Pablo Munquia 19(11)-4

10 rounds
welterweight division
You may remember Decarie from the Martinez-Murray undercard. It was yet another prospect that Luis Carlos Abregu upset. It can be argued that Decarie was never really some huge prospect, but he had signs and potential, that’s for sure. Munguia should not be overlooked. He’s a tough Mexican welterweight and if Decarie is to win, he’d better plan on knocking him out. This fight will be on pay-per-view on gofightlive.
From 4 Bears Casino & Lodge, New Town, North Dakota

Christopher Deon Rudd 13(8)-1 vs Peter Petrov 33(15)-4-2

8 rounds
lightweight semifinals in Boxcino tournament

Miguel Angel Gonzalez 23(16)-3 vs Fernando Carcamo Garcia 16(13)-5

8 rounds
lightweight semifinals in Boxcino tournament
The thing I’m wondering is whether or not winning this tournament warrants a title shot.

Saturday March 29

From Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK

Stuart Hall 16(7)-2-1 vs Martin Ward 18(4)-2

12 rounds
IBF bantamweight title
I know what you’re thinking. What the—I didn’t know Stuart Hall was a champion at bantamweight. In fact… who the hell is Stuart Hall? Hall is a 34 year old coming off a thrilling fight with Vusi Malinga. The truth is that Hall isn’t a world level fighter. I can’t see him competing with Solis or Moreno, but he will certainly entertain on the domestic level.

Jon Lewis Dickinson 14(3)-2 vs Neil Dawson 12(5)-2

12 rounds
cruiserweight division
This has 12 rounds written all over it…

Frankie Gavin 18(12)-0 vs Sacky Shikukutu 18(12)-2-1

12 rounds
welterweight division
The only thing we can be grateful for here is that Bradley Skeete isn’t on the card. I suppose Frank Warren learned his lesson the last time he put the 2 on a card together. Gavin is a very skilled boxer, but he relies heavily on fighting from the jab and clinching. You’ve been warned.
From The Ballroom, Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Sergey Kovalev 23(21)-0-1 vs Cedric Agnew 26(13)-0

12 rounds
WBO light heavyweight title
First and foremost, no, this won’t be officiated by Steve Smoger. Second, Agnew is only the second undefeated fighter Kovalev has faced. Third, that means nothing. Agnew’s most notable win came in his last fight against Yusaf Mack. Mack’s claim to fame was fighting for the IBF super middleweight title twice against Cloud and Froch and coming up short. Agnew had a successful amateur career, but none of that will matter Saturday if he can’t handle Kovalev’s power. Angew is a bit stationary and doesn’t move his head too much. A perfect opponent for Kovalev. A win for Agnew would not only be a huge upset, but an even bigger obstacle for anyone hoping to someday see Kovalev take on Stevenson.

Karim Mayfield 18(11)-0-1 vs Thomas Dulorme 20(14)-1

10 rounds
light welterweight division
I thought Dulorme, 27, was on his way to stardom before he faced Abregu. It turns out Dulorme doesn’t respond well to heavy punchers. He’s now training with Robert Garcia, and while Garcia is an excellent trainer, something you can’t teach is chin. When this fight was made, I thought it was a bad idea for Dulorme. It’s a sink or swim kind of fight for him and if he’s to continue as a rising star in the game, he’ll have to get rid of Mayfield. The problem will be whether he can take Mayfield’s punches. Mayfield is deceptively heavy handed, he’s quick, and he’s been used as a sparring partner by some of the best fighters in the game. Mayfield reminds me of a young Shane Mosley… just not as good. This fight should be a good one.
From Texas Station Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Alejandro Perez 19(13)-3-1 vs Juan Carlos Martinez 19(7)-14-1

10 rounds
super featherweight division
This fight will be the main event and I’m not sure why… oh wait I know. Perez is being fed Martinez simply for highlight reels so that he can look like a viable opponent against WBA featherweight champion Nicholas Walters.

Jose Carlos Ramirez 8(6)-0 vs Boyd Henley 10(9)-3-1

6 rounds
light welterweight division
Everybody is quick to proclaim, Top Rank is dead! Long live Golden Boy they OWN the welterweight division!!!! And I always say calm down, you only know half the story. Golden Boy may have the welterweight division locked down right now, but their prospects aren’t as promising as Top Rank’s. Case in point, Jose Carlos Ramirez. If you like come forward guys who are looking to put a beating on someone, this is your guy. I mention him in every ‘who’s the best prospect in boxing’ post and here’s your chance to see him. Ramirez is hyper aggressive and always looks like he puts everything into his punches. His footwork is good, he’s a little raw with his head movement, but he shows a ton of promise. Ramirez is missing elite conditioning, but this guy is perhaps the best finisher in the sport. Seriously. Watch the end of this fight. Notice how he uses his jab to keep Perez at a range he wants him. Then he gets him in the corner and unloads like no other. The counter left hook that stuns Perez initially is a thing of beauty. It was like watching Clayton Kershaw drop the hook on a 2-2 count when the guy is expecting a fastball.

Brian Viloria 32(19)-4 vs Juan Herrera 9(4)-7

10 rounds
super flyweight division
I bet you didn’t know Viloria was going to be on this card! You probably didn’t even know he was still fighting! Well he’s back after almost a year off. It’s going to be interesting to see how he responds after his fight with Juan Francisco Estrada last year where Viloria just didn’t look like himself. Viloria is 33 and before the Estrada fight was arguably the top flyweight in the world and many people even put him on pound-for-pound lists. After the Estrada fight, it appeared Viloria didn’t have it anymore. He looked like he could no longer pull the trigger, which happens as fighter age. Herrera won’t be a good gauge of where Viloria currently stands as a prizefighter. Herrera is a tune-up, get the rust off fight before the real return of Viloria on the May 31st Macao card that will feature Nonito Donaire making a bid for the WBA and IBO featherweight title against Chris John conqueror Simpiwe Vetyeka. Viloria doesn’t have an opponent yet, but my guess is Hernan “Tyson” Marquez if he wishes to go back down to flyweight. The flyweight division is the most talent rich in the sport. A lot of people point to welterweight, but that’s only because they know more about the welterweight division. If Viloria is to continue as an elite flyweight, he’ll have no shortage of stiff competition. (By the way, HBO passed on televising this card.)

Jose Benavides 18(14)-0 vs Jesus Selig 16(10)-2-1

8 rounds
welterweight division
Another example of Top Rank being set-up nicely for the future. Jose Benavides is a 21 year old prospect who’s progressing nicely in the welterweight division. Top Rank isn’t rushing him, and really there’s no need. He’s young, he can punch, marketable look, and an impressive amateur record. This should be an easy fight for Benavides.
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